The Truth on Why Female Sexual Liberation Is Bad

man dominating woman in bed- rule 2 and 3 of female sexuality on display

While I am writing this, I realize there is so much wrong with what we taught our women from the cute little girl stage up to the sexy young lady, that I could fill about ten posts with content. But since this is mostly a men’s blog, I’m gonna keep it at the three most important ones. The first one we already had, the lies about beauty and hotness. And the next one about career and family. So, now let’s (finally) talk about sex! Particularly that female sexual liberation is bad.

Because, again ladies, you’ve been fed lies. Sexual liberation has a price. A price a lot of you kept paying over the last decades, and as nice as it might seem to fuck a lot of dudes, no strings attached, it actually makes your life worse.

Also, this post is mainly focused on women, but guys, trust me, it’s very interesting for you as well. On all levels.

Cleaning up

Let’s first clean up with a bunch of misconceptions. Number One, women love sex. Since we trained our men to be providers, instead of proper men, we also told them to repress their sexuality. Because women just don’t like sex as much as men. What a load of horseshit. Women are very, very sexual beings. Why wouldn’t they? They are human. And it’s one of the most basic human needs.

A true man is fully aware that every human is a sexual being. Masculine or feminine does not matter.

The conqueror

A woman that wants to fuck you, and has a true desire, will find a way to ride your dick. No matter the circumstances.

I should add, that men still want more sex overall. Mostly because our testosterone levels are just 12 to 17 times as high as women’s. I’m just saying, if your girl doesn’t want to fuck you, it’s generally because you’re not the man she wants.

Also, most of them, probably up to 75% of them like to be submissive. Women are pleasers, they like to please a worthy man. Doesn’t mean you only care about your own orgasm, guys, but they gladly kneel before a proper man.

Triggered, ladies?

At this point, any woman reading might have already closed the tab or scrolled down to furiously type something in the comments. Well, social conditioning is strong. And especially when I said, “Pleasing a man” your conditioning rang all the bells.

We told ladies for far too long, that you don’t need no man. Independent women! A woman dependant on a man is a bad thing. Even though you don’t really have any other choice if you ever want to have kids. But who cares about facts, right?

Biology designed women to be dependent on a man. For she can only reproduce with him. For it shall drip into everything else in her life.

The conqueror

Also, that you would find joy in pleasing a man! Atrocious! How can you say such patriarchal things? You must be a misogynist.

Yeah, well, then why does it feel good for you to do it?

Because it’s biology. As well it does feel good to dominate as a man, even though Nice Guys can never imagine this being a good thing.

It’s okay, ladies

Girls, you have to realize it is totally fine to want to please a man. You have it within you, and it feels good, there is no need to suppress it. That doesn’t mean you should go out and please any chump. The man still has the Burden of Performance. As I keep saying, women are, men have to become. A man has to prove he is worthy of your blowjobs.

A true man knows, that the feminine enjoys pleasing the masculine. You shall not repress your biology.

The conqueror

I know a lot of Nice Guys will now come out and say, “What? I am already doing everything to please her! Where are my blowjobs?”

Well, you got it wrong, young lad. You can’t negotiate for sex by doing chords. Genuine desire on her part is only developed if you prove yourself to be a masculine man by standing up for your needs. Stop the covert contracts, and just pick her up and fuck her!

Entitled bitches

As a man matures, he realizes that a lot of women (especially these days) feel very, very entitled. They think, just because they have a twat, that they don’t need to put any effort. Especially as they get older. This is a combination of unlimited male thrist online, desperate beta’s who are just happy that their wife starfishes once a year, and her bemoaning her declining sexual value as she ages.

So it’s not entirely her fault, I think it’s mostly on men who put up with that shit because they don’t want to rock the boat.

A proper man would never let himself be fed the minimum value. Because if he doesn’t have his needs met, he leaves. So the woman has to provide something worthwhile to keep him. Sexually works best, but it’s not the only dynamic.

So here’s something for both genders: Guys, don’t put up with starfish-sex. Even as a man, you can withdraw sex. Either she does it properly, or you have other options (but don’t be whiny, passive aggressive. Tell her directly!)

And ladies, don’t be so entitled to your sex. There is no reason to stop putting in effort in your sexuality just because you are in a marriage for a while, or you’ve aged. Keep up the lingerie, positions, and work towards sex. Keep up the blowjobs, and your marriage will be much better.

Spinning plates

you are missing true masculinity

This term is usually the Alpha chad bro thing. Spinning plates just refers to having multiple girls in rotation to fuck whenever you like. And these days, we keep telling our ladies, that it’s totally fine to fuck a random dude whenever you like.

And it seems good at first. You get your basic needs met, without being hurt because you opened up to a person. And here we are exactly at the root cause of this society’s issue: People are afraid.

True love, as well as true, intimate sex, can only be achieved if you are vulnerable. This is true for men and women alike, but generally more so for women. Especially today. You are conditioned to think that all men are pigs and that they cheat anyway, and if they fuck you, they never call back.

First of all, that’s bullshit, a man’s love is very deep, but he is (or should) be very careful who he gives it to. Secondly, think of this: If you have a lot of exchangeable partners, you’re nothing but an exchangeable partner yourself.

People tend to forget this easy fact. And you look down on these people you fuck with. Literally. But they just do the same with you.

So your sexual liberation is bad in that it comes at the cost of intimate sex. Deep, bonding sex. This cannot be achieved with changing partners. It just can’t.

