Addictions · Temptations · Anxiety

Learn How Spartans Utilized These
Forms of Negative Energy To Become
Men Of Determination, Men Of Purpose, Men of Relentlessness

The Spartan Success System lays out how Sparta created
and built men who only knew how to conquer.

Teaching you how to master the mind, body, and spirit,
creating the
laser-focus you need to crush your goals.


People waste so much time focusing on too many things that don’t matter.

To reach your goal, you must have a purpose.

Something that drives you.
Something that is more important than anything else in the world.
Something that makes you feel alive when you’re working towards it.

You may remember having felt this feeling before.

A feeling where you were so focused on completing your goal,
time seemed to fly by so fast.

It’s because you had a purpose.

Can you imagine if you had that Laser Focus, Determination, and Energy for everything that you wanted?

How much easier would your life be

If you could press a button and everything you wanted became a reality?

That is what you’ll learn as you go through the Spartan Success System.

With The Spartan Success System 
You’ll Learn

  • How to develop the Spartan Mind to keep you going when nothing seems to be going your way
  • How to find your real reasons for your purpose so you never lose motivation and focus when you’re pursuing your dreams (Most do this wrong)
  • Build a unique skill stack that makes you stand out from the world by discovering your inner strengths and talents
  • Learn how to monetize your skill stack so you make money doing the things that you love
  • Cultivate the willpower, spirit, and ferocity to bend reality to your will
  • Understand how to transmute all the negative energy to Become Men Of Determination, Men Of Purpose, Men of Relentlessness
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Hi, I’m Alexander Graves

Founder of SelfConquering and here to help men like you achieve the mind, spirit, and discipline through using a spartan system so you can begin to get what you deserve in life.

I’ve always struggled in life not financially, but through experience. I felt like a feather in the wind being blown in all directions, not having control in what I wanted to do.

Just hoping that I naturally landed where I wanted to be. Sometimes spending thousands of dollars and eventually many years until it lead me to the life I have today.

  • A life where I have developed my skill stacks to never need another dollar again.
  • A life where I learned how to become masculine in the sense of the ferocity, determination, willpower, and drive to take all and everything.
  • A life where everything seems to go my way because I am able to continue to tread forward no matter the circumstances.

And all of this began when I learned the power of having a purpose and meaning.

That is what I’m teaching you in The Spartan System.

The Spartan Success System Will Help You
Become an Unstoppable Force In Life

Are You Ready to:

  • Develop A Mindset That Can’t Be Broken no matter the situation
  • Find The Path so you have a clear direction for achieving your goals
  • Become A Man That Is Disciplined towards his purpose
  • Build the willpower to ignore all distractions, temptations, bad habits, and addictions
  • Boost your confidence and begin living life on your terms; Relationship, Money, Strength.

The Spartan Success System

Here Are SOME 
Spartan Transformations Results

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Here is what @LifeMathMoney (200K Followers On Twitter)
Had To Say About The Spartan System

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how to find your purpose testimonial
how to find your purpose testimonial
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It’s Time You Make
A Decision

Invest in YOURSELF Today And Learn

or go back living your NORMAL BORING LIFE,
watching motivation videos and TV Show


You will never know when
you’re going to breathe your last breath.

Right now are you satisfied with your life?

Could you smile and be happy if you died today?

If not, then you need The Spartan System.

Something to change your mindset drastically 
to propel you forward so you will be satisfied and happy.

If you’re a real man that doesn’t want to live a life of regret
then make a choice today

This course is affordable because
I want you to achieve and win 

I already have my purpose, I need YOU to get going with it!

Trusted by 14,000 people on Twitter who joined
my movement of creating great men in this mediocre society.

30 Days

Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this course, we will fully refund your purchase. 
No questions asked.
Just write an email to or ask the live chat.


  • 11 videos, 1 1/2 hours content
  • Easy-to-use Cheat Sheet
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Transcripts of the Videos
  • Audiobook Version (MP3)
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Now just: $47




1. Are there any extra costs?

Not with the course or finding your purpose itself, No. If you find out your purpose is building electrical-cars to save our planet, you will need to pull an Elon Musk. Which means, make money first with something else. But your purpose still stays.

2. How long does it take until I make big bank?

I don’t know. Simply because that really depends on the purpose you will find. But the Telegram group will be able to give you a rough estimate once you have your purpose.

3. Does it work for everyone?

Every man over 20. Doesn’t work for women, because they have other goals. And you should at least be able to follow your purpose, and not worry about school grades.

4. How much money can I make with this?

Millions. Look, this is not a money-making course in itself. There is a chapter about how to monetize your purpose. But this course focuses solely on finding your purpose. And this is what YOU should do.

Don’t worry about money until you know WHAT you are going to do. The money will come on its own.

5. What are Binaural Beats exactly?

We know that the brain works with frequencies. And it operates on different frequencies when you are relaxed, angry, focused, working, etc. Binaural beats use that knowledge and through sending frequencies to your left and right ear, the brain in the middle will start to swing on the desired frequency for learning.

6. Do I need special gear for those beats?

Earphones OR headphones (doesn’t work with speakers). And a Google Drive Folder. That’s it.

7. I still don’t know if that is the right thing for me?

That is because of the void in your soul. You are restless. You don’t know where to go. But destiny, God, or whoever you want to blame for this brought you to this very course.

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