A Man Never Settles for less. I helped thousands of Men Succeed Not Only In Their Business, Women, their Family, Sexuality, but most importantly, their own Manhood.

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Learn why the Red Pill is a Lie, and how you can create the Wife You Always Wanted out of your current (possibly nagging) girl! And HOW THIS will accelerate your (business) growth!


alexander graves

I am passionate about achieving EVERYTHING in a marriage. You can (and should) use your wife for more than just getting your dick wet.

And if you do it right (I'll show you how), she will be a Massive Modulator for your business growth.

My Unique Approach

(Re)-Start Enjoying the Woman You Once Chose. You can have her back. And once you do, EVERYTHING in Your Life Will Fall in Place.

Stop neglecting the most powerful Relationship you have!

Too many guys make the same mistake I made in the past. Focusing all your time and energy on making money, running your business, with the thought, "ONCE I have everything settled, I will focus on my relationship."

You even hear the manosphere and Red Pill Gurus tell you that you should hustle in your 20s, then focus on women in your 30s.

If that's true, how did men of the past have a family in their mid 20s and still built Empires that lasted forever?

After many failures and almost divorcing my wife, I came to the realization that I could and SHOULD use this person for more than just getting my dick wet. That she can not just be a great advisor with her feminine intuition, but also be a modulator for MY PERSONAL growth.

Instead of being mad at her nagging, I realized she has some valid points. So I went on a deep journey, figured out the reason, and realized, my business ran BETTER once I made her a part of the journey.

Just like families build dynasties in the past, you too can create a massive empire if you use the masculine AND feminine power in tandem. Which will ALSO help you get into MUCH DEEPER (pun intended) love making with her. In ways, you never could've imagined. I'll show you how.

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The best way to get REALLY deep insight into the topics I cover is via the YouTube Channel.

On there, I explain in-depth, and with practical advice HOW to conquer yourself, traps to avoid, mistakes I made in the process of getting abundance in all things.

Powerful relationships, how the masculine and feminine operate, tools and techniques to build a STRONG Mind, and Divine Subconscious Power to MANIFEST things into your reality.

Who is Alexander Graves?

My Name is Alexander Graves, and over the past five years I completely CONQUERED myself. My mind, my body, my masculinity, my marriage, my life.

I was barely making enough money, my business was struggling, was bad with women and my own relationship, and was ridden with social anxiety, although faking it outwardly.

Through Shadow Work and finding my TRUE, Masculine Core, (re-)enjoying my marriage, I solved ALL these issues!

This blog already helped thousands of men achieve everything they want by ENLIGHTENING the FIRE in their soul. By conquering themselves first. I cover everything from how to (correctly) handle relationships, sex, creating an unbreakable mindset, personal growth, spirituality, and what it means to raise your consciousness.

Accelerate your success! Maximize your life. Conquer EVERYTHING!

alexander graves
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UNCHAIN yourself, fill that void in your soul. Find your inner SPIRITUAL ALPHA!

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True love, passionate sex, and deep bonds aren't found in a partner. They are built. Learn how.



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There are 5 simple rules to turn YOUR current girl into a Whore just for you.

But this is just the surface. You will also gain:

  • Admiration
  • Respect
  • Love
  • A Team member, instead of a person you constantly fight to get your dick wet...

Yes, it's THAT simple. No bullshit, just hard work on YOURSELF.

The great thing, if you don't change her, but your actions, you have 100% CONTROL over it! No matter what she does, you will succeed!

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