Cinderella doesn’t swallow

This post will basically be the red pill for women. Because, just like men, women have been lied to their whole life. By the media, pop culture, and probably their parents as well. They all grew up with the image of just twirling their hair a little bit and prince charming will get it, and they live happily ever after. But in those Disney movies, Cinderella never gets her ass railed by Gaston or takes a load to the face. But you girls still enjoy that, don’t you? How does a woman reconcile the two?

He doesn’t see me…

I remember when I was out dating, there was a girl I knew who was very interested in a guy at the local bar. I knew him, he was coming to this bar quite often. Classic Alpha guy, looking good, rich, not caring much about other people’s opinions. She was very beautiful and just sat there with me while I was minding my business, until, at some point, she said, “He just doesn’t see me!”

That’s when it clicked. That is when I realized how women operate. Now, I am not saying women need to be more active in approaching guys. There is no need for that. But that made me realize a ton of other things. Women just don’t communicate overtly.

Now, The Rational Male talks about this topic a lot, and if you understand anything about women, you knew this already. So what does this have to do with Cinderella? Well, these days, where you need consent for literally anything, ladies are at a loss. Because they cannot overtly communicate what they want, just twirling hair like in Disney movies doesn’t cut it, so how does she tell her man her deepest desires?

She can’t.

Implications on men

Let’s first tackle the guys with this. Because we watched those movies, as well, right? We saw those graceful, feminine women in cute dresses, being somewhat childish, but adorable. Except for the image below, you wouldn’t have thought about Cinderella that way, would you? But the reality is different. That kind of woman is underneath your adorable Disney princess.

Bildergebnis für sexy cinderella

You might be thinking, “wait, so I can have a feminine, beautiful Cinderella, which is a damn slut underneath?” Fuck, yes! Actually, it’s exactly what she wants. She is fighting herself about this, which I will get to in a second, but that is what a woman wants to be to a worthy man. Emphasis on the worthy man. You have to be a prince charming and a masculine beast to actually get that. She wants to have that adorable Disney image on the outside but likes to be facefucked at home, with nobody knowing.

A great man will have a great woman. A bad man will have a bad woman. What you are, you will attract.

THe conqueror

If you managed to turn your once beautiful, feminine girl when you were dating into a brutal minger after years of marriage, both versions of Cinderella are currently buried deep in her soul. And that’s exactly why women tend to cheat. Because they need to suppress BOTH their female versions of themselves in your environment. And when Chad Charming Alpha comes by, she can unleash them. Even if it makes her feel bad afterward.

a bride in hot white lingerie

Wait, young prince!

But before you go out and facefuck the shit out of your wife, beware. As I said, you need to be a worthy man to get this. Read this post first or get my book on how to conquer your life. When you still have sex with your wife and it isn’t already a dead bedroom then you can just start with light cavemanning her. Which means, just increase the roughness in bed a little bit. She likes it. You’ll notice pretty quickly.

Generally, the more you build the physique of prince charming, the attitude of a King, and the confidence of a leader, the more you will unravel the beauty and the slut in your girl.

Only a King will find entrance into the deepest caves of his queen. The peasant will have to watch from the streets.

THe conqueror

So the Disney movies were true, but they only show half the picture. And it left your girl with the impression that she can’t have both. Prince Charming, and Prince Anal. She thinks those are two different kinds of guys. That’s the blue pill woman. The red pill woman knows she can have both with one guy. Just like the red pill man knows he can have an adorable girl and a hot slut in one woman.

It stands and falls with the environment you create. Under NO circumstance ever, should you be judgmental about her fantasies and desires. Whatever it is, a true King doesn’t scare. Lean into it. Read the Sex God Method for more of this.

Your job as a man, therefore, is to teach her reality. You can send her this blog post, or you try it more subtle, either way, she needs to swallow (hurrdurr) the red pill. So let’s talk about her issues.

Implications for women

Women have it tough with this. Because they are raised to be graceful and feminine. Well, let’s say they were, young women these days are the opposite, but I’ll get to that. A woman which is in her late twenties now usually saw all of the Disney movies as a kid, and figured that this is how a woman should be. And it is, but again, only half the picture.

A wise man knows, the environment you grow up with, shapes your reality. Even if it directly opposes your biology.

The conqueror

She then grows up, starts to enjoy her body, and the male body, and has fantasies. All kinds of fantasies. Women DO think about sex. Maybe not as much as men, but they do. And they enjoy sex. But every time they had such thoughts of being taken from behind in the midst of a football game with thousands of people potentially seeing something, immediately, Cinderella knocks at the door and judges her for being the slut she is.

So they try to suppress these fantasies. That they are bad. But they aren’t. You just were taught wrong by society.

Wait, young slut!

But before you go out and suck every dude in your neighborhood, be aware that the other opposite isn’t much better. Just like fucking a ton of girls and doing nothing else with your life won’t make you happy, so won’t riding the cock carousel. Why? Because you lose value to ever score a high-value man. Life’s tough I know, but no high-value man would ever want a retired slut. But most importantly, it’s totally unnecessary.

A lot of you girls fall for the fallacy that you can’t have this in one man. But you’re wrong. And that IS the reason some women end up cheating because they have a nice Prince Charming provider husband at home, but suddenly they get into an emotional affair with an Alpha Chad, and the slut in her is calling, which lets her end up on his dick.

One man and one woman can be enough for each other. But it is on both parties to accept and embrace that.

The conqueror

What you should be doing is embracing your inner slut with ONE man. I don’t care what anyone reading this thinks of monogamy, if you explore your deepest sexual desires with one partner, there is way more to gain. You can be more open, more giving, more receiving, and generally enjoy it more. And trust me, your guy will love it, because deep down, even if he doesn’t know it yet, either, he likes to dominate you.

You can be the woman you’re supposed to be in public and be the slutty Disney princess at home. Yes, you can even dress up like that if you like.

sexy disney princess lingerie snow white pocahontas arielle jasmine belle
Master version: Be the slutty Disney princess at home while looking like a good girl.

But why?

Why is all this you ask? Why do you even have these fantasies? Wouldn’t it be better to suppress them, because it’s kind of degrading? No. Because you would suppress your deepest biology, and that’s never healthy. Just like men need to stop bitching, because a man acts, leads, and doesn’t talk much. So women do realize they are made to follow. Deep down, you know it. You would love to submit yourself to a great man. But either you’re fighting it, because of the Strong independent woman narrative you’ve been spoon-fed every day for years, or because your guy turned beta (in which case, give him this book).

Nature designed man and woman in a specific way. As long as you fight this, you fight yourself, and you will never find happiness.

The conqueror

Either way, you are fighting your deeper self. The woman in you. Everything in our bodies screams for the dominant-submissive relationship. Men are bigger on average, they have 30% more muscle, their brains are set up less emotional than women’s. Yes, there are literal physical differences in the brain between man and woman.

Any man and woman I talked to have felt way better and happier after they embraced their natural (traditional) roles we humans have had for millions of years. And then look at the feminists. Do they look happy, screaming at people just cause? I don’t think so.

Waking up

Both genders have flaws. Obviously. And contrary to popular (Disney) belief, none of both have relationships really figured out. We’re all just winging it. Hell, I am not always the great leader at home. My wife isn’t always 100% feminine grace. It’s fine. Be aware, we all need to swallow the pill of reality, whatever color it has. Biology gave us desires and deeper needs. Try to match them as much as possible, and you will be happy.

primal caveman illustration

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