4 Powerful Ways on How To Make Money Online for Beginners – The Cheat-Sheet Guide

Business man counting money

Making money online is remarkably simple (I didn’t say easy):

Simplify and add value.

That’s it.

People overcomplicate this because they want a quick solution. Let me crush your beliefs right away: there are zero get-rich-quick-schemes.


You can put 100 layers of complexity onto your great idea, but it gets you nowhere.

Simplicity is always king.

This is why this how to make money online for beginners guide is quite long!

But don’t worry, it is split into 3 major sections. You can skip ahead if need be. However, especially for beginners, I recommend to NOT skip the mindset chapters.

This post is so long because it needs a lot of mindset shifts like above to set you up correctly and I go over a ton of possibilities to virtually give you the exact blueprint!

If you’re still on the fence about the benefits and/or if you seek on how to set up your home-“office” properly, check out this article on Porch on how to start a business from home.

Ready to learn how to make money? Let’s go.

Fuck saving money

“You won’t save yourself to riches.”

Forget about saving money. You cannot, I repeat, you cannot save yourself to riches.

However, there is something to be said about spending more than you earn. If you have all your credit cards maxed out and you work at Starbucks, the balance is off.

But canceling your Netflix-subscription doesn’t do shit. Simple math tells you why:

Netflix is (currently) $15 a month. In a year, that is $180 saved.
In 10 years, that is $1,800.

10 years to save a measly $1,800?

How is that going to make you rich? Or at least live comfortably?

Let’s say you buy a house. The American Dream. It’s $300,000, not including interest.

You would need 1,666 years of your Netflix subscription saved to pay off the house. Does that make sense? 

“Saving money to become rich” is a method to keep you poor.

Here’s an eye-opener. That $1,800 you saved in 10 years I made online in one week. And I am just some dude writing books and coaching people. If I proceed like this I will make this money in a day! While working 4 hours a day.

Reality shifted? I hope so.

Personally, I don’t even think you should use the Babylon-Method (30% of all your income needs to go into investments) or the Warren Buffet kind of investing right now. 

Think about it, if you have almost no money left after your expenses, what’s $50 in stocks gonna do? Nothing. 

These methods take decades to make real money. They are designed to keep bringing in money over time without effort. This comes after you already made money.

It multiplies it.

But you’re not at that stage yet. Your goal is to make more money.

Fucking saving money. Make more money.

Why not climbing the corporate ladder

engineers in front of blue wall
The corporate ladder has a pretty low ceiling.

“You will never get wealthy by renting out your time.”

–Naval Ravikant

Working a 9-5 will never yield your dream life.


The reason is a fundamental flaw in how it is set up.

You are trading time versus a set amount of money. But your time is very limited.

It is much better to build assets online which pay you while you sleep. In the current climate, this will become the new normal. Freelancers will be the new free people over the next decades.

The classic 9-5 is outdated.

This worked fine twenty years ago. There wasn’t really any other choice. But also because you got decent pay for a decent job.

Buying power has massively decreased over the years due to inflation. Back then, the man alone could provide for his wife and five kids and still buy a cool car.

These days, it gets tough with your average 1.2 kids.

But I always look far ahead into the future. And what I am seeing there is a complete shift in workplaces and how people make their money.

COVID showed us that most people can work from home totally fine. Some even better. Remote working became the new normal fast. What people are missing is the fact that this also makes you easily replaceable.

What is stopping your current employer from hiring someone from India who does your job for a fourth of your salary? If you don’t need to be physically present, they can remove office spaces. Save money on that, save money on you, maximize profit.

So while many enjoyed the benefits of working from home, they will have a rude awakening.

And even if you keep working at your current job, you’re still a slave.

Office cubicles prison

Important mindset for making money online

Important lesson:
Online you can make a ton of money. Literal millionaires just from blogging or running Youtube channels.

However, you have to treat your “online-fun” like a real business.

Otherwise, you will be eaten by the dark side of online business very fast. Your light might have shone brightly, but not for long.

You need the following things:

  • A clear purpose for why you do it (a why). This is fundamental!
  • Discipline
  • Willpower to get over obstacles
  • Willingness to learn skills you might not like
  • Work towards a profitable skillstack
  • Patience

The purpose is important because it will keep you going despite the shit that will be happening. There will be times where you make no money at all. But your purpose will always keep you going.

Click here to find out what you need to do.

An online business needs skills I always hated. Like copywriting, sales, marketing, accounting. Later in the game, you can outsource them. But when you make a measly $200 from your online business, you cannot afford to pay a copywriter for $1,000.

The skillstack means you have a  bunch of skills that work together properly to maximize you and your income.

There is no point in knowing how to paint an image, and also how to dismantle a car engine.
These two skills don’t work together to maximize profits.

What works is knowing how to write, how to influence people, persuasion, and how to sell.

This is a skillstack that synergizes properly.

And obviously patience. It took me 8 months to hit the $10,000 mark. There are ways to make money quicker, some take longer. I’ll get to that later.

