7 Harsh Truths Your Father Should’ve Told You

7 harsh truths your father should've told you

Most men don’t get the necessary, life-saving treatment these days. We live in a feminized society (as I explain here).

This means, you and many other men never had a real, harsh talk with their dads. He never took you by the side and said, “Listen, son, here is what reality looks like, I will now set you up for life!”

As a father myself, I am looking forward to this day. So here is a letter I wrote for my (currently 8 months old) son he should read in many years in case I am not around anymore by understanding these 7 harsh truths.

Harsh Truth #1: Most people have no clue. Zero.

Son, most of your friends are losers.

Most people you encounter have zero idea what they’re talking about.

You need to judge very harshly who you trust with knowledge and wisdom you get.

Simple example:
If Trump rings me up, telling me I should do XYZ about my business, I am gonna listen to him. That man has a smoking hot wife, made himself a billionaire multiple times, became president of the United States without political knowledge. Everything.

The man has a clue. A lot!

In contrast, if a friend rings me up, saying that I can’t make money online, I am not interested in his “wisdom.” He “gets” sex twice a year. Spoiled brats as children, no respect from anyone. Slaves away in his cubicle job, and gets shitfaced drunk each weekend to escape reality.

Why would I listen to him?

Couple not talking to each other after fight
Most people have zero clue about life. Don’t listen to them.

He – very obviously – has zero clue about life and how to achieve.

Son, understand that most people live a completely clueless life. They do what they’re told. They work jobs they’re given, and they marry the woman they were currently with.

People that understand reality are outliers. These are rare. Even today where we have more millionaires than ever in history, the majority of people you encounter have zero idea what they’re talking about.

Don’t listen to them.

Harsh Truth #2: Nobody is special

This might be one of the most powerful lies that has been put into your mind and the minds of many other men.

“You are special.”

Mom probably said this because, in her eyes, you are. But trust me when I say that you are not special in any regard. Worse, nobody is really special.

If you see successful people, seemingly being “special” out there succeeding at everything, it’s not because they were gifted. It is due to endless repetition, training, and honing on their craft.

It is a comforting lie you tell yourself because it has been indoctrinated in you. That you are special, and thus you deserve more, you should have more, and generally, you’ve been just unlucky so far.


marble statue fighting
Achievement is what makes you special. You’re not special just cause.

Son, the cold, harsh reality is, that you only become special once you achieve things. If you practice on one thing for years. 10,000 hours to achieve mastery. This is what makes you special. And then, only then, do you deserve certain things.

Especially as a man, this is a harsh truth you need to realize.

Talent is not needed

People say “he’s so talented with XYZ” implying that this is what makes him special.

And you, my son, believe the same.

This actor is so talented, that’s why he makes millions. This musician is so talented, that’s why he is so much better than I am.


Talent really only helps you keep doing something. It is not the reason why you’re good. Practice is.

Success = Passion + consistency.

The success formula is simple. Talent is not part of it. Talent only shows you what you are interested in. In what profession you can find your passion. It means you enjoy doing certain things so much you do it even if you’re not paid for it immediately. This is your talent.

Success then comes from passionately working on that craft with a daily consistency.

Talent is your driving force.

Repetition and practice is what makes you special.

Harsh Truth #3: The world doesn’t care. Everybody is out for themselves.

Group of men and women fighting each other no emotional discipline
Everyone is out for themselves. The way of nature.

A key lesson for any man.

Nobody cares about you, son.

This might sound cynical at first, but there is great wisdom and power in that.

You need to realize that you will be cheated on in your life. A friend will drop you for a better opportunity. A girlfriend you deeply love will cheat on you. Your child might turn against you for a bunch of years.

The world doesn’t care about your feelings.

And other people, if they fuck you up, they don’t do this with malice intent. They just value themselves higher than you.

This is the natural survival mechanism.

Humans need to secure their own survival first. And especially, when it comes to money and because it makes you happy, you will be ratted out quickly by broke people.

Understand, there is no point in mourning this fact, being hateful, or resentful towards other people. It’s just how humans operate.

The greatness lies in understanding that this also means you should be selfish to a certain extent.

It means you need to look after yourself first. You need to be selfish so you can give from strength, instead of setting yourself on fire to keeping others warm.

The world won’t care about you. Your feelings, or how hard you worked for your success. Nobody gives a damn.

It took me eight years to get lucky overnight.

Lionel Messi, world-famous soccer player

You need to accept this harsh reality. Men are only valued for what they provide.

In our feminized society, women are valued just cause (even though I would recommend you judge women better than that). Remember what Chris Rock said,

When a man has a new girlfriend, everyone asks, “What does she look like?”
“When a girl has a new boyfriend, everyone asks, “What does he do?”

Chris Rock

What you provide, determines your value.

Provide for yourself first.

This determines your own value for yourself.

Harsh Truth #4: Equality is not desirable – Don’t pedestalize women

Son, don’t put women on a pedestal. They are not special in any regard.

Son, women are not special.

There I said it.

This deceiving society of comforting lies will tell you that women are these divine, special creatures. But they’re not.

They are just as human as you are.

If anything, I say men are better because we can tap out of our emotions and make rational decisions instead.

Women are very impulsive and emotional. That makes them bad leaders.

This is why almost everything you see around you was built by men. 

The fact that women are that way has its own merit, of course. They are great when dealing with little children, and they have a beautiful childish energy around them which can enliven you.

But that’s just a feminine thing. Much like your power, decisiveness, and leadership is a masculine thing. Nothing special.

In fact, it is through these polar opposites that we work so well together.

This is what attracts us to the other gender.

This is why you want a feminine woman, even though she can be fucking annoying. Otherwise, you would choose a masculine woman or even a man. Period.