The need for love

See, when we are born, we have a deep, and unending need for love. We know, that if a newborn doesn’t receive a physical touch the first days, it just dies. This is known! So, when you grow up, you need to learn that your deeply ingrained need for love can’t be met all the time. And this is usually where the Alpha guys and a lot of you young women get it wrong these days as well:

Fucking a lot of strangers does not fix your deeper need for love.

It is a blanket put over a flesh wound. For a short amount of time, it looks good. And it feels good. But very quickly that blanket will be trenched in blood again. Because your actual need was never met. So you keep putting blanket on blanket over the wound, but it’s never fixed. Your soul is never healed.

Polar opposites

Society keeps telling you that men and women are actually the same. Gender is a social construct and all this shit. If you even read ONE fucking book about the sexes, you’d realize how goddamn different both are. We might have similar needs, but the way we go after them is very different.

For example, to have real connecting sex, you both need to drop your shields.

  • The man must be fine with dominating (not domineering) a person he loves
  • The woman must be fine with being dominated by a person she loves
I totally respect women for being able to do that. Completely letting yourself go in another person truly affords strength.

That isn’t easy. And hence why a lot of women these days have sex like men. Because they can’t be vulnerable and submissive with a guy if there is no connection. So they just do what they see in porn. Men do the same by the way. Hence why your sex sucks. It’s shallow, only scratching the surface.

For the deeper pleasure to be achieved, both need to go to their biological extremes.

The conqueror

The experienced woman

This is another great lie that has been told. For some reason, women think, a man wants a sexually experienced woman. You know the kind of, “I don’t want to teach her everything.” This is usually said by beta men. I know that because I have said that in the past. What he actually is saying, “I am not man enough to tell her what I like her to do in sex, because I might offend her.”

Basically, if he wants to facial you, he’s just afraid of saying that, because he is afraid of his own sexuality.

What a real man actually wants, is a woman that hasn’t used dicks as transportation throughout her twenties. We like the innocent “girly” type because it has a certain purity to it. It isn’t used. I know this term triggers a lot of people, but it is, what it is.

Men have to prove their value, women need to keep their value.

And trust me, if you learn all the kinky sexual stuff with one partner, there is a certain bond arising from this. It’s a memory you can keep, other than, “Yeah I did that with a bunch of guys before.”

It loses value.

What now?

So you learned that all of your sexual education and teachings from being a little girl is horseshit- and that sexual liberation is bad. Sucks, right? Maybe you’re still fighting it in your head. That is normal. The brain doesn’t like these things, because it is mentally taxing, and we’re designed to use as little mental power as possible.

What you need to do is two things.

  • Want to be feminine
  • Evaluate your man

You need to force yourself to be feminine. Wanting to be feminine. And while you’re at it, evaluate if your current guy (if you have one) is truly masculine. If not, show him this blog. It might change your life a lot.

Embracing the feminine or the masculine has to be made a choice by your deeper self. For you can not put on an act. You have to live it.

The conqueror

It might sound weird to force yourself to be something. And it doesn’t just click in a day. It takes time. What you are actually doing, is dropping the societal shields that have been put in your mind, and finally come to terms with your inner girl. This isn’t just for sex. This works everywhere else.

Being feminine and vulnerable does NOT mean weak. Quite the opposite. You need to have a strong heart and mind to be completely submissive for someone!

If sexual liberation is bad, then how to fuck as a woman?

How to properly be feminine in bed? Well, be vulnerable. By that I mean, be okay with being submissive, and being dominated by your man. The first step that will probably already be the hardest is to talk about it. Tell your guy, “Honey, I want to be more feminine for you. More of a woman. So I need you to take me like a man.”

Obviously, there is a lot of trust involved in that. So, your call, if your current guy is worth it.

Here you already said you want to please him by being feminine for him. Which is the first hurdle to jump for your conditioning.

The second issue might be, that you are actually with a Nice Guy. A beta, that might have looked like an Alpha in the beginning. Don’t worry, show him this post about true masculinity, I hope it hooks him onto this blog and he can learn from my mistakes.

This doesn’t happen overnight, but it is doable.

It is a gradual process. More and more, you will lean into your femininity. Especially if he manages to be more and more ingrained in his masculinity. Accept it. Don’t fight it. It is fine. You don’t need to tell anybody. This is between you and him. And soon enough your sex life will increase massively. You will have deep, connecting sex which is 100x better than any crazy position in public. Even for him. Trust me, us men have the same experience with bonding sex. It is mind-blowing.

The wise man knows, the more he leans into his masculinity, the easier it is for the feminine to fully blossom.

The conqueror

That’s it?

Yes. There really isn’t much more to it. You need to break the barriers that have been put into your head.

  • It is okay to please a (worthy) man
  • Try to be more feminine every day, it will find its way into your sex life
  • Don’t fuck a lot of strangers
  • Learn to enjoy being vulnerable
  • Play with yourself (not masturbation, I mean lingerie and all that)
  • Play with him! Be playful. Be okay with what happens
  • Learn to love to enjoy his pleasure.

And since sex is the glue to a relationship, as soon as you got this setup, your polar opposites will drip into your relationship overall, and this is your prerequisite for a loving, and enduring marriage.

Actually, the only way to stay together as a romantic couple for long.

–Alexander Graves

Do you feel like you’ve been lied to about female sexuality all your life? As a guy or girl? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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