8 Best Marriage Books for Men (sex, love, leadership)

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Let me guess, you’re married for some years, you love your wife, but sex just isn’t as hot anymore as it was, right? You still want her, but she seems so distant. If sex happens, which it does rarely, it’s just missionary. You don’t even know how a blowjob feels like anymore. Did I picture your marriage? Guess why? Because I’ve been there. Gladly, I discovered that there is a reason for this, and the answers are in the following 8 best marriage books for the married man.

If you have more general questions about this, I would urge you to read my guide on how to re-ignite your wet hot sex-life here. But for the married man, there is more knowledge to be gained via books than just mere blog articles.

Here is my top 8 list of books for married men. I have read them, and they opened my eyes. And my wives legs. So check it out below.

A man who does not read the teachings of other great man, is lost.

Note: I recommend reading them in that order. They sort of ease into deeper concepts over the course of the books. So start with NMMNG below.

This list is for men in a dead bedroom with a disrespectful wife that despises them. If you have sex and your wife loves you read this post to make her obedient with the sex god method.

1. No more Mister Nice Guy

No more mister nice guy german copy
Yes, it’s the German version, but doesn’t matter, I dig the cover style.

This book is the basis of understanding yourself and why you are in your current position. It’s easy to digest and gets the message across that you need to stop setting yourself on fire to keep others warm.

This book is fully focused on you as a man. What you actually want as a man, what you are not getting out of your marriage, and why. The things you do wrong with your wife, and yourself.

It’s a world wide bestseller by Dr. Robert Glover. It’s no pickup artist book, it is solely designed to get you what you want out of your marriage. It will be weird at first to put yourself first. And not your wife. But not only is it what she wants (paradoxically, I know). It’s also what you want deep down. And need.

You’re a person. You have needs, and wishes. And they will be respected. This book talks a lot about why we are in the place we are with men and women today, what the implications are, and most importantly, how to get out of it.

How to set boundaries, how to get the wet hot sex-life back you once had. And how to be the leader in your home.

2. Reclaim your Manhood

20 Ways To Reclaim Your Manhood — Path To Manliness

This is the book of my good friend Ryan from PathToManliness. This book will set the baseline for your journey. He wrote this book after his divorce and realizing a lot of the mistakes he made so far in his life.

He basically wrote this book for his younger self. Which is why it is perfect for guys in their twenties, before they marry, or if you are still married, to see the mistakes you’re making. If you are such a guy, you can’t miss this one.

It covers everything, your masculinity, friends, women, marriage, sex, money, purpose. Everything you been neglecting for so long. It’s a short book, cut to the chase, outlining what we’ve been lacking for so long as men in this society. It’s just $5, so definitely don’t miss this one.

3. Estrogeneration

estrogeneration book cover

This is not directly a relationship book. It is a book about your manliness and how society is set up in a way that ruins your masculinity.

Why is it important for your marriage? Your woman wants a masculine man. If you are not that man, she doesn’t want to follow, and she doesn’t want to be on her knees. Pretty simple.

In Estrogeneration, you will learn how your Testosterone levels are under attack constantly and how to bring them back up again.

And you will understand how the world doesn’t give a shit about you as a man. This will open your eyes a lot.

4. The Rational Male

The Rational Male book summary with a glenfiddich whiskey

Alright, you should be warmed up for the tough stuff now. This book needs the other books definitely first! Why? You need to have read some truths about men and women first. Otherwise, this one will make you end up as a MGTOW loser.

It will hurt your soul. And change your life forever. This book is an objective overview of both sexes’ sexual strategies. How men choose their sexual partners, and how women choose their sexual partners. What women really want in a man, and why they still end up going for the jerk. If you spent $20,000 on the wedding, but two years down the line she fucks the Poolboy on your $5,000 vacation, this book will teach you why that is.

This is why this book has a footnote. The Rational Male is tough to read. Personally, I think the author has turned into a bitter woman-hating loser (despite being successful with the book). The Rational Male is a great overview and you should read it, but I advise against following Rollo Tomassi himself.

You will be angry at the fact you have been lied to all your life. The important part is to overcome that anger (where the next book will help). But the anger phase is important. Now you have the cold, harsh truth, and resent all the bs you’ve been told. It’s natural to be angry. Don’t suppress it.

Go through this phase, it is a vital part of unplugging from a feminized society. This book is basically what made The Red Pill famous, if you ever heard of that.

You can also read my summary here first.

If you want to know more about how to not become a bitter loser, check out our Masculinity with Pleasure Podcast The Red Smoke.

