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7 Iron Rules of the Sex God Method

Women were made for sex. I know you’ve been indoctrinated to believe that women don’t need sex so much or don’t want it as much because they withdraw it lot and because they act like they don’t care. But bro, multiple orgasms, full body orgasms, and they can take a pounding for hours, whereas we have a 5 seconds, very messy orgasm and then we fall into a coma for 24 hours.

So which gender is really made for sex then? Welcome the 7 Iron Rules of the Sex God Method.

Why is having a Sex God Method so important?

Sex is actually the easiest method to get a “submissive woman.” I say submissive in quotes here because I know you immature, insecure guys out there will use this knowledge for your power games. Yes, if you leave your woman in a puddle of sexually exhausted submissiveness, she will most likely do what you want.

And the baseline is actually three orgasms within 48 hours. Because that will overload her system so much with good hormones that she’ll just do anything. But if she HAS to do whatever you want, so you’re sexually satisfied, then she lives in fear. In fear of losing you and fear of not getting what she wants, what you want.

And that’s not really a nice way to live, is it? Your sexual prowess is nothing but enjoyment for you. You want to see the female body in sexual ecstasy. You want to touch her soul, not just her body or her cervix. And if you use it for your power games, you’re an insecure manchild operating out of fear yourself, because you’re trying to control people.

So anyway. Here are the seven steadfast rules for the sex god method.

Iron Rule of the Sex God Method #1: You do not judge

Sensual blonde woman making shh

When you two first met, sex was hot. Like sexy lingerie, sloppy blowjobs and whatnot. And now it’s starfish once a month, right? And the issue is that you are judging her on that. On that very thing.

She knows when sexy time happens, she has to play a sort of script. Otherwise, you’re not sexually satisfied from years of porn usage. And if she doesn’t do that, if she doesn’t have the pornstar sex you imagine, then you will resent her and she senses that. So she doesn’t want to have sex at all because there’s so much pressure on her to perform. Or she doesn’t move or do much because she’s afraid of doing the wrong things.

“But Alexander, I don’t want to have such a woman.” Yeah, I know. Because of porn usage and these THOTs, right?

But I once heard a great phrase from a great man.

“Before you can have the woman of your dreams, you need to ask yourself if you are the man of hers.”

Look at you. Are you the guy this IG girl will be with? With your video games and image shirts? Probably not, right? So remember, you don’t get what you want. You get what you are.

Plus, for a woman being in sexual ecstasy is kind of weird, right? I mean, think about it. Screaming your lungs out while you have your ankles on your forehead and your tits flapping back and forth. I mean, you really only can do that if you know that the guy that is currently in you is not judging you for exactly that.

Otherwise, it’s kind of weird. So here’s what you do.

  • You do not judge her saggy tits.
  • You do not judge a not so thin belly.
  • You do not judge the pussy noises.
  • You do not judge weird faces.
  • You do not judge pimples on her ass cheeks and what not.

You do not judge!

It’s actually very simple. You just enjoy the act and the feminine energy.

You just observe it. There is no judgment. Because only then will she be free enough to give you exactly what you want. But as always, it starts with you.

Iron Rule of the Sex God Method #2: You do NOT Judge Yourself

People always follow suit to your beliefs about yourself. There is no other way for them to do that. So if you think you suck in bed, your girl also will think that. If you think you’re a weak loser, then everyone else will also think that. It always starts with you because your mind creates your reality.

And I mean this more literally than you think. Watch this TEDx talk. To learn how our brain actually predicts reality according to our past beliefs and our beliefs. It doesn’t really observe it. It predicts it. Very eye opening.

So if you judge your own skill in how well you are doing, you are actually making it worse because it puts pressure on you and your mind and you will likely be bad because of it.

It’s a vicious cycle. So what you really need is more confidence about yourself and self esteem. And if you need confidence, check out Godlike Masculinity. A subliminal messaging program to make you a God amongst men just by listening to an MP3 File. The Marvels of technology.

