The Truth About the Career Woman Fallacy

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The career woman or strong independent woman is an evil indoctrination, built by a corrupt society, trying to make everyone miserable.

Tough words to start this post, I am aware. I will lay out what exactly is the issue with women going for a career. Why they are unhappy, and why no man gives a flying fuck about your degree.

This will be a rough awakening.

The Feminine Purpose

We know that the masculine purpose is his work. His meaning. Building a legacy, reaching immortality.

For the woman, her purpose is her family.

Immediately, you should understand where this huge discrepancy in our current society comes from. In our current society, where 97% of men are straight losers, barely scraping by, the women actually have to work to make it possible for the kids to survive at all.

A woman that can stay at home, take care of the kids, and have time to revel in her femininity will naturally be more beautiful than the career woman with her boy haircut.

Immediately, feminists armed with fancy words will jump on me for being “condescending” and “projecting.” The reality is that I did not choose these things. Nature did.

This is the dark reality many don’t want to accept. It’s not that I choose what makes a good woman or a good man. It is nature itself.

It is how we have survived for millions of years.

It is what works.

Ideologies are theories. I care about things that work in real life.

The career woman lie told by weak men

“I don’t need no man.” and “I don’t want to rely on a man.” are the things women mouth these days.

The reason for this is multiple. One, it is weak men as their fathers who aren’t manly enough to be a patriarch in their own family and thus taking care that everyone comes out great.

And second, weak men in society in general that give women absolutely zero reasons to submit to them.

Why would any woman submit herself to a weak loser? Why would she reward him with sex if all he did was chug beers to maximize his dad-bod, and waste his potential on videogames?

(A real man rewards his woman with sex, but that’s a knowledge not for everybody).

However, every time a woman dives into the masculine world, becoming strong and independent, she naturally becomes more masculine. She has to, because this is how this world works. The other men aren’t rolling over, waiting for her to take their spot. It’s a tough world.

Therefore, any career woman will elicit masculine traits. Usually it displays in her looks.

  • Short haircut
  • Dark, masculine colors on her clothes
  • Powerful stance
  • Masculine speech (lots of cursing and verbal fighting)
  • Strong attitude

Sometimes it is well hidden. A woman might look very feminine in her clothing and appearance, but talking to her you will quickly realize what her core direction is. Masculine or feminine.

The career woman lie told by “strong” women

On the other side, resulting out of this you also get the women saying that a strong woman can totally handle career and family life.

This is plainly wrong.

A dark reality you need to accept.

I have a wife and children. My wife is fully occupied with the children 80% of the day. Especially young children need constant and full attention from their mother. Yes, the mother. Stay at home dads are a joke. Nobody respects them. Not even women.

If you are busy with the kids the majority of your day, when are you going to pursue your career? Play it the other way round, when you are working 8-10 hours a day (which isn’t enough to really get a career going) when are you having time for your kids?

This fact, paired with the weak men barely scraping by, results in children being raised by rented mothers. Babysitters, daycare, and the like.

The mother will be exhausted and disappointed because she cannot live her feminine purpose. The father will be annoyed because he works a shitty job he hates, as opposed to following his masculine purpose, and when he comes home has a masculine wife and no sex.

Losing bet for both. There is your 60% divorce rate explained.

Divorce Inc

Couple not talking to each other after fight

Now I know, there is a lot of money to be made with divorcing dudes. You could even say, it’s a great source of passive income. So technically, you wouldn’t need to work for the child support, money. Sure.

But this is only slightly scratching above groundwater. It’s a much better solution to find a proper man, support him in his mission, so he makes enough to provide for you and the kids. But I know, your social conditioning tells you, it is bad to be dependent on a man. Because they’re all pigs, right?

A great woman supports a great man on his great missions.

The conqueror

So you rather be out partying, fucking dudes, etc. and occasionally spending time with your kids. Because society told you, you need to be free. Enjoy life. And kids are so much work! And as you see in any stupid pop culture movie, married parental life is shit! No sex, just chores, stress, etc.

Why a family tho?

King on his throne surrounded by his court

Well, while it is stressful sometimes for sure, it is also very giving. Studies show, that you are the happiest if you have kids. After they moved out. Yeah, well, of course! While there are certainly loveable moments while they are small, the best feeling is obviously when they are adults, moved out, and started their own life. Why?

Because you achieved something!

Your life has meaning!

Much greater meaning than being a “driven” career woman will ever bring.

You raised proper kids. Another generation of humans, who might not fuck up this world. You can be proud of what you achieved. Can you be proud of riding the cock carousel? Sex is the easiest thing to get as a woman. What is there to be proud of? I mean that. There is rarely a woman who really has issues finding a sexual partner. If you go to a club, all the men out there are hunting pussy, what makes it so hard to actually take one of those dicks?

And do you really feel good? Maybe, because you’ve numbed your feelings so heavily, that you don’t even realize that shallow life your living. Without meaning. Without purpose. You merely exist.

The career woman fallacy can never bring the feelings of true fulfillment that building a family can.

Why women are not supposed to run a career… by nature!

