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How to Detox Society

Greetings, friend.

Porn, Sex, Sugar, money, greed, addictions.

Society is ridden with stuff that ruins your mind, body, and spirit.

As I mentioned before, you don’t need to ADD new things, you need to SUBTRACT the bullshit.

It’s much like you don’t need cool nootropics and supplements when you’re still eating at McDonald’s.

Society is entirely set up against you to succeed.

Of course, since they want you to be a worker drone in the system.

Trained to Lose Focus

If you think about TikTok, it is said you have about 3 seconds to catch the viewers attention, otherwise they will keep scrolling.


This is how shitty people’s attention spans are these days.

Worse, you are TRAINED to not have focus and concentration this way.

Notifications on your phone, sex everywhere, 30 second reels, all that is training you to not be able to focus for longer periods of time.

When being able to focus for longer periods of time is exactly what will make you successful and escape the slavery.

If you think at the most successful YouTuber, Mr Beast. His videos are RIDDEN with attention grabbing bs. Explosions, texts popping up, cuts, etc.

The funny thing is, his content is REALLY bad.

As in, it does NOTHING for people.

It’s cheap, pointless “entertainment” that only entertains a lost and damaged mind.

Great content doesn’t need attention grabbing, the right people will stick around (but you’ll also not get 100m views… if you need that)

Why am I lamenting about this?

It’s not just society, it’s also in the content you consume. Even “higher quality platforms” like YouTube have this kinda trash.

The fact that shorts came to YT still pisses me off (even tho it helped growth lol)

You need to choose the content you consume based on quality of consciousness.

Cut out TikTok entirely. I have content on there, yeah, but still, it’s mostly just “fun, sex, fail, or dumb” stuff on there.

This makes your mind WORSE. Not better.

IG? You shouldn’t follow more than 3-10 people. Otherwise, content will pull you in too many directions.

Understand, it is ALL in your hands.

But YOU need to take action.

You want to be successful? Build your focus and concentration.

By REMOVING everything that ruins it:

  • Turn off ALL notifications, yes, all of them (you dont need to know RIGHT AWAY about emails)
  • Unsubscribe, unfollow most bs online, only a select few (this might even cut out me)
  • Unsubscribe from emails and narrow it down to 3-5 select creators that ADVANCE you
  • Remove low consciousness TV shows and movies (especially if you fall asleep infront of the TV, it goes directly into your subconscious mind)
  •  Quit your addictions  (porn, sex, money, social media)
  • Remove sugar, coffee, alcohol, high processed food, fluoride toothpaste, tap water, etc. (not all at once, take your time)
  • Remove shitty friends that are pointless and not helping you to advance. Worse, keep you stuck
  •  Do Shadow Work  and remove all that’s holding you back

But most importantly, don’t do all at once.

Self Improvement is a life long journey as I mentioned in the  beginners guide here .

(and if you want guidance with this and feel lost,  check this out )

Only THEN can you start adding new things onto your mind and life.

First, you need to undo 20, 30, 40 years of programming by society.

Here’s an experiment to test your concentration:

Get a metronome app. Simple one.

Turn it on and set a timer for 3 minutes.

In those 3 minutes, ONLY listen to the metronome sound. NOTHING ELSE. Full focus on just this thing.

I bet you, you cannot do it.

Your mind will wander and think about this and that.

Can’t even focus for 3 minutes!

You got work to do, friend!

Get on it!

Detox Yourself from a corrupt society that tries to keep you low and enslaved.

 Get some guidance on how to go about it here. 

Until then,

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