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This page contains a bunch of products, manly products, I use and can recommend. Some of them give me affiliate commission, some don’t. Doesn’t matter, I have you in mind, and therefore I recommend them to have/use for any man.

Skills to sell

If you want to make money online or achieve anything, you need skills you can sell. Scott Adams also calls this “Talent stacking.” For this, I added a bunch of products I heavily enjoyed and which were a big boost to my success.

The Best Way To Say It

The World’s Only Award-Winning, Celebrity-Recommended #1 International Bestselling Certified Professional Ghostwriter

This is the title of the man who made this course, “The Best Way To Say It.”

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It is a comprehensive course on how to write properly. How to write copy that sells, and how to write books, blogs, tweets, whatever is in written form that absolutely persuades people to do what you want them to do.

He made a million Dollars with ghostwriting and editing books, emails, and courses for A-list celebrities, and he had a TEDTalk. The guy knows his trade, so this is easily the best course if you want to know how to write.

Click here and get The Best Way To Say It!

The Art of Twitter

Now that you have the skills to write, you need to find a way to monetize it. For this, Twitter is the best platform (because it’s mostly text and you need to be able to put it in 280 Characters!).

My good friend from LifeMathMoney (over 150,000 followers on Twitter) wrote a concise and precise eBook on how to increase your following organically and massively in no time, and how to monetize it.

The 20Art 20of 20Twitter

There are many Twitter guides out there. This is the best one.

Click here and get The Art of Twitter!

Hypefury Automatic Twitter Growth

Since we’re on the topic of Twitter, with the Hypefury application you can virtually automatically grow your Twitter following.

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It’s a scheduling software with tons of bonus features (it is a crowdfunded software that implements the things the big accounts want and need).

Features like automatic plugging your product if a Tweet hits certain likes. Automatically retweet after a certain amount of Time, etc etc.

Click here and get Hypefury!


Rugged Legacy Grooming

This is the company of our good friend Rugged_Legacy from Twitter. Check out his magnificent beard and you realize this guy knows what he’s selling. If you have a beard, which I would highly recommend, because people take you completely differently, you need to properly groom it. With the right tools. Find them on his website.

The rugged legacy grooming products are the best you can get for your manly face.
Rugged Legacy grooming is THE website for any man with some proper manly facial hair.

Proper Beard Trimmer

Once you have a beard, you also need to trim it properly without running to your barber every other day. Forget the rechargeable trimmers, they are useless. You need something with power. With a power-cord. I use the Wahl professional beard trimmer. It’s been serving me greatly for years. Get it here on Amazon.

The wahl professional beard trimmer products are the best.
A proper beard trimmer is half the finish. Forget the rechargeable ones. This one has power!

Body Agenda

Manliness fruit

I have a whole article about Ashwagandha and its benefits. It’s an Indian fruit, and I take that powder every day. Since then my Testosterone levels increased, my sleep got better, as well as my energy levels. One spoon a day in water, milk, or similar and you’re done! Highly recommend. Get it here on Amazon.

Ashwagandha root powder
The manliness powder. I take it every day.

The only proper whey protein

There is a multitude of proteins out there. Most of them result in protein farts galore. Which is why it took me ages to find a proper, natural one. And this one is also recommended by the great Alexander JA Cortes. So it has the fitness guru approval.

Get it here on Amazon.

TrueNutrition products are the best whey you can get.
TrueNutrition grass-fed whey is the best one. Mostly, because it’s natural, so no protein farts from factory bullshit.

Great products for your mind can be found here in the book recommendations.

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