The 10 keys of female sexuality: an honest guide

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I already covered in the masculinity superguide how society constantly lied to you about what women want.

But especially in regards to sex, there were some big lies.
Here’s the man’s brutally honest guide to female sexuality.

I am here to help. Beware, this article goes against everything society tells you what a woman wants, and most of the time, even women will tell you differently. But they still go for the jerks. Weird, right? Or is it?

Harsh truths of female sexuality

Let’s start this off with some facts:

  • Women like to be objectified (by a proper man)
  • Women want to be taken, they don’t want to be asked
  • They want to be submissive
  • They do like rough sex
  • They like doggystyle, blowjobs, and whatever you want
  • They want to please YOU. What you like, they like
  • Women don’t want to make decisions
  • They want a man who displays his sexual needs
  • Their sexual spark doesn’t magically drop in marriage
  • They rather want you to be arrogant than nice
  • But most importantly, you don’t care about any of these things

The last sentence is your key sentence to really understanding the key to female sexuality. Women like a man who goes his own way. They gladly follow a strong leader. A man who has his shit together, and keeps his course. That’s why you see in all these heroic movies that the woman always leaves family, life, society, and her city behind to be with a strong man.

She gladly gives all of that up to be with a proper man.

Polar opposites

Leaders and followers. A man leads. He does not concern himself with other people’s opinions about his goals. He believes in them, and he makes them reality. Women admire this. But before you can be admired, you need to have something worthy of that.

You need to create. Create your worth. Build it. Only then can a woman follow.

The masculine and the feminine are exact opposites. A wise man does not try to alleviate that.

The conqueror

Every Transgender person is just confused. They don’t know what they want to be, so they try to be both. Get all the benefits of one sex, without the drawbacks of the other. But tell me, is there one single Transgender person that is actually attractive? We are attracted to our exact opposite. You can see this quite clearly if you watch couples. The more masculine the guy, the more feminine the woman.

A feminine man will usually end up with a masculine woman. Nature keeps the balance.

But all of you guys want a truly feminine woman, right? Know where I am going with this? You obtain that by being a masculine man.

The feminine

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I truly believe that any woman can be a true feminine woman. Most girls these days are just so conditioned by society, that they lost touch with it. Just like the guys with their manliness. So you need to create an environment where she can thrive in her femininity and embrace every aspect of natural female sexuality.

How to do that? Be a real man.

You don’t ask her if you can have sex with her right now. You pick her up, push her against the wall, throw her on the bed, whatever. By true masculine strength-display, you show her what you want.

Don’t be afraid of your own testosterone. You’re a man, you want sex. It is biology and it’s fine. You never apologize for this!

“Sorry, honey that I am always so horny. Sorry that I always stare at your butt.”

Does she apologize for her feminine acts? So why would you?

A man is not afraid to show and mouth his desires. For he would betray his inner self.

The conqueror

Stop being afraid to be a man! Stop acting like it’s bad that you want to fuck your wife! Just think about it. Why would she be offended if her man desires her? IF she actually is offended by that, she already lost respect for you, or she doesn’t value you, as a real man. Then what?

Masculine superpower

you are missing true masculinity

A woman’s strongest power is to withdraw sex. Because that is what we want. They occasionally use that to get you to do things.

Side-tip: Never be pissed by that. That comes off as needy, like you need her pussy to be something. You are already a great man without her. And if she doesn’t want to fuck, there are 4 billion women out there who might.

Turn shit around, withdraw sex from her occasionally. That drives them mad.

Back to the point! Your most powerful weapon is your attention!

Women want male attention. Don’t believe the lies of society, independent women and all this shit. You know what Instagram is? Porn for women. They get uncovered, unfiltered male attention from millions of thirsty males within seconds.

Just like you get all your fantasy sex from all women in seconds via porn.

Exactly the same effect for both genders. Instagram, just like porn is unhealthy. Because it isn’t real. The male attention isn’t real. While women can get their deepest desire somewhat met, they can’t build on it, like intimacy. So it leaves them miserable although it feels nice.

A wise man knows his attention is his most valuable currency in dealing with people, but especially the woman.

The conqueror

So your attention is the real deal. Most Nice Guys are clinging to their women like mad. Do not do that. She acts up? Withdraw attention.

Go the fuck out, meet friends, further your mission, whatever. Don’t reward her bad behavior! It’s like if she sucks your dick after you’ve been fapping to porn. Wrong conditioning!

Embrace conflict

Most Nice Guys, my older self included, are so heavily afraid of conflict they try everything to not have it. To not rock the boat. Something goes against your will, rather not say a thing, to not make the goddess mad.


Conflicts are the test of your masculinity. Your frame. Whenever you have a fight with your girl, imagine it like a cage-fight. You trained hard for this, now is the time to show your worth.

A man who flees from conflict with the feminine will never truly experience the glory of it.

The conqueror

Imagine it like this: the feminine is an ocean. The big sea. Breathtaking, beautiful, as nature is. And you’re a boat sailing on the ocean. Now there are two types of men:

  • The one that turns around and sails back to the harbor, drinking a warm cup of milk, as soon as a little bit of stormy weather comes up.
  • And there is the other guy, who faces the storm, navigates through it, and comes out on the other end after the storm is gone.