But we don’t want that. We want the other thing. We want a woman with a vagina, tits, and curves, because we don’t have that.

We want them being emotional, because we aren’t. We want them childish, because we aren’t.

And they love the exact same opposites in us.

This is why equality is not desirable. The more equal the genders are, the less they are drawn to each other.

Think of it as a rubber band. The stronger the pull at the opposites, the stronger the tension in the middle between them. 

This means, people choose their matching types.

Quick reality check:
If you have a somewhat masculine woman, that means you are a somewhat feminine man.

There is no feminine man with a feminine woman. Nature always takes care of the balance.

So if you want to have a truly feminine woman, you need to be a powerful, masculine man.

This is achieved by not pedestalizing them.

  • Fuck them hard
  • Call them out on their bullshit
  • Don’t be phased by their tantrums
  • Don’t drop everything because of their bodies
  • Don’t be ruled by women

Enjoy their company. Enjoy their energy. But go your own way regardless.

Harsh Truth #5: People’s feelings are their problems

Woman screaming in the bathroom
How other people feel (about you) is none of your concern.

Son, I said this to mom once in a fight.

“If you’re mad about this, this is your issue. I am not here to fix your feelings.”

She didn’t understand this at all. But also because I took all power away from her. Women always drag a logical argument onto the realm of feelings.

Because feelings are subjective and cannot be reasoned with. But most importantly, this is their problem.

If someone is mad about my decisions, my personality, things I say or do, this is their problem. Why would that be my issue?

But they bring it to your table like you need to take care of it.

You don’t.

Son, understand, when it comes to women, they want their feelings fixed instead of the problem. So you just hug her and say “Everything’s gonna be fine.” That works but doesn’t really solve the issue.

However, when other people hate you for what you say or do and imply you should feel bad because you hurt their feelings, this is none of your concern.

As soon as you make other people’s feelings and emotions your problem, you’ve lost. At any given time, they can make up something about their feelings and you need to do XYZ to fix it. That is a waste of time and a loss of power.

They can control you that way.

Understand that what people feel is 100% up to them. You might have been the reason for it with your actions, but for someone else, this might’ve not been an issue.

So it is not you, it is them.

If you have an online-brand like I do, especially with “critical” topics, you will get a lot of hate.

But what these people feel is their issue, not mine. I cannot do anything to fix that. They will always find a reason to hate or be dissatisfied.

Don’t care about it. Develop a thick skin, and avoid people that constantly bring their own emotions and feelings to your table, like you need to do anything about it.

They only drag you down.

Harsh Truth #6: Everything is your responsibility

statue crowning itself
Crown yourself King of your life and see the world open up.

Son, wherever you are in your life is 100% your responsibility.

Some things might not be your fault.

Like where you were born.

And maybe you just made a bunch of stupid decisions in the past.


But fixing it is 100% your job.

Nobody is going to wake up and think, “How am I gonna fix XYZ’s issues today?”

The world doesn’t care. Truth #3. Out of this, you need to realize that nobody will fix your issues but you.

Don’t mourn this fact. It yields great power.

It means, you have all the power to fix your life.

Imagine it would be the reality that other people are to blame for your issues. And that they should fix your issues. Pretty much what leftists and feminists say.

“White man evil.”

With that in mind, it is only white man himself who can make their life better. 

They give all the power over their life into the hands of white man. What a waste of power?

If you are responsible for your actions, that means that you – and only you – can change it. You have all the control.

This is why I take 100% responsibility for everything in my life. Even if it wasn’t my fault. Doesn’t matter, it means I have the power to change things!

Man needs to understand that everything is in his power. Once you have that realization, the universe will open up for you like your girlfriends legs when you had sex for the first time.

Harsh Truth #7: Live a purposeful life or be lost.

man in a tube noir
Without a purpose, your life will seize its meaning.

Son, working that cubicle job for 40 years will make you hateful and resentful.

The harsh reality is that men cannot live a life like that and be happy about it.

It’s not just a millennial thing, even though people use this as an excuse, or to mock others. You absolutely need a purpose in your life.

A meaning. Something that drives you.

Working 8 hours in a cubicle is draining.
Working 16 hours on your purpose yields energy.

The paradox of nature.

I discovered this myself. Once I started working on SELFCONQUERING every single day of my life, I could work for much longer hours without issue.

This is why people like Elon Musk work 80 hour weeks without issue.

They’re not “gifted” or “workaholics.” You become a workaholic once you find your purpose.

You need something to write into the halls of history. Building a legacy. Making your name count.

This is what drives us men.

“Not everyone is meant for greatness” is true. But only because not everyone tries it. Because not everyone has been told he should do it.

Society tries to keep you that little cog in the system. Logically, since that means you work your best and healthy years for other people’s dreams. Instead of your own.

Son, depression is intentional. It keeps you going to that shitty job, because you think one day you will make it.

You won’t.

You will never be free, or achieve greatness and purpose by filling out a spreadsheet that doesn’t really matter if it’s done or not.

I go into more detail about this topic in this clip:

Son, you need to find your purpose in life. 

I get up every morning, enlivened. Full of energy. I look forward to Mondays (although I work every day) because it means I have the whole day to work on my purpose.

The energy in this is unbelievable.

Unless you want to spend your best years of your life working for other people’s dreams, you need to find your purpose.

I can help you with that, I created a system that mimics the ancient Spartan Agoge Training, matched with new technology like Binaural Beats to help you find your purpose in under 2 hours.

If you finally want to live a life worth living, click here.

You see men at 30 years old withering away, because all they achieved was marrying an average woman that now turned into a brutal minger.

No energy, no drive, no passion.

Because they don’t have a purpose.

Don’t become this kind of man.

Become great.

Build a legacy.

An empire.

Son, be a man of power.

By understanding these 7 harsh truths.


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