When you’re banned from sex, you’ve lost

I sometimes see guys saying their girl / wife / whatever currently banned them from sex for a week or something.

And you might think it’s not a big deal if you’re banned from sex because women don’t need as much sex and that’s why they use it as a power tool. But it’s much deeper than that.

But you would be wrong, a tiny detail like that can have huge implications on your relationship.

Why is her pussy so important?

masculine man un-simping himself

First of all, let’s talk about your sex. As in, why is this even an issue?

Considering she can ban you from sex, she has power over you. No, think about it. Why does she have the power to literally take or give something in your life?

Because you gave that power away. Remember, there are 4 billion women out there, a lot of which would gladly ride your dick. So why is this one woman an issue?

I am not saying, you should go out and cheat. No. Work on your relationship. This is about your mindset.

You focus all your sexual energy on this one woman, hence why she has control over you. I have made that mistake in the past. And I know, you need sex. We men are wired that way.

But becoming a real man means controlling your energy.

This is a key part you need to be aware of with the succubus female. Us men have a constant urge for sex. But it isn’t really the sex itself, it’s more the urge to accomplish something (getting sex was a big accomplishment back in the days. Was very rare).

Refocus that energy onto building something.

Sexual fallacy

This usually is interpreted as, “Okay, I need to learn to not want sex.”


You shouldn’t repress your nature. Men need sex, sometimes even more than food. I am not kidding.

But you shouldn’t be needy. Again, this is a mindset issue. As soon as you need her body to be sexually satisfied, she has control over you.

Learn to control your urges. You shouldn’t stop wanting sex. You should be able to control the urge.

I know it’s hard (yes, you can laugh) but this will give you a lot of mental strength. Increase your confidence (because you can resist) and give you energy.

If she is confused by that, just straight up tell her, “I love to fuck you, honey. But remember that I don’t need to fuck you.”

Make clear that you can live without sex if she acts like this. You’re not dependent on her. I know this goes against your social conditioning of men who think they “neeeed” their woman to survive.

No, you don’t. She is a complement to your life. Remember that.

A wise man knows, once you need a certain person, this person has all the power over your soul.

The conqueror

By the way. As soon as your confidence and energy is increased, she will have a hard time resisting your masculinity anyway.

When you’re banned from sex she has lost desire

Sexy woman in white stockings lingerie dressing up
If she’s not hot for your dick, she just lost desire. And this is your fault.

The problem is a deeper one. If she bans you from sex, she doesn’t really have a desire for you anymore.

A woman that truly wants your dick, will not use it as powerplay. She will eventually come up with shit-tests which will end in make-up sex.

But the sex itself will not be in question.

So what that means is, that she already lost desire for you. And as The Rational Male quite correctly puts it, desire can not be negotiated. Which is exactly what you’re doing in that case.

You underestimate to which lengths women will go if they really want to fuck a desirable mate. She probably did loads of shit to get you in the beginning.

I’ve seen women compete with 12 other women to get to the dick of one guy.

Never negotiate for sex, you make it worse

If you’re banned from sex, you probably did something she doesn’t like. And now you are on a dry-spell because of it. And she wants you to stop doing XYZ, and after you’ve stopped it, you can get pussy again.

Realize where I am going with this? You are pussy-whipped.

You will give up your personality to stick your dick into her.

If anything, if she bans you from sex, the best case might be that this is a passive shit-test to see if you still get what you want from her. And if you don’t go after it, you are now operating in her frame.

A true man never sacrifices his soul for the fleeting pleasure of the feminine.

The conqueror

And I see this a lot with married couples, as well as long-term relationships.

Guys get banned from the wet paradise and do all kinds of shit to get back in. That my friend is weak as hell.

I don’t even know how often I need to repeat that, but she is not the only woman on this planet. But as soon as you give away that power over your dick, she is.

Yes, she is the gatekeeper to your sexual pleasure. Absolutely. But so are YOU the gatekeeper to hers.

Have you ever thought about that?

She can’t have sex if you don’t fuck her, either. If you withdraw sex from her, she is suddenly on an involuntary dry-spell.

Man decides when he has sex. Not her.

Handsome man picking up woman
You undress her. You decide when to have sex. Not vice versa.

See, women don’t want to have power.

They test you by trying to get your power. If she bans you from sex, that IS a test. And when you give in to it and give them your power, they inevitably become more masculine. Because the masculine wields power.

This usually ends in starfishing and an insufferable cunt as your wife.

