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Discover The Power Of The Dark Side of your Masculinity

You are granted access to the Tales of the Supreme Commander Ariston and his apprentice Leon.

Tales to teach you a realm in this universe, you weren't aware of yet.

A realm of immense power.

Learn more below...

Your Dark Masculinity is Hidden

I know what you're thinking.

You're not that guy.

You're not that crazy, animalistic, man.

But you are wrong.
Society tried hard to keep it suppressed.
That man within you.

The man who cannot be stopped by fighting for what he deems is right.

Because they know such a man is dangerous.
He can crumble empires and cities at will.

I can teach you to gain that power back.

Discover Your Dark Side And Conquer The World

Through the Tales of Supreme Commander Ariston and his apprentice
you can learn how a man
in tune with his dark side
bends reality to his will.

Dark masculinity universe man

But be careful...

The powers of the dark side are mighty.

Not everyone is capable of wielding them.

But when you do, life is created, instead of experienced.

Man taking energy from the universe

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