Image proof because you guys don’t trust anyone (this is just Gumroad, not counting roughly 2k from Amazon):

selfconquering money made
8 months, $10k earned with selfconquering (not showing Amazon sales)

It took me eight years to get lucky overnight.

Lionel Messi

However, you will need patience and resilience to stick to your goals even if $0 hit your bank account. Especially in the beginning, way too many people give up immediately. I’ll get deeper into this in the “Beginner Mistakes” section.

The 4 ways of making money

Business man counting money
Making a shitton of money online is your best bet for a truly free future.

Before you make money online, you need to understand how it IS made.

The first reality is, that money isn’t made per se. There is only one place where money is made and that is at the Federal Bank where they literally print it (and banks make money out of thin air, but that’s another topic).

You cannot make money, you can only take it. Or exchange it.

There is only one way a deal happens, and that is if both participants come out better than before.

This means you get money from someone, and he gets something from you that adds value to his life.

This is very important.

Don’t sell trash, this will backfire quicker than you come into your new girlfriend.

Create content of value to people which is actually worth the money you’re charging. More about pricing and your limiting beliefs later.

With this out of the way, here are the four ways of making money:

  1. Renting out your time
  2. Building assets
  3. Investing
  4. Staffing your company

Renting out your time

We tackled the first one before, you rent out your time versus money. Coaching for example is still renting out time for money, even though you’re usually paid way more per hour than at your 9-5.

You can start with this (I still do 1:1 coaching for example), but over the long run, this is not your goal.

Building assets

mindset banner 1

This involves anything from creating an eBook to sell, over real estate, to building a business in general.

The idea here is that you spend time, effort, and energy upfront until it runs on its own. Where it keeps bringing money without your time directly involved.

You write that eBook once, and then you keep selling it over and over again.

This is what people call passive income. You get money in your sleep while doing nothing.

Side note: No income is really 100% passive. You still need to promote the book or write more to stay relevant. Still, it is mostly passive.


This comes way later, but for some reason, people start with this usually from the get-go.

As I said before, how is $50 in Bitcoin going to make you rich?

It won’t.

Make money first!

Once you make decent money, you can invest it. This way, through compound interest and market movements the money increases on its own, without you doing anything.

This then is true passive income. But it needs a big foundation of money first.

Staffing your company

Once your side-hustle throws enough money, you will need to think about scaling.

You can only do so much in a day. If you want to make even more money and make your business even bigger, you need to scale it.

This usually means more people. More applications, and more staff and stuff.

This is the best way to make money because now you can delegate the shitty tasks you hate doing to people who like doing it. Win-win. And you both get money on top.

This is when you finally get your personal copywriter, SEO technician, etc.

By the way, you don’t need to have a fortune 500 company to staff it. I got my personal copywriter (check his agency out here) and SEO chief 9 months into my endeavor. There’s this thing called opportunity cost, which is why I did it. I’ll get to that later in the mistakes section.

How to make money online for beginners

business man in dubai at sunset time
Getting sales notifications on your phone at random times just hits different.

Remember the first few lines of this post: Simplicity and value.

You can make a ton of dollars when you take a complex topic, explain it simply, and it adds value to people’s lives.

This is why Money Twitter is such a big thing.

You’re being sold a simple solution to making money online (that’s the added value to your life, more money).

Keep this in mind while we go over the starter methods. There are obviously other ways to make money, like launching a new hyper-cool mobile app, but this needs a ton of other things to work out.


We’re going to keep it simple!

How to choose your niche and topic

THE most important part.

What you are going to talk or write about. People neglect this step. I know you just want to write about whatever you feel like. I have started out this way. Trust me, if I did proper market research on what people actually want to read, I would be way ahead already.

It always comes down to this:
Health, wealth, relationships.

This is the basis around which everything revolves. But it’s way too broad.

You need to niche down.

My blog for example is still pretty broad (intentionally). Because I want to tackle a ton of topics. However, while this still works, it takes time.

If you want to be quicker, you need to niche down massively.

Don’t choose the fitness niche. Choose the fitness for married men in a 9-5 who can’t go to the gym and only have home equipment niche.

If people feel like they are directly addressed with the topics you talk about, they are much more likely to buy from you.


See, what I don’t like about this is that you target a niche solely to make money to pay for hookers. Or whatever you plan to do with the cash.

Personally, I think you need to identify yourself with the niche you choose. Because not only will you be able to talk how they talk and what they are interested in. You will also keep adding content and value even if you don’t make money.

Most posts on my blog aren’t written to sell. I write them because I love talking about it.

This is your “why” as opposed to your “what.”

Why you do something is much, much more important than what you do.

I go way deeper into this topic, including how to monetize your why in The Impetus Program – How to Find Your Purpose.

How to make money with Affiliate marketing

gumroad affiliate marketing
Gumroad’s affiliate marketing platform is good, but could need some improvement.

The easiest (but not necessarily quickest) way to make money online.

What you need:

  • A product from someone else to affiliate for
  • A website (a simple landing page can be enough)
  • Traffic (could be organic via social media, or paid)

Estimated cost: $19 a year (yes, per year!) + the product you will affiliate

You can either ask one of the many influencers who sell stuff via Gumroad (including me here) to add you as an affiliate partner, or you check Clickbank, or any of the other vendors.