Iron Rule of the Sex God Method #3: Outcome Independence

You girl comes in in lacy lingerie, all wet and ready for a romping session because the kids are with the in-laws. So you

bust her cervix

If you focus on a specific outcome on any sexual encounter, you will make it less likely to happen.

You create resistance around it, and that is because your energy isn’t free. You are not outcome independent. You expect something. Because sex happens like 80 to 90% in your head, the big one. The physical is really just a small percentage. When I have sex with my wife, sometimes it’s hours and positions and whatever and sometimes it’s just done after 5 minutes, when I take her from behind.

Own it, that is you.

And it doesn’t have to be perfect pornstar-sex all the time. And the funny thing is, I mean, it’s not porn. You girl isn’t always even in the mood to have hours of sex with you. Sometimes she just wants to enjoy a few minutes with you, give you something you like. It’s just the pleasure of her body giving to you.

And if it’s ten, 15 minutes or even just 5 minutes, that’s fine. You just had sex and you enjoyed each other. It doesn’t always have to be the super perfect blistering orgasms, and it shouldn’t because then it gets boring. So as with everything, there needs to be an up and down. So just own who you are in bed that actually makes you better in bed, paradoxically, as life always is.

Iron Rule of the Sex God Method #4: Be in Your Small Head

sexy woman undressing muscular man

If you’ve read the sex god method. Great book and I have a summary here. And if you read it, you come out with a huge toolset on how to have sex properly, how to do things right.

You know, the exact angle your fingers need to be when you touch the clitoris and, you know, all 500 sensitive spots on the woman’s body. But sex still sucks. And that is because you’re approaching it like a mechanic. It’s a classic male issue. You see the female orgasm like a problem to solve. Like you’re searching for X, you have Y, Z, A, B, C as your tools.

Solve for X.

It’s not a mathematical equation. You should just go in there and enjoy it.

The mind is a great servant. But it’s a terrible master.

You should have sex from your heart or from your dick if it’s just lust.

But never from your mind. Yes, 80% of sex is in your mind. But if it drives the whole interaction, then it would just be rational, logical solving of issues instead of just enjoying the moment.

Iron Rule of the Sex God Method #5: Godlike Masculinity

godlike masculinity subliminal messaging program

Sex is THE area where you can truly forget all this societal indoctrination. No need to play nice.

Bring out the caveman. With so many nice guys out there, women yearn for a man that takes them properly. Like truly caveman her. This is the only time where being selfish actually pays off. Of course, you sometimes have very lovable and passionate love sessions, yes, but sometimes you just need to rail the shit out of her and you don’t care about what she wants.

You just do your thing, okay? You go in there and you move her around. You tell her what to do and you just enjoy yourself every now and then. Not all the time, obviously, but it’s the same thing with sometimes it takes hours with blistering orgasms, sometimes it just takes 5 minutes. Sometimes you just caveman her and you don’t give a damn about anything else.

Also, you need to read Nancy Friday’s My Secret Garden. Eye opening doesn’t even cut it. In it, women anonymously send in their sexual fantasies while having sex with their partners as well as outside of sexual acts. Some of them reported rape fantasies. Even though they admitted they would never want to have this happen in real life.

It’s just a sexual fantasy they sometimes use while having sex to actually get to orgasm. And they only do it because the man expected it of them. They have sex with their husband and he expects her to have an orgasm. Otherwise he’s resentful or not pleased. So they actually go into another realm, having sex with other dudes, for example, in the fantasy, just so they get to an orgasm.

And this is because YOU put that pressure on her. So if your wife or girlfriend thinks about other dudes railing her while you are in her, that’s your fault, man. And see, about this rape thing:

The dark side of the feminine craves to be forced into submission as much as the dark side of the masculine craves to force someone into submission.

It’s our dark side, it’s the shadow. Doesn’t mean we act this out all the time, but it’s definitely something our deeper, animalistic desire wants. And the dark side needs to come out every now and then. Otherwise, this beast just keeps growing. It’s like all the shadow work I do with guys (here). You need to give in to your desires a little bit every now and then in a controlled manner.

