You pay your taxes. You have a corporate job. You're married to a woman you once had great sex with. Friends sometimes make fun of your Star Wars hobby, but it's not a big deal, right? Or is it?

You have realized that there is something wrong in this world. There is something when you go out, and perceive reality, that just doesn't feel right. 

You look at people. Friends, parents, wives, officers, baristas, and transgender people.

And you think, something doesn't add up.

This society doesn't feel right. Not right to what we are.
Who we are. On this planet.

Something is just off.

And you would be right...


We live in a society, where everything meaningful has been canceled. Sometimes just buried underneath false virtues (feminism), sometimes literally killed (God).

And while it has been sold as progression, and cultural advancement for years, even decades, YOU, feel very differently about it.

You don't have enough sleep, because you stayed up too long, watching that exchangable Netflix show yesterday.

So you step utterly tired and low energy into your car. One hour commute. Every day. 252 work days a year, 2 hours commute back and forth, that makes it 500 hours you sit in a moving box, next to other people who loath their life, being indoctrinated by artificially created music and ideologies on the radio.

Then you go to work. A job you hate, but you gotta pay the pills, right? So you slave away in the meat grinder, 40+ years until you can finally retire. You paid your debt to society by spending your best years in a shit life. 

And now, at 70, you can finally start living.
You still have a mortgage, tons of diseases from bad food, but hey, at least you don't have to work now, right?


I don't want to make you feel bad about your life. But I know how you feel, because I've been there.

This book is designed to open your eyes about the truth's. And in turn, it will tell you what you have to do to live a prosperous life of love, sex, peace, and happiness.

The newest Mercedes, leased with prison-style loans won't give you that happiness.

Quite differently.

CANCEL CULTURE is a book about men, women, boredom, sex, Greek gods, leadership, succubus women, weak males, submission, porn, freedom, schools, physicality, and most importantly, yourself.

Find out what you were meant to be.

Stop being a mindless drone to corporations and a society who doesn't give a flying fuck about you.

Rebel against mediocrity.

Discover how to do that.

How to thrive in a society that has given up on morals, men, maturity, meaning.

Cancel Culture masculinity meaning maturity men book

For just $9 you can unravel the secrets to a
prosperous and happy life.

I might not keep it this cheap forever.
Rather grab your copy now!


My name is Alexander Reich, and I run the blog SELFCONQUERING.COM

On there, I help men to fix their marriages, especially married sex-life, as well as more general help people fixing their mindset to have a prosperous life.

It all starts in your head. Which is why I am usually very hellbent on mental models, and mindsets to incorporate to get your life going.

I was a loser in school, proceeded to do nothing but play Videogames, watch porn, and be socially awkward. Until I woke up one day, and turned everything around. Now I share my story, and what helped me to help you win at life.

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