5 Ways the Greed of Feminism Will Be Its Downfall

Feminism is a huge buzzword these days. “The future is female” I just recently saw a GUY wearing on his shirt.

And if you follow me and my message, you know I am not very “fond” of these people.

I do advocate against most feminist messages, but ultimately I think it will resolve itself.

Feminism vs. feminism

Recently I was listening to an Audio book called My secret garden by Nancy Winter. It is from 1999, but still “relevant” today. It’s basically a book about the secret sexual fantasies of women nobody talks about. Or dares to talk about. It’s quite interesting, although I gotta say, the women who reads it in the audio book is kinda obnoxious.

(Also, she is pretty full of herself, saying that a woman’s sexuality is unmatched, and a woman can give so much, which, honestly, is a bit too much of the female goddess image in my book. Then again, she is a feminist, so not exactly a surprise).

Anyway, the biggest thing I noticed is the disagreement of feminists, versus feminists. She talks a lot about why the prominent feminists you see in the Media, never talk about the sexual freedom for women. About pregnancy, birth control, abortion, and stuff like that. It was interesting to me to hear these thoughts from twenty years ago. Because that has definitely changed.

Back then, and even though this lady somehow wrote six books about this topic, the two feminist camps were in disagreement. They acknowledged each other, but didn’t really like each other. Miss Winter’s approach here was that the mainstream feminism was just to get equal rights, and missed a crucial part in the sexual revolution of the woman.

Sexual liberation

Let’s tackle this topic real quick, because I thought a lot about it. The Rational Male says it mostly had downsides that the women were sexually liberated. As in, the women fucking around, no problem, is bad for society. And I actually agree with this. The problem isn’t that women are allowed to do this. The problem is, that it has no consequences.

A wise man knows that not the government raises a child; It comes down to the parents how and what it will become.

The conqueror

Look, this isn’t an issue of government or anything. This is an issue of family. Men for example can freely fuck around as they wish. Well, not quite. It is in our biology (as opposed the the female), but if you do nothing but laying women, most people don’t really hold much of you. Unless you also conquer empires like Genghis Khan.

For a woman it only has negative implications if she fucks a ton of men. I know, this IS what feminists try to change, but you really think there weren’t reasons why society implemented these “rules” and guidelines? Completely ignoring the biological reasons for that, we know that this isn’t healthy for the family, and a peaceful society.

The feminine sexuality is very wide. That shall not mean she needs to try this with a wide variety of men. One man is enough.

The conqueror

Also, any man wishes to have a sexually liberated woman WITH HIM. Live your sexual desires with him! Let yourself go, it’s fine! Why do you need 20 dicks for that? I know why, because you’re such an obnoxious cunt that after a few romping sessions he is annoyed with your entitlement, so you need a new one. Be a graceful, feminine woman that is a whore in bed with her one man, and you can have your sexual liberation.

Women vs. women


The problem with the sexual liberation isn’t really that men talk so much shit about promiscuous girls, although I am definitely one of those. The shame comes from other women. That is what Nancy Winter is trying to “solve”. She tries to stop women from shaming other women that their sexual liberation, and free sex-lives, are bad. Women can be really hostile if they decide to not like another girl for whatever reason.

So this is the next step that feminists are trying to achieve. That within the female sex it is totally fine to fuck around as much as you want. No shame, no bad mouthing, no problem. The real issue is that no real man wants these women. Do you want a girl that when you walk through the local supermarket, at least three guys have already seen naked? So now they not only try to make women shame less, they also make the men weak so they put up with that shit.

This is just one more step they’re trying to take, after literally having the advantage through Quotas (which I always though is pretty insulting for any woman), raping young boys without legal repercussions, physically abusing men without issues, etc etc.

That said, some of this, like the physical abuse is actually because you’re a weak male, yes. But the law is on the female side. If you defend yourself, you might be prosecuted by mere accusations alone. You don’t need evidence anymore.

The greed

And that is where I see feminism killing itself from the inside. Which is a bit in the nature of women, so it was to be expected. They are too greedy. Which is just an effect of being emotional. There is no rational decision in “alright, we achieved enough with this, let’s tackle some other issues”. They keep taking, and taking, and taking. They want more from everything. Mostly power.