Who do you think gets further in life?

Who do you think is a real man?

How to sail the feminine sea

You need to keep your cool. Women are the emotional ones. And they will probably throw all kinds of shit at you. Even insults. Don’t get mad, be the pillar in the room. Tell her quite clearly you won’t tolerate this shit. Tell her that this is what you want, how you feel about XYZ, and you will fight for your needs.

How to stay so cool? Your mindset.

Realize in your mind, that there are billions (!) of other women out there. Abundance mindset. Truly internalize it. It will make your frame much stronger. She will probably question this aswell, “What makes you think any other girl wants you?” or shit like that. Notice how this is bullshit? If you really were that bad, why is she with you? She’s degrading herself.

Notice that she is trying to shift the frame. To drown the boat.

In dealing with the feminine, the man must ask himself if she is worthy of his time. Not vice versa.

The conqueror

The real question is this: Is she the one you want? Do you really want to have such a woman?

It is not on her to decide who you are with. That is your decision. Remember your biology, you are the one choosing your mate. Not her.

Stay your course, no matter the side winds. Keep the boat on track. The sea will rock you up and down, left and right, do not bow! You know where you want to go. Your values do not shatter. After all, it’s just water!

In the end, you will need to evaluate if you like this ocean, or if it’s way too rocky to have a chill life. If there is too much dirt in it. If it is truly worth your time to conquer it.

Female Poseidon

A lot of you Nice Guys see women as some form of a goddess. She is the thing to have. The thing of desire. The thing to conquer. But you’re wrong. She is just a reward for being a real man.

Do not put women on a pedestal. They aren’t special in any regard. They are different than us, but they aren’t better.

Don’t believe in words

Not only when you have a fight, but also with society and lots of women in general, they’ll tell you they want a sensible man. But you’ve probably been that your whole life, but you still didn’t see them naked, right? “I would totally marry you if we weren’t friends.”

Really? Then why does she fuck another married man? If those are her values?

Let us ask the great conqueror on this weird behavior:

The wise man is aware, the words a person utters are meaningless if the actions don’t match.

The conqueror

This is true for every human interaction, but it is mostly true with women. I can’t even tell you how many times my wife has threatened me to move out the next day if I don’t do this and that. And she never did it. It was a test of my frame. Don’t fall prey to that. The only correct answer to such a threat is, “Alright, do it.”

It shows that a lame threat like that does not rock your values. You follow them no matter what. You don’t care if she leaves, you follow your mission. She is with you, you’re not with her. Remember that!

Have the sex you want

man dominating woman in bed- rule 2 and 3 of female sexuality on display

If you are married or in a long-term relationship, chances are high, that sex is at best starfishing and you don’t even remember the last time she sucked your dick.

This can be turned around. Not overnight, but it can. Again: abundance mindset. Realize, that there are a lot of women out there who would gladly kneel before you. So, depending on how much you truly love your girl, you can do two things:

  • Leave her and start a new relationship with a proper frame, and keep it
  • Put in the effort and show your current girl your worth, rebuilding your frame

The second part is obviously more difficult, but it’s a better proof imo. If you start a new relationship, the woman fucks her image of you. Which might not be the reality. Your current girl knows who you are right now. So you can use her as a judgment if you really got better.

Just straight up tell her you want your sex-life to look like this and that. Depending on how much respect she already lost, you will get some backlash. Remember, keep the boat sailing! You have a goal! Better sex with your wife! Don’t come in with logic, stand up for your needs!

Remember how female sexuality really works!


Use your tools!

She doesn’t do it? Fine, withdraw attention! Use your superpower. If she asks why you’re constantly gone, answer truthfully, “If I don’t get from you what I want, I got better things to do.”

Be careful in your choice of words here! I you phrase it wrong, and you act pissed, it might come of as childish and passive aggressive. You have to say clearly, you get what you want either way. The sex you want, or your mission. Nothing else.

Don’t tell her you’re playing a game to get her to do X. Kids play games. You have a mission, and you follow it. If she doesn’t play along, you don’t see a reason to spend time with her.

A true king knows how to get the people around him to do as he pleases; with his attention.

The conqueror

Now the other side. When she finally does it as you please, shower her with attention! It might be annoying because you got other things to do, but that’s how you condition her. Show her she’s done well. It’s like training a dog.

If you do it right, she can embrace the deepest aspects of female sexuality imaginable.

Openly sexist

rule banner unchained

Everything you just learned is considered sexist these days. I am openly sexist because I don’t care what society says, it works. I’ve been on both sides. And since I am on the sexist side, and truly embrace my masculinity, all my relationships are better. But most importantly, I finally like myself. Fuck that, I love myself!

I am in tune with my soul. And that is what attracts the opposite sex. If you truly understand female sexuality, that’s what they want. The more you lean into your masculinity, the heavier her feminine side will reveal itself.

A true man never hides who he is. For this he can’t be attacked. There is nothing he isn’t aware of.

The conqueror

Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Don’t hide the fact you want to fuck her every other day. Do not be ashamed of who you are. And as weird as it sounds, that will get you exactly what you want.

–Alexander Graves

Is your mind blown right now? Have you been told a ton of lies about female sexuality? Let me know in the comments how you feel!

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