Freelancer Profit Manual Review – How to Escape Your 9-5

freelancer profit manual review

What if there was an easy-to-follow, direct, and working blueprint to escape your 9-5 hamster wheel?

What if you could easily make $3,000 a month online with just 1-2 clients? Working way less than you do now?
What if your life could finally be exactly what you always wanted? And I could offer you the first step?

Luckily for you, there is such a blueprint. Dylan Madden’s Freelancer Profit Manual shows you exactly how it’s done. And here is my freelancer profit manual review of it, so you know what you’re getting. This bundle isn’t available on his site directly. You can only get it with the link(s) below.

Who is Dylan Madden (Moneybaglives)?

Freelancer Profit Manual Dylan Madden

Dylan is a young man, freelancing online from his MacBook in one of the many Dubai High-Rises. Yes, the man sits in a hotel lobby, drinks fine café’s, smokes smooth cigars, and makes a ton of green bills online.

He can be anywhere he wants in the world within 24 hours.

He has the means and the money to do so.

True, unfaltering freedom.

A distant pipe-dream for many, you included.

Don’t fret! Reality is not that far!

He was once like you. Working for an insurance company, forced to follow their rules. To do what he was told. In a job that didn’t fulfill his soul. Or fill his pockets.

At some point, he had less than $0 Dollars.

“At that moment I had $486 worth of bills due and $142 to my name.”

This quote is from his “Think and Go Hustle” eBook which you get as a free bonus when you buy the Freelancer Profit Manual. This book is his life story and how he made it.

He then started flipping couches on Craigslist, started making money with writing, and kept pushing until he was where he is now.

I am sure, he vividly remembers those times, barely scraping by, making a few hundred bucks selling couches.

He might not be a millionaire. But he is not bound to an employer. To an overseer. He lives comfortably in an expensive country, enjoying life to it’s fullest. Enjoying his “work” because it doesn’t just yield money.

It yields freedom.

I know that feel. It hits different. And with the Freelancer Profit Manual, you can mimic his success. He shares all his secrets, some of which are contradictory to what you read and hear on money Twitter. For example, because he thinks cold email is a waste of time.

He has a better method.

Many better methods to enjoy life.

How the freelancer profit manual works

freelancer profit manual review

Via the links in this article you can get a bundle, you get nowhere else. The video course and the eBook for just the price of the course. The eBook Thing and Go Hustle free on top

Click here to get it immediately.

It is a fun read with a foreword by Ed Latimore. In this book, he outlines exactly how his life path went, what he did, and how he felt doing so.

A glimpse into the brain and soul of this man.

Not enough, the book is structured as a level-up game. In it, you will receive instructions on how to set up your own life for success. With a plan.

think and go hustle book

When the Freelancer Profit Manual video course gives you the tools to finally get going. Think and Go Hustle is the foundation. The necessary mindset underneath. Without this foundation, your house of cards will crumble.

It will set your mind free and align it for the endeavor you are about to embark on. Definitely read it first, it’s a quick, but enjoyable book with tons of valuable life lessons.

I specifically liked Level 4, which you will learn to love yourself. Even though he never uses the word subconscious in the book, this part specifically describes how to set your subconscious up for success and abundance. The Dylan Madden way. I enjoyed that a lot.

The video course

freelancer profit manual videos

After that, you will dive into the video course. 17 Videos, hours of content where he teaches you directly what he does and how he does it.

As you can see in the screenshot, he is direct and blunt with his opinion which is a refreshing take on the constantly regurgitated platitudes you see on Twitter.

He is not an anon account spouting the same old things.

His life and lifestyle are a testament to his methods and that they work.

Within this course, you will learn many things:

  • How to gain instant credibility online
  • Why you shouldn’t use Fiverr or Upwork
  • How to market yourself
  • How to work on a schedule
  • How to do proper market research
  • Red flags you need to avoid

Plus a bunch of bonus modules:

  • Problems with prospecting
  • From $0 to $8,000 and how to do it
  • Plus, obviously, the Think and Go Hustle eBook

The course contains a concrete and direct outline on how you need to set yourself and your freelancing business up for success.

Step-by-step he will teach you how to think about it, and how to set it up to get clients that pay you thousands of Dollars each month. While still living a relaxed lifestyle.

However, if you are still lost after the videos and don’t know what to do, where to go. Don’t worry! Because there is also a message group involved where you can ask direct questions to Dylan and the other guys to set you up.

freelancer profit manual dylan madden

The very last bonus clip “From $0 to $8k” was a special enjoyment for me. Because he outlines the mistake most people are making when setting their goals and how to do it right. While I pride myself on having my goals and systems set up pretty well, I still learned something in that clip.

This is how all of the course is flowing.

If you think you already know a bunch about making money online, freelancing, or selling stuff, you will be shocked with surprise. Dylan still shows you a different angle or a reality you hadn’t considered yet.

Plus, the whole course is designed to set up a life that is relaxed and chill, so you can actually LIVE.

He mentions explicitly in one of the videos, that if you end up working for your hustle all the time, that you, he (and me) fucked up. You’re not supposed to switch your 9-5 slavery for hustle-slavery.

In the end, the goal of the Freelancer Profit Manual is to break you free from the shackles of an enslaved society. That’s something near and dear to my heart, which is why I loved this course so much and decided to write a review about it.

Thus, this course is only for people who truly want to break free.

If you’re tired of being tired. If you want to enjoy life and all the great things it offers, juicy steaks, cool cars, fresh people, beautiful vacations, then you need to escape the slavery.

There is a way out, and Dylan shows you one way that works simple and guaranteed.

If you apply his teachings, you can throw the final notice on your employer’s desk in no time.

Now, there are many ways to make money online, but for beginners, I highly recommend freelancing for two reasons:

  • You can quickly get results and it shifts your mind about what’s possible
  • It depends on what you DO. 

The second is an important part.

Yes, you can make money online selling eBooks and courses as I do. But if people buy is not directly linked to what you do. There are circumstances you just can’t influence.

With freelancing, it all comes down to your skills and how you sell them. And you get results quickly which are linked to your work.

The Freelancer Profit Manual Bundle has just the right set up. Mentality with the Think and Go Hustle eBook, and the practical tools as a blueprint with the Video Course.

From me, this course gets 5 fat crown. Fantastic course with a ton of value! King shit!

selfconquering crown rating

Want to finally get your life going?

What are you waiting for?

For someone to randomly tell you how it works? Scraping together all the information on forums?

Inefficient! And bound to failure.

I keep preaching Ruthless Momentum towards Divine Purpose!

Stop waiting and take action. Today!

In the end, you pay $100 now to make $3,000 in weeks to months. You make it all back easily. Insane value for the money.

Click here and get the Freelancer Profit Manual with the Think and Go Hustle eBook FREE on top and finally live the life you want!

Not the life that supports other people’s dreams.

Manifest your own dreams.


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