6 Hard Reasons Why Our Society is Dying

statue of liberty dying society

Democracy and our society as a whole are decaying at a rapid rate.

To anyone who has studied the history of man, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

However, to understand why our society is dying is helpful to take the correct measures. So here are 6 reasons for it.

1. Female Promiscuity

sex under the shower female promiscuity
At first it sounds great to be sexually available at all times. But there are consequences.

The birth control pill was a net-negative to mankind. 

I, personally, gladly enjoy the “benefits” of women being sexually available all the time. Of course. At the same time, I am fully aware that this a) draws me away from more important things, and b) ruined relationships on a societal level.

If you have read my patriarchy article, you are well aware that women are not supposed to freely choose their partners. This is not to exert power over them. It is for their best.

I also made a Video about this whole topic if you rather watch that than reading this whole article:

You need to understand that women act impulsively and emotionally most of the time. They’re not stupid creatures who can’t behave, but if there was never a mentoring force around (I.e. a strong father) they never learned how to control their emotions.

This is what you see today. Women whoring around like crazy.

This lessens their marital value later and it’s actually very bad for their soul, as you can see in their dead-stare eyes.

And if the bearers of life are collectively losing their soul, so our society is dying.

Birth control creates bad decisions for women

If birth control wasn’t a thing as it is today, a woman would have to make much more conscious decisions about who she sleeps with. On top of that, if there would still be more stigmas around that, she would fear being cast out of the “enclave.”

I am fully aware of how this sounds. And nobody likes to give up their privileges, which is why women counter this a lot.

The fact of the matter is, that this has worked for many millennia.

I told you in my Youtube clip “How to keep sexual tension” that women should be looked at like children. Once you have your own children, you will quickly notice the parallels.

And children sometimes need to be scolded for their own good.

We know for a fact, that marriages last longer if the woman comes in as a virgin. We know that relationships are happier if lived monogamously (properly, this is key), and we also know for a fact that women are happier if they don’t have many sexual partners.

Yet, this society acts like it is well and good if women sleep around. It’s actually encouraged.

This is a huge sign of a dying society. Men are weak (which comes later) but even then they run out of women to marry. Women that are real wife material. This is why they end up being cucks. They just take any woman, are too weak to make their point, and thus, end up being cucked and very unhappy about it.

This unhappiness creates divorces that ruin children and/or results in not even having children, which – logically – ultimately results in a dying society.

2. Rise in Homosexuality (or any other sexuality)

lesbian demonstrator a sign of a dying society
Does this look natural to you? Or rather like a society on its brink of death?

Homosexuality is not a natural occurrence.

I will trigger a lot of people for saying this, but the dark reality does not care about your feelings being hurt.

In the animal kingdom in the wild, homosexuality does not – or very very rarely – exist. (Why that is in a second). 

However, if you put animals in zoos or any other cage, they start to develop weird sexual preferences. Masturbation (which is also the fourth reason for dying society) as well as homosexual tendencies.

Tolerance and Apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.


This is due to a lack of adversity and too much comfort in a sanitized world.

If – for a second – you fully look at the world from a Darwinistic perspective. Survival of the fittest. Then there is virtually no time for extrasexual activities. Man or animal. If you are out there hunting and trying to survive, you don’t even think much about sex itself.

At this point, any sort of sexual encounter is truly and fully for reproduction.

You have other things to take care of.

How Rome died due to homosexuality

Let us look at ancient Rome. It was well known for orgies and homosexuality, right? But this only started after Rome was established. When the powerful, masculine men who built Rome were now comfortable, enjoying their success.

But this also meant they lost their grit. All they had to do at this point was fucking, drinking, and celebrating. This kills any man’s grit. And so they looked “outwards.”

This is exactly how homosexuality usually starts and a big sign of why a society is dying.

These days, we have way more than homosexuality. Any sort of “sexuality” you can think of. Transgenderisms, tentacle porn, and -isms of all sorts.