Otherwise, it will at some point override you. So play into the dark side. Every now and then, both of you will enjoy it.

Iron Rule of the Sex God Method #6: Speak!

why stoicism doesn't work with women sometimes

You know what Django said in Django Unchained, that movie.

“The D is Silent.”

Not true for sex. I know, in porn, the guys never actually say anything or make any sound. Not in reality.

My friend, again, women want to hear you. She wants to know if you enjoy it also. So grown, moan. Tell her how hot she is, how much you like your hard cock in her wet pussy or whatever. Really do dirty talk, have fun with it. Women are very communicative. We make fun of how much they talk everyday, compared to men.

So do you think this just stops in having sex? Certainly she doesn’t want to hear anything from you even though she’s so communicative all day? That just doesn’t even make sense. So talk to her, have fun with it. Not just cavemen and groaning about it. My wife and I, we joke while having sex a whole lot, actually.

And it’s a connection. After all, if you think about how how weird sex in itself actually is from an objective, alien standpoint. Be the man and just make fun of it. Not make fun of her. If some weird noises happen. Just make fun of the absurdity of that act itself. Laugh it off and proceed. Makes her feel comfortable with it.

Don’t make fun of her if you slipped out, “Oh damn, something happened and the sex isn’t as good as I thought it would be.”

Just keep going, have fun with it. Create an environment of fun and joy when you want to have sex. That is really all of it. And you know how Tony Robbins always says that women want to have presence.

And if you are deep in her, this is maximum attention, full presence, this is what she wants. So why do you think she doesn’t also want to talk to you there? Or so she knows that you are enjoying it also. Otherwise she probably feels very self-conscious about it, right? If she does all the things and there is nothing coming from you, so have fun with it all and don’t make it weird.

Iron Rule of the Sex God Method #7: Cum on her Face

Beautiful woman big blue eyes looking in camera

Okay, this is a clickbait rule, but what I mean by this is that you should have fun and variety and be confident in trying new things. Sex should be fun and you should explore it. Don’t do the same thing just because you got her to orgasm with it last time. Because then it will be boring.

It will be the same thing. I mean, you don’t want her to do the same things always. Explore her body, explore her mind, explore your own sexuality. Just explore the whole thing. Try something new.

Even before sex. Tell her you want to try something new. Maybe she’s up to it.

Maybe not. She can decide. For example, my wife actually was the first to introduce titty fucking and she just wanted to try it. So I said, “Yeah, sure, why not? Let’s go with it.” And in contrast, some night in the past when we were first started dating, I just pulled out and came on…

And don’t believe what women say that you should ask certain things before.

No, absolutely not. She has all the right to say no to these things. Of course. Absolutely. And if you do something and she doesn’t like it, then you’re sorry about it, but not even trying it because you are afraid she might not like it. You can only know it if you tried it. Also tell her to try things with you she wants to try. Be open, so she can be open.

So this whole consent thing is a bit bullshit in my opinion.

But if she says she doesn’t like it or she doesn’t want you to do something, remember rule number one, you do not judge. Because if she denies it and you actually judge her for it, you feel resentful because she didn’t want to do it, she will sense that and that will ruin the whole interaction. If she says no to something or she doesn’t like it, just proceed with the regular stuff.

Go ahead and do that and have fun with that. Ignore it. But you need to be confident enough to actually do that.

The ONLY actual important rule

I don’t want you to go into the next sex session with all these seven rules in mind, because then you have the same toolset again.

If there is one thing you need to take from this, then that sex just should be fun. Create an environment that is fun. Enjoy it, enjoy the moment. Don’t focus on the future, which position you want to do next or how long it’s already going. Fuck that. Quite literally.

Sex is a completely normal natural, human thing and your woman is probably more self-conscious than you are because there’s a lot of pressure on women.

The absurdity of what sex actually is and what humans do. Which is kind of weird if you think about it. And that is what life actually is about, isn’t it? Just having fun. So just enjoy the moment. After all, you are having sex to enjoy it, right? And not just to build your ego because if that’s your driving force, then you have other issues.

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