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As Above So Below Meaning Explained

If you call to God, you can also call to do Atoms within you, it’s all the same, it all starts in your mind.
As above, So below. As within, So without.

The Kybalion. It’s the most powerful book you might ever read. It’s also very difficult. And one of the axioms in that book is as above so below, and that is a hermetic principle.

If you have read my blog post on the hermetic principles, you might have already seen that and what it means. Earlier this day, I watched a great video on YouTube by Aaron Doughty. And it was about that you should stop chasing money.

This is true for anything, not just for money (as I explain in the Detachment Course). But this specific video was focused around money. And in it, there was a very key thing that had me thinking that I still need to write a post about As above, So below. And he said that if you chase money, and make it something that is external and not internally within you, you also think that the emotion you will get from being rich is something you need to acquire first.

But if you think about it, how you would feel when you actually were rich, that feeling, that emotion is already within you.
However, you are giving yourself this rule that you can only feel that emotion once you acquired this.

It’s very, very powerful and a very deep and important lesson. Because YOU are the one giving yourself that restriction.
You can feel that emotion that happiness already right now. You don’t need the money for it. And most people that go on their journey to become rich, usually at some point realise that once they had the money it didn’t actually make them happy.

It wasn’t what they were seeking in the first place. It was just something that was given to them by society.
There’s also what I mentioned in the depression is intentional video of mine.

And his whole idea also ties into something else, because he mentioned that briefly but if you actually experienced that emotion right now already, this in turn, will change your reality as well to what you want.

That means if you already live from abundance, if you have an abundance mindset, if you think that you are happy that everything is positive that things are good, as you actually are grateful for what you have, which is what you should be, then this is the energy you give out and this is then what you will get back from the universe.

As Above So Below Meaning that You already have everything

And this is where I come back into the Kybalion and the Hermetic Principles.

Most people if they pray, for example, they pray to God. Some being in the universe, some higher thing in the heavens. Not realising that within them, the exact same thing already exists. The Divine is everywhere. And if you believe that we are made in the image of God, then God is already within us. The issue then is if you send your prayer out millions of kilometres or miles into the universe or to heaven, for it to be answered takes a while.

The divine, it’s everywhere in your body, all the atoms, all the photons, neutrons, whatever floats in your body, it all already has the divine within it.

Now, this is all very esoteric and I get it. So the practical example here is, this is where the second part comes in, As within, So Without. What you feel internally, how you feel, how you think, is exactly what shapes your actual reality.

This is true what Aaron said with the money, that if you already feel this abundance, and this happiness and gratefulness, then this will bring more of it into your life.
And here’s a very scientific example for this as well, because some of my followers like to be very scientific about this.
You know the torus, right?
This is what the torus looks like.

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And it has this funnel in the middle. And it goes into the outside below and then outside, upwards and back in again. Watch the Thrive documentary, it’s about how energy works in our universe, and how everything, literally everything revolves around that Torus, the galaxies, the magnetic fields, even our bodies. Everything has this torus magnetic field around it. And this is a key thing to understand, because you are there in the middle. And the things you give out, that flow out of you, are exactly what you will get back in.

It’s a balance, an infinite loop of energy.

tube torus

And this is exactly what Aaron also meant, when he said that you need to give value to people. That you need to give value to the universe, and then you will get more of it back. If you help change people’s lives, then more of this will come back into your own life and will help you to change your life for the better. What you’re doing so far, especially if you chase money, is that you try to bring an unbalance into this.

What you’re doing right now is trying to get more from the top in to your own funnel, without getting enough out of it at the bottom.

This is what you get when you try to make money for the sake of making money. Instead of producing value, and then getting money in return. It’s the same if you want to get crazy, mind blowing sex from your wife, but you don’t give her something in return. This doesn’t need to be money, it can just be your love. You’re ever penetrating love regardless of her moods, you will still love her. And you just penetrate that mood with hugging her. So she feels better. Then she will give something in return. Or if you give her her mind blowing orgasms, she will want to give that back. So there is always a balance.

You have to ask yourself right now, where are you trying to get something without giving something first?

Because this is how the universe works. It’s always in balance. And if you want to get more you first need to give more. It’s actually quite simple.

“But I already give everything?”

ascension subliminal program banner

You might think that you give a whole lot.
But maybe you’re giving is poisoned, because you want something in return.

If you want to give love to your wife just to get sex in return that is a covert contract. Many men actually indulge in this and I did in the past as well.

You got to be careful of those covert contracts because they’re very bad. You need to accept that you can just give your love, your masculine love, and all your energy and all the things you have within you, without immediately expecting something in return.

It will come. You need to trust in the process. And you do trust in the process by just enjoying it.
This is why I always talk about purpose. And this is also what I liked so much about Aaron’s video.
You need to find something that you like doing, he uses the word passion, but it’s the same thing, passion or purpose, it’s something you truly enjoy doing. Something you would do if money wouldn’t even exist.

Because you want to help. You want to give. This is how you express yourself as a human being.
And if you help enough people with that, then you will get something in return. Quite a lot actually.

Do you LIKE your woman at all?

The same with your wife, you need to want to be around her. You need to like her, just for her.
Without sex in mind.
Ask yourself if sex wasn’t even the thing, would you still be around that woman?
And then you will quickly realise that you do many things just to get something in return. And this is bad.
As Within. So Without.

What you feel internally, if you have this covert contract internally, which you most likely have in many, many scenarios, then this is what you give out into the world. You want something and you’re only giving you your minimum to get that. You need to give fully from within. So you get fully from without to yourself internally.

As within and grow rich

Understand that everything starts is always in your mind. This also reminds me of another great book I’m currently rereading. Think and Grow Rich. He mentioned that there are six steps to become rich and get what you want. The first is that you exactly write down the number of money you want, like a million dollars, for example.
And the very second step, right after how much money you actually want is how you plan to give in return for that.

Before you even think about when you will achieve that. The second step is how do you plan to give back for what you get.
Napoleon Hill already understood how this operates, you first need to give and then you will get back in return. As within, So Without, As Above, So Below.

Isaac Newton said the same thing, by the way. So it’s not just hermetics who said this. And if you call to God, you can also call to do Atoms within you. It’s all the same. It starts in your mind, in yourself, within yourself. And this is exactly what creates the reality without yourself.

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