This is all possible because this society is so sanitized that men don’t truly have to fight for their survival. They lost their grit. This means they look outward for “accomplishment,” “entertainment,” and “admiration.”

There are men already diving into homosexuality because they don’t want to be with the decayed state of the female these days (which is understandable to some degree (but also weak)) or because they can’t make it work.

It is an effect of the female promiscuity, but also the third point (male weakness).

Either way, nature has no use for homosexuality. Why would it? If you think about it, homosexual people rely on heterosexual people to not die out. This simple logic states that it is against nature, society, and human survival.

Therefore, it must come from a position of an already decaying society.

3. Male Weakness and Rise in Female Power

A beautiful woman with a hat
If they have no other choice, women will take the lead. But they really don’t like that.

Women are not good leaders.

I live in Germany (currently) and it is ruled by Angela Merkel. And what a bad leader she is. 

There is obviously a debate about the question if these puppets you see in the Media truly rule the country, or not. Fair.

Either way, the reason Angela (or most women) are bad leaders is the nature of the feminine.

Impulsive, emotional, illogical.

Understand that I don’t hate women. These traits are VERY helpful for other things (taking care of children, family, nurturing, sex, love, subtle admiration).

But these are not traits for leadership. Quite the opposite. This is why women like to be submissive by nature. This is why men like to lead by nature.

That is also why you see women become very ugly, masculine, and “brutal mingers” once they become leaders. They have to elicit masculine traits to achieve something in those realms.

However, women don’t want that.

A properly raised woman has no interest in leading a country. Because she got her values and is true to her nature. Aiming for a family.

Personally, I don’t even believe in people being “born in the wrong body.” As a child, you are unlimited potential. You can become anything. The things you get instilled, the food you get fed, and the things your parents do shape your reality.

The reason why women even take on these leading roles is that men refuse to.

Man these days is the weakest animal you see around.

A damn ant has more grit than the average man you see simping on OnlyFans.

This is because most men aren’t actually men. They are still children in their minds and mindset. This sanitized society makes it possible for men to age, but not grow up.

Add on top the complete lack of powerful father figures and indoctrination by society, avoiding responsibility, and numbing your brain with porn and Netflix and you have this lump of useless flesh most men are these days.

Male weakness is a big sign of a dying society because it is lacking strong leaders. Strong warriors and soldiers to defend, build, and rule.

This then is when other strong men from other countries usually overtake a society.

Back in the days, this was done by war. We look – again – back to Rome. The barbarians who set Rome on fire were masculine, powerful men from a masculine society. The same type of men the Romans were before they indulged in orgies.

And due to them not training anymore, just fucking around, living in a sanitized society, Rome fell to other great men.

These days, this doesn’t happen via war (mostly), but culturally.

Germany is a prime example. The average 1.2 kids people have over here are easily outbred by men from the middle east, having 5 children after moving here. Give it 2-3 generations, and the German culture is simply gone and replaced with the “invading” culture.

Happens in Canada as well, and many other countries.

Personally, I don’t see a big issue with that. In my opinion, this is the cycle of nature. Cultures die, get killed, or are replaced one way or another. But it’s still helpful to understand what and why this is happening.

4. Masturbation is a big sign of a dying society

masturbation vs no fap
Which way do you want to go?

Animals in captivity masturbate.

Another fact from the Animal Kingdom. This has been researched quite a lot.

And you are just like that animal, aren’t you? 

Captured by your easy pleasures and nothing to strive for. Why do you masturbate? Because of the “urge?” Or because you feel like there is nothing to work for? Because there is a void in your soul?

For me, it definitely was the latter. I didn’t have a purpose and I was enslaved by this society of sheep.

Working this shitty 9-5 corporate job I couldn’t be bothered about. A sexless marriage and friends who only care about drinking each weekend.

This then is when you start to masturbate to get a “relief” or an “accomplishment.” 

“Done this for today.”