You don’t need me to tell you these things. You just need to look at your body.

Any woman has a timeframe from about 14-16 years old to her mid-30s to have children. After that, your options are severly limited to even have this opportunity in life.

This is not a thing created by the evil white man. Nature wants you to have kids early.

Science tries very hard to prolong this timeframe, but it is borrowed time. You are a high-risk pregnancy at 35 years already. No matter how fit you are. Simply because nature decided against having kids so late.

A career really only starts to fire (on average) in your late 30s, if you’re quick. Do I really need to spell out the issue there?

We also know from many women that did choose the career life path, that they are VERY unhappy, and regret not going for a good husband and children. But now their time is over and they can’t anymore.

Do you want to end up like that?

The meaning of family, err… life

I keep saying that the meaning of life is responsibility. You need something you like to get up for in the morning. A reason. The only reason why people sleep in on weekends is that they have nothing to live for. Why would you get up early if the only thing you look forward to is an empty apartment and Netflix?

This is the reality of the “liberated” career woman.

Life needs purpose. For if you don’t have something to strive for, you merely exist in this short blip of time.

The conqueror

Obviously, responsibility has its drawbacks. As I said, a kid is a hell of work. But you get up each day to make something out of that kid. To make something out of that life you have.

And you also do that with your husband.

The female part towards a man

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See, the father of your kids, which should be your husband, has a purpose as well. Even though society keeps telling you, that single motherhood is actually good, and men are aggressive and all that, you, as a woman, can never, and I repeat, never give a child the masculine influence it desperately needs.

As someone who grew up without those figures, I only came to realize this with 30 years old! Before that, I was a Nice Guy. A weak, backbiting loser who was passive aggressive towards his woman, friends, and family.

If you’ve ever had such a man (since they are common these days), how can you ever wish to raise such a boy? And if you had a proper father yourself, or you didn’t, you realize how important a male role is for a daughter!

A child can only fully develop the gender dynamics if it is raised by man and woman.

The conqueror

So it is your role, to not belittle your husband for being a man. He needs time with the kids alone! And you should support that. You should give him the feeling of being a man. You know how to do that, it’s not just sex. It’s your everyday behavior (but it is mostly sex, sure).

On a pale horse

I know it feels like you give up everything for this. But do you really? If you have a proper relationship, even with a family, you can still occasionally go out with friends. It just changes from skimpy dress club-fest to cute dress drinking coffee with the girls. So what? Need male attention? Well, be multiple partners in one and your guy can give you that.

Remember. You’re not the only one sacrificing! Men are biologically designed to fertilize as many women as possible. They give that up as well. Female sexual attention. As well as you give up male attention.

It’s a sacrifice for both of you. So stop being so entitled. Get off your high horse, you’re not the only one giving up dreams. You both do it for the betterment of your kids. And don’t think there aren’t good things in having a family.

It’s not just chores and work. There is immense pleasure in being with your family. But, it isn’t as shallow as fucking dudes. It is very deep. You need to drop your shields and cherish the feelings towards these people. Which is also what makes for way better sex. And way deeper connection.

The fallacy of career vs family

“But muh career!”. Well, there are multiple cases of the career woman fallacy sobering up women who after they’ve hit their fertility prime, said that they should’ve never gone after the career. That they want a husband and kids. This is ingrained in us humans. And especially in women. You are the emotional creatures, you need the connection.

A career doesn’t give you that. Not at all.

When you’re 38, waking up at 5 am to call a client in Japan because this and that, you might realize that this isn’t a life worth living. Your options are running out each minute. It’s unfair and tough, but as a woman, you need to have your life in order by about 30-33. Otherwise, it’s gonna get really hard to have a family. And as these women report, this isn’t a great life.

Sure, there are occasional ones, who really revel in the sex. They fuck dudes until they are 60 no strings attached. Yes. But those are the extremes, and very rare. Most women really crave for a family.

But because society put these barriers in your head, that you need to study until you’re 29, then work a job till 35 to climb the meaningless corporate ladder, it might be too late. You’re so busy with this shit, it might be too late for you to get what will set up the rest of your life by the time you leave college.

The counterculture

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Considering how most people are not properly set up in their minds until they are about 25, I wouldn’t recommend marrying the first dude with 19. But instead of just searching for sex, how about you improve your skills to screen for proper values.

Sexual compatibility is important, but you can always get better with that person.

As Rollo Tomassi quite well put it, “Have a job, not a career.”

Simply put: don’t be a career woman.

The career woman fallacy is real. Understand the truth of this statement below:

A wise man chooses his wife by how good of a mother she’d be. Not by how good of a leader she might be.

The conqueror

No man gives a flying fuck about your career. It’s his job to provide for the family. Just work a job that pays the bills, and focus on more important things in your life. For example how to be more feminine, how to find a proper man (like the ones I am trying to mold!).

And trust me, that family life will be more fulfilling than the cock carousel or being a career woman ever will. By a landslide.

–Alexander Graves

Do you feel you’ve been lied to about the female path of life? A career doesn’t really give anything? Let me know in the comments!

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