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How to be Alpha? (The 1 Harsh Truth)

Millions of books out there on how to be alpha, the alpha male with tons of women and whatnot.

All of them are wrong.

It needed a geeky guy talking shit on millennials to finally come up with the real answer.

Let me dive into your mind with a personal story.

Youtube version of this post here:

The Mistaken Alpha

Let’s assume you’re in a relationship with a woman, maybe married, maybe kids, mortgage on your house, nice white picket fence. You know, the classic idea, living from paycheck to paycheck in a job you hate. You escape reality with Netflix, video games and porn. And obviously, there is no sex, right?

Then you find books on being alpha. Maybe even my books. Right. So you focus on yourself. You’ve been too available. So that’s a good thing. You do your own things. A real man is his own man. You’re not just there to serve others. Also, but not just that. You likewise need to look after your own needs.

However, being the alpha man comes at a cost. And this is where all the unplugged alpha guys who teach you these things get it all wrong.

The classic idea of the Alpha Male

how to be alpha like Tywin Lannister

The brute force Alpha truly worked in the past, especially with women. But considering how most women these days walk around with a huge baggage of emotional bullshit and lies they’ve been told by society. They don’t need no man and all this kind of bullshit. Really only focusing on their physical sexuality instead of being feminine.

I mean, Instagram teaches them virtually every day that they’re not hot enough, not good enough. And well, under no circumstances should they ever put themselves in the hands of a man or even knowing what a great man is. So if you’re being the rock hard alpha ass kind of guy, if anything, you drive her way because you really just play into all of these anxieties.

This is why it doesn’t work anymore to be just that, and, well, it’s really just dominance out of insecurity.

How to be Alpha in a Relationship

In the past, Alphas were allowed to be first, get the best meat, they got the best women.

You get all the benefits, right? This is the alpha from the past. Gets everything, has everything, does everything.

They were the strongest, so they deserved it. Other people voluntarily succumbed to their leadership, and we are doing this today. If someone is ahead of us in the game of life, we succumb to their leadership automatically. If you look at successful people, you want to know from them. You want to get the leadership from their knowledge. You put yourself beneath it, sort of voluntarily submitting like you want your woman to submit to you.

And this is where the key lies. This free pass to all these bonuses and benefits was only given due to ONE circumstance, and that is what nobody really talks about. Which is where all the Red Pill Gurus are wrong because they miss this truth.

And that is that you protect the tribe when shit is knocking at the door.

This is the COST you had to pay to get these bonuses. Providing, protecting.

See, the alpha’s from the past didn’t just get all the things just like that. They also had to defend the tribe and the people when there were intruders or a predator trying to kill people. They were the strongest, so they had to go out and fight. This was the cost.

It’s the same with wolf packs. For example, the Alpha Wolf actually walks at the back of the pack. He isn’t in front, just charging ahead and using all of his benefits.

He’s in the back, overseeing his pack, making sure everyone has everything. Everyone is fine, is still within the pack. Some of the cost is that he has to take care of other people. And it’s still the same today with you and your relationships.

How to be alpha in Modern times

godlike masculinity subliminal program banner

So this means that today, when you want all the benefits from your woman, sex, admiration and respect, and the Alpha guys tell you how to get this with all these books, they miss a crucial part. You only get this if you also provide for the woman and your family. Which means money. But money is really just a store of energy, right?

Also experiences. So it means feelings. Your woman or your family, your employees, everyone that counts on you. If you want to be the alpha with all the benefits, then you need to provide a life for them aswell. Not just looking after your benefits. So what is alpha male behaviour for you?

If you’ve been doing nothing for your wife so far, all your life sucks and you don’t have your shit together, but you DEMAND sex like a toddler demanding his toy without cleaning his room, there’s really no wonder that she’s not interested in sucking your dick. If your woman or women feel around you this then is when you are given the leadership status.

It’s not something you take or demand. This is something you earn. It is given to you not just through your physical prowess, even though that works, but through the things you provide for other people. That is the real alpha. So if you want to have sex and then you become a great man, you’re putting the cart before the horse.

This is, for example, why my book is called Own Your Shit, Make her submit. Owning your shit comes before she submits to you.

own your sht make her submit

Why we Hate Alpha-Bankers

Why do we hate bankers? The reason we hate these bankers is because they played the Alpha but they don’t protect their tribe. If anything, they might have even sacrificed their tribe to get their bonuses.

If companies cut off people because they have money issues, they are sacrificing their tribe, and then the manager still gets the bonus. So it’s not that we are mad about them getting the money. It’s really not about the money at all. It’s about the fact that they violated a deeply rooted social contract. THIS is what hurts us. We all have noticed that the Alpha needs to sacrifice himself for the tribe.

Then he would get all the bonuses and these guys just really don’t do that. It would be the same if you’re a weak man, mentally and physically. Only escaping reality all the time. Not taking responsibility for your life, providing a dull and insecure, at the brink of bankruptcy, life. But you still lay claim on constant admiration, sex, and love.

Oh, did I just picture your mindset?

Yeah. Your mindset is all fucked up. As I said, respect is not taken. You cannot demand respect from other people if they have absolutely no reason to respect you.

How to BECOME Alpha

So the solution is simple. If you want to be an alpha male and get all the benefits of sex, admiration, whatever, you first need to go through hell. Through all the shit to get yourself on track. Your body, your mind, finances. Then the other people, your woman, for example, would gladly give you their gift. But it’s your action that’s necessary first.

It ALWAYS starts with you.


I offer personal coaching where we tackle all this, if you want guided success.

Remember that being alpha comes at a cost. This is also why not everyone is made to lead because not everyone is willing to pay the price. Maybe you just chill at home and don’t really want to do anything.

That’s fine. That is your decision. But you cannot lay claim on all the benefits you want if you don’t do anything to earn that. If you want to get the benefits, pay the price, carry the responsibility. And if you want to understand a woman’s mind better then check out this video:

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