For those who are done with falling for the same traps…

"Yet Another Monthly Paid Group That Teaches Me Things I can Find Everywhere Online?"

“You gonna give me some GREAT tools to make money online, eh?”

I feel you, my friend.

I’ve been there.


Another “cool” landing page that triggers my emotions so I end up buying this group/course/ebook I don’t actually need and/or will end up on my digital shelf anyway.

I’ve spent thousands of Dollars, hard earned, shitty 9-5 money this way, only to be at the same place.

So I won’t annoy you with 3,000 words of copy to sell this group. We’re gonna make it quick and simple.

What This Group NOT is:

"Okay, Alexander, but then what the eff IS it?"

This Group contains of two big parts:


The Library

Which is a collection of topics and videos I came across (and keep updating) to unravel the Truth.

The HARSH Truth of what life is, what society is, what money is, what women are, what we are here for.

NOT to gain control over those things.

But for YOU to figure things out yourself.

See, we live in this society, where everyone wants the solution to anything on the silver platter.

“Buy this course, make $5,000 tomorrow”

Yeah, I bought these things.

Didn’t work.

And it DOESN’T work.

The Library, therefore, is just that. A library where you can figure out things for yourself. BUT, it’s of course not ANY library. It is THE Library that contains the information people don’t WANT you to have.

The tough shit, and I’ll give you a peek into it in a few seconds.

activated life community

The Telegram Group

Split into topics, this is another form of chatting with like-minded individuals, who are done with being spoon-fed bullshit advice, but want to finally use their MIND to gain deep insight and knowledge THEMSELVES and bounce back and forth ideas.

As you can tell, this is for the ADVANCED person. This is NOT a beginners group that does everything for you.

We’re done with this loser approach, because we lost this way many times over.

In here are ADULTS, infinite SPIRITS, taking matters into their own hands, not afraid to face the harsh truths of reality.

Free Peek Into The Inside

Each month, I write a PDF Letter you get (free ofc) within the group to cover your questions, new revelations and methods we discovered.

You can find a free peek version of this here: Activated Life Community Letter

Do NOT join this group if:

Instead, DO join this group if:

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$5/month. Cancel Anytime.

Not Convinced?

No problem. Read the first 2 articles of that website below and I guarantee you, you will come back for more.

(And there’s of course, a money-back guarantee)

The WorldWide Shadow