Because a masculine woman is never a nice sight.

Keep your damn frame. You are not her pet.

She doesn’t get to decide when to have sex and when not. I know this is the common theme in this society. That’s probably what you’ve been told from the youngest age, “Woman decide when you have sex” but it’s horseshit.

They only decide for Nice Guys. The true masculine guys always have sex when they want. Not her.

This might sound counterintuitive, I know. It’s your social conditioning who is fighting this. But it is the truth. If you want to be a real man, you let nobody decide when you have sex or not.

How to get your woman to have sex when you want?

Now, this doesn’t mean you rape her. Or force “marital duties” onto her.

You don’t put up with her shit. If she gives you more chores for sex, you tell her that you aren’t doing chores to get her pussy.

Just be fucking honest. Say what you mean.

You should also definitely read this post “Why does my wife not want to have sex with me?” and then on to fixing it this one: how to re-ignite the married sex-life in 6 steps.

Why is that?

In these posts, I explain how you even got into that situation in the first place. For now, some more info on what happens when you’re banned from sex.

Masturbating with her body

Woman scratching mans back with passionate sex
If she’s not scratching your back, she’s not really enjoying it, and you’re just masturbating with her body. And she with yours.

This sounds weird, but this is usually how it ends. If she has lost all her true deep desire for your dick, you will eventually end up masturbating with her body.

By which I mean, she will spread her legs, but that’s about it. If that happens, pull it out right away, and tell her you won’t have sex like that.

She’ll be mad. Who cares?

She’s mad about all kinds of things. Learn to lean into these fights. It’ll be tough at first, but you need to get your power back.

Real men are forged in the feminine storm. Weak men sail back to the safe harbor.

The conqueror

You vividly remember the kinky, hot shit she did when you first got together, right? You think this woman just vanished? It’s “normal” for sex to go down. No, it’s not.

Women’s desire for that kind of sex doesn’t stop. It just stopped with you!

She probably even fantasizes about another dude who would take her as you did in the beginning. But she’s stuck with that guy who gave away his sexual power.

Taking risks

So what you need to do is taking risks. I know you don’t want to rock the boat, otherwise, you wouldn’t be in that situation.

Pull out mid-starfish-sex and tell her this sucks, you don’t want it like that. Either she really has sex with you, or you don’t fuck her.

Chances are, she bans you from sex for that scene. Well, as I said above, tell her she does not have control over your dick. Either she has a desire for you, or another woman has.

Now, this seems like it might end in more duty-sex. Because of the dread of losing you. But it isn’t. What it does is establishing your masculinity with her. You go after what you want. You stand up for your needs.

That will make her wet. It might take a while, but if you keep your frame she will come back to old standards. Not because you forced her to, but because she digs your new (old) self.

This is a risk. Depending on how heavily you already gave away your power, this might even end the relationship. Especially if you’re not married. She might just go for someone else.

Well, too bad. But again, there are billions of other women out there. Start off anew, and this time, my friend, keep your fucking frame! You have the knowledge now. Don’t let her take your sexual power!

Sexual mindset

One more thing. You might think, “Well, maybe I am just not good enough in bed, that’s why she starfishes”. Losers mindset.

First of all, she did fuck you very good in the beginning (unless she didn’t, in which case this was doomed from the start and you need to get out). So you were good. There is evidence.

If you put on weight, and you’re a loser now, there are some things you need to do on yourself first before you can pull it out and tell her.

A true man is well aware of his presence, and his confidence. He has internalized it, for he shall not care about other men’s opinion.

THe conqueror

But generally, you’re no better or worse than other dudes. You are the prize. However, since you lost your masculinity, you probably also lost your masculine fucking.

Your animalistic, primal force of penetrating a woman. Read the Sex God Method summary and (re-)find how a man fucks a woman properly.

This book is somewhat secret knowledge. It’s been removed and isn’t really public. Why? Because it works…

So when you let yourself slip in the past, fix yourself first. If you are still healthy and successful, there is no reason to think you don’t deserve the great sex you two had in the past anymore. Go after it. Nobody else but you will stand up for your needs!

Get what you need. No exceptions.

–Alexander Reich

Not as in shape as you were? No problem!

Get the Achilles program. Not only will that make her hot, it will increase your confidence and self-worth! It only has benefits when it comes to women. A confident mind will go after the sex he needs.

And if you’ve built such a body, you know what you achieved. Nobody bans a spartan from sex.

brad pitt as achilles in the movie troy

Check it out!

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