Masturbation, porn, and oversexualization are a big sign of a dying society. The people lost their focus on what’s truly important. They are drawn to these easy and fleeting pleasures as opposed to focusing on higher things.

And I don’t mean weed.

Higher consciousness, changing society for the better, creating something of value, helping people better their lives.

Once you do any of that and you freed yourself of the shackles of society, you won’t care about masturbation or porn. Worse, you won’t have time for it.

You’re too busy creating reality.

5. Worthless Currency

printing money is another sign of a dying society
As long as money will be printed without end, the currency will die.

Democracy always dies. And it always dies right after its currency.

We know that nature works in cycles. Ask any woman.

The hermeticists call this the Principle of Rhythm. We have seasons each year. One year marks us revolving the sun one time. The sun revolves around the Galaxy.

Human history has been the same.

Every 80 years, there is a huge war or shift in society (COVID). And also every – roughly – 250 years, democracy dies.

And it always dies when the people discover they can just vote themselves into the treasury by voting for the candidate who promises the most free money.

The other points we already covered usually happen first, so men are actually weak enough to a) listen to their women and/or b) are fine with getting free money for nothing.

Men are usually offended when someone offers them alimonies from the state. Because it indirectly states he is incapable of striking his own success. Weak men readily accept Universal Basic Income and stimulus checks because it means they have more time to fap to porn.

Either way, this outcome is inevitable and has been seen throughout history multiple times. Democracy always dies the same. With the currency. And with it, society dies as well.

Masculine republics give way to feminine democracies, and feminine democracies give way to tyranny.


Since Biden was inaugurated, we didn’t hear much from him, except for printing money like crazy. Stimulus checks here and there, trillion-dollar care packages, etc.

Where do you think that money is coming from?

The United States are already heavily in debt. In fact, so heavy, you don’t even know where that money is coming from.

Here’s the dark reality. It doesn’t exist. They just print more money. This, however, results in inflation and the money becoming worthless.

Logically, after the money/currency is worthless, a country loses status compared to other countries with a stronger currency and economics, thus the society dies and with it, democracy.

The United States were founded in 1776, so it is now 244 years old. That would align pretty well with the age of democracy.

6. Irrelevance of Politics

trump coin
If you’re being honest, even under Trump (great president), nothing REALLY changed for your life, right?

“When your child sees the election posters on the street, asks you if there is a circus in town, and you can’t really say No.”

With all these prior points happening, and people virtually not having money or even a future, naturally, they start to question the government and thus politics in general.

When you’ve voted all your life, but nothing really changed, you realize that politics in your country really just became a shit-show and irrelevant.

This – naturally – is another sign of a dying society.

What is the inevitable outcome if the government loses trust?

Look at Aristotle’s quote above. Feminine democracies give way to tyranny. This is either through invasion or simply anarchy. When a masculine society overtakes the feminine one.

If the government loses trust and power, anarchy is the next step until a new government is established.

The younger generations don’t watch the media anymore, they don’t vote, and they simply don’t care who is running the country.

While the older generation makes fun of them for being “irresponsible citizens,” the reality is that they are ahead of the game. They realize politics don’t matter for their everyday life anymore, because it simply is a battle of money and power between the parties.

The interest of the citizen in politics is long gone, so why would the citizens bother?

However, a country without a proper government and – most importantly – without the citizens supporting the ruling party is logically bound to die.

Not everyone has to be fully informed about politics, but it should have an impact on your life what they are doing “up there.”

And since it doesn’t, this is another big sign as to why our society is dying.


Let’s recap.

  1. Female Promiscuity
  2. Rise in Homosexuality
  3. Male Weakness
  4. Masturbation
  5. Worthless Currency
  6. Irrelevance of Politics

These are 6 big signs of a dying society as we laid out. Now ask yourself about the country you currently live in.

Is it displaying a bunch of these signs?

If so, your goal is to escape the grid. 

If you want to learn both of these techniques, check out the Conqueror’s Forge here.


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