The human greed might be responsible for most of mankind’s failures.

The conqueror

So where will this end? I can tell you.

With feminism falling.

But why would that be? Quite simply, there will be so much power imbalance, that WOMEN are just done with it. Yes, the women themselves. Whenever I talk to a real woman, a healthy, sane woman, they are already annoyed by feminism. They think it’s laughable. They actually laugh at how these feminists look like. They don’t take them seriously. Most men don’t do that anyway, but so are the women.

It looks different in the Media, or even in some countries, but deep down, that’s how they feel. Remember that news show where they shit-talked a woman for getting up at 4am to have breakfast with her husband, taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, and still making her hair and all that. After mocking her for living in the 1950’s, at the end of the scene, the news-woman said while the image faded out, “Making us all look bad.”

That is exactly the issue.

Sad feminism

Those crazy, screaming, mentally ill-looking feminists you see in the media are actually very sad deep down. They are not satisfied with the state of society, but they know exactly how they could have anything they wanted. By being a feminine woman. They know it deep down, because of biology. But the media, pop culture, and even their parents told them they live in the patriarchy, and this is bad.

The happiest woman is the one who lives closest to her deeply ingrained femininity.

The conqueror

The women who do live traditionally are very happy. They enjoy their lives, their being. It’s always the feminists who are mad. Just like it’s the weak males who are mad at jerks for getting women. Well, it’s biology. You can fight it all you want, that will never play out for you.

And that is why feminism will go down. A lot of men are already getting the message that being a masculine man is actually what gets them what they want in life. Owning your shit, becoming a man nets you money, sex, success. A lot of women are realizing that the career life is lame, and they rather have a family. And in contrast they see these weird-looking, constantly angry people in the media, shit-talking their very happy life.

Feminism will lose it’s support. Yes, this will still take years, maybe decades, and a ton of more fucked-up laws will be happening. But at some point, people will be fed up. Especially the women themselves. If we keep seeing more articles of women complaining that it’s “tough” to find a man in their forties, or how getting pregnant at 38 is difficult, and that freezing your eggs actually doesn’t work, then the average woman will realize what’s wrong.

The baseline

You have to understand, even if certain groups will change laws to their benefit, and control the media, ultimately it all comes down to the individual family. They educate themselves on blogs like this one, where the real truth is. Or with books like The Rational Male. Twitter, etc. And these people won’t vote for feminists in the parliament, or feminism in any pop-culture movie. My wife told me a female Thor movie is “fucking stupid” because she wants to see a manly Thor like Chris Hemsworth swinging his hammer. Why wouldn’t she? Unless every girl deep down is a lesbian, they want to see masculine men.

Families survive any government.

The conqueror

And these people are your support. Trump won because he said exactly what the people wanted to hear. He didn’t cater to the party, or celebrities. He said what the population wanted to hear. Feminists force themselves into these positions by shaming. And the law, as well as very successful people are too afraid of the shitstorm that might rain down on them by these feminists. But this can only go so far, before people are truly fed up. It starts with making fun of it (which is already the case), but they will be ignored as the screeching voices in the background in the future.

The outcome?

What will be the outcome of this? Well, look at it like a rubber band. The more you pull in one direction, the heavier it will shoot into the opposite direction once you let go. Feminism is pulling the rubber band so hard to the left currently, the only obvious outcome will be an extreme jump to the right. Trump will win again in November. For sure. People are fed-up with this progressive bullshit. Mostly because these people are always very unpleasant. Nobody wants to live in hatred their whole life.

What a man gives into the world determines what he shall receive.

The conqueror

Either it will go smoothly back into traditional values and more to the right. Or the left will become stronger, establish another communism-style society, and the US will deal with this by another civil war. The more the government moves away from the population by force, the heavier, and more brutal the reconciliation will be. So as long as the left keeps pulling like mad, it is a dangerous field.

Now, this obviously doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything about it. Hell, I still write this blog, books, and YouTube videos. Because I would like the version were we just move to traditional values without a big explosion. Wouldn’t that be desirable for anyone? But don’t try to argue about this with feminists. It’s pointless.

How to fix it then? Build your own empire. Become independent of society, have a family with a ton of kids, and raise them with proper values. The family will always win over society. Because it is its root.

–Alexander Graves

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