The mind is your most important asset. And the mindset is the toolset. We’re all born pretty similar, maybe a bit taller, a bit stronger, some better, some lesser genes. But in the end, everything you do, what you look like, what you achieve is directed by your mind. Master your mind, master your life.

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How to meditate daily? You don’t.

If you’re not into meditation already, you are probably very skeptical about it. I was, too. Even though it has become fashion to some degree in Silicon Valley, most people still regard it as some Buddhist-weird-living-alone-on-a-mountain-in-Tibet-thingy. Either way, if you want to meditate, you are wondering how to meditate daily? Because, well, you got shit …

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How to alleviate stress and anxiety with an easy distinction

If you are on this blog, chances are you already realize how important struggle is to achieving anything in life. And you should actively seek out struggles in this mediocre society. But don’t confuse it with stress! How to alleviate stress isn’t exactly the question. More like, what is good stress, what is bad stress? …

How to alleviate stress and anxiety with an easy distinction Read More »


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