5. The Way of the Superior Man

The way of the superior man paperback book

God I love this book. It’s so refreshing to read. After you’ve been angry at women in general, this will help you understand how to live, fuck, and cope with them in your every day life.

It’s a spiritual approach to the sexes. Why are women even in your life? Why do they act like they do? Why do YOU act like you do? How to find your masculine core, and how to operate properly with the feminine.

It explains easy, clear, and direct all the things about women you never understood. Why she nags you. Why you would actually want that to happen. What to gain from these things? Why they test you all the time. Why this never stops. Why they act so irrational? Why the mood switches within seconds, and most importantly, how to work with all that.

Very, very, very helpful within a marriage!

This will then make you love women again, after you’ve learned their truths. Which is why it is so important. Because in the end, half of the world’s population is filled with them, and you’re married to one. So you need to find a way to get along with your wife properly.

This book will give you a certain calmness, because you finally understand what is happening with your wife, and why.

6. The Sex God Method

the sex god method book cover

This book was sold once but is now free to download. If you’ve heard of the “DEVI-Method” it is from this book. It is from a man who was once a porn-addicted loser, turned his life around and now lives in a relationship with one woman, who gladly brings other girls to spice up the sex-life.

“I’m married, though!” Look, this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and I am not telling you to have a harem of women while being married, although this book would make it possible.

The point of this book is to teach you how to fuck! See, when you’re good in bed, naturally your wife wants more of it, right? Simple logic. And you’ve been doing it all wrong, all your life. Hell, I did! After I read this book, and implemented some of the tactics, I couldn’t believe how wet, horny, and moaning my wife suddenly was.

I was reborn!

And the best thing. All that’s in this book is already within you. But decades of social conditioning put it in a slumber. It will teach you:

  • How to be dominant in bed, and why it’s important
  • How to last longer
  • How to give her blistering orgasms
  • How to bound her so heavily through sex, she never wants another dick

Now, this doesn’t come with a week. Don’t kid yourself. Sexual mastery takes training, but just the mindset of being sure that you just can be the masculine force, you always wanted, and she actually likes it, although she might voice differently, will help to set you up!

And, well, it’s free. So read it!

I also wrote a summary of the sex god method on my blog, if you can’t be bothered to read all those pages.

7. When I say No I feel guilty

When I say No I feel guilty paperback book
That’s a great copy I snatched, isn’t it? It actually reeks of libraries. But whatever, the content is the same!

If you want to achieve literally anything in life, you need to be assertive. Which means, you need to be able to voice what you want in a manner that makes people more likely to give it to you.

So if you don’t get what you want. From your wife (sex), from your boss (money), from your friends (whatever), then this book is necessary for you.

When i say no i feel guilty book cover

You’re probably arguing a lot with your wife. That’s usually the case when things are wrong. And if they weren’t wrong, you wouldn’t be here. Either sex, disrespect, or general insufferable behavior.

This book will help you to verbally get what you want.

You will unlearn arbitrary rules of guilt if you don’t behave as others want, so you are less likely to be manipulated. And then you will learn a bunch of tools on how to get what you want. Without manipulation. Just clear statements without falling in the traps of others. Truly a great book!

Intrigued? Read my summary of WISNIFG for free here!

8. The Unchained Man

This one will transform your life.

The Unchained Man pre-release cover

Yes, this is my book. A shameless self-plug. I wrote this book after fixing my body, my mind, my marriage, my life. It contains all the lessons I learned, and the 14 Traits I discovered all successful and free men have.

There are common traits amongst them.

I deciphered what they are and put them in the book. Be warned though, this is a dark book because these realities are powerful. Society doesn’t want you to know these things because they give you the possibility to leave the meat-grinder and be a free man.

Not the goal of society. They want your energy, your money, your life.

If you want to break free of the shackles of society, then this is your book.

And it works:

the unchained man testimonial 1
the unchained man testimonial 2
the unchained man testimonial 3
the unchained man testimonial 4
the unchained man testimonial 5

Those are the books I recommend reading. At least! This is your baseline. Along with my blog, that will set your mind straight.

But they are all useless.

If you don’t apply them. Reading them, and learning the teachings is necessary. But even more important is actually applying the knowledge. You will need to get out of your comfort zone and do these things mentioned in the books. Won’t be easy. But definitely worth it.

Read, think, apply, win.

How to apply them? By understanding the brutal nature of reality and talking to other men! Join the FREE Telegram group “The Dark Reality” here.

–Alexander Graves

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