It really depends on what you want to affiliate for.

Info products or physical products?

What you really do then is promote someone else’s product and get a commission for each sale. Because you increased the reach of their product. Both parties win.

You can do it on your own website or directly via social media (or both).

A step-by-step guide to affiliate marketing

clickbank categories
On Clickbank, you can find products to affiliate for.
  1. Go to Clickbank.com and search for a product in a niche you like. These products sell pretty well, so there is no evaluation needed. If you found a product you like, purchase it.
    I know some people affiliate for products they’ve never used themselves. And this is up to you, but I think you shouldn’t scam your audience.
  2. Go to carrd.co and set up a landing page. If you are versed with copywriting then you can just put good sales copy on the page and sell it this way. However, I would recommend you write a literal review of the product you purchased.
    What it did, how it works, and why it works.
  3. Add a big button with your affiliate link at the end.
  4. Drive traffic to it. Either post links to your landing page on your Twitter/IG account links or paid Facebook Ads (whole topic on its own).
  5. Bonus tip: Purchase a proper .com domain on Namecheap.com. This makes it look more serious and they’re usually cheap (few bucks a year).

I know what you’re thinking, “This needs constant work and effort though?”

Yes, affiliate marketing at this stage is NOT passive income.

You need to promote all the time to make money.

Affiliate marketing becomes passive with the next step, blogging.


Handsome bearded caucasian businessman in suit and eyeglasses sitting in cafe, using laptop and drinking water.
You can become incredible rich just from writing articles on your laptop. Anywhere in the world.

This is what I do. And people have become multi-millionaires with this.

What you need:

  • A website and domain
  • Writing skills
  • A product (your own or affiliate)

Estimated cost: ~$12.50 a month (with my promo code below)

I want to come clean with one limiting belief right away, “Isn’t it oversaturated?”

There are a gazillion blogs out there, yes. And in the niche of your choice, there’s probably a ton. Still, I dove into the pretty saturated self-improvement niche and I am quite successful. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be on this post.

The best time to start a blog was 5 years ago, the second best time is now.

You need two things to be ahead of the competition:

  • Unique OR controversial stance (or both)
  • Plan into the future

For example, I started this blog by talking about sex and relationships with a red pill lens. This topic is pretty controversial (also still unique because it isn’t mainstream) and emotionally loaded. But I knew from the beginning I don’t want to talk about this forever.

But you have to become known. You need something that drives people into tribalism. That’s how the world works. Countries against countries. Tribes against tribes. Groups against groups. 

Don’t try to write for everyone. Write for your audience.

The second important part is planning years ahead. I am currently writing posts which I think will be a real thing 2-3 years from now.

My friend Jon Anthony from masculinedevelopment.com for example started talking about SARMs way before they hit the mainstream.

Why is this important? This way you will rank for certain terms in Google before they become mainstream. If your content has been online for years, Google deems it more credible and thus drives more searchers to you.

You’re ahead of the market.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important for blogging. If your whole traffic is coming from Twitter or IG and what you post, you are still working mostly active.

We want our blog to bring in money passively. For this, we need Google to send us unique and new visitors every day.

Luckily for you, Jon’s (very successful) Blog Money Blueprint course has ALL the info about SEO you could ever need. Easily digestible explained. I still come back to this course today to set my blog up. Don’t sleep on that!

Use a SYSTEM to win! More info here: Make $5,000 a month with a system!

A step-by-step guide to making money blogging

I know this is a bit more expensive, but if you REALLY want to succeed, it is better to have an already working system (my blog uses that) instead of trying to figure it all out yourself. Below I have added the first steps, but this is like 1% of your success!

If you want to maximally ACCELERATE your success, I highly recommend Jon’s highly decorated Blog Money Blueprint Course. Watch the videos, set your blog up, and rake in the cash!

But since you are on this very blog, let’s double down on it! If you get his course today, you will also get ONE-YEAR Access to the Conqueror’s Forge FREE on top! That is me giving away $499 to you!

blog money success bundle with the forge

And it has a 60-day money back guarantee. If you’re not already making money by then, you can refund without issue. Plus, free access to my Brotherhood of POWER so we can help you setting this all up and get going!

So literally nothing to lose here. Don’t sleep on opportunities like this! I still don’t know why he offers all his secret knowledge!

(Just send me an email with your receipt from buying his course and I’ll give you access! More detail on the Forge here.)

If you want to take the long route yourself, here it is:

You need a host where your website is stored. I use WPXHosting, they are known to have the fastest hosting for WordPress.

Preparation: Go to WPX Hosting by clicking this link and sign-up for the basic plan (Use code SELFCONQUERING to get 50% off).
Important: The code ONLY works through this link, and only on monthly plans. But it’s just $12.50 for hosting then, that’s STUPID cheap on the fastest provider out there!

wpx hosting description 1
After clicking the link, you should see this. Go to “Start now”
wpx hosting description 2
Choose monthly, because discounts only work on monthly plans.
wpx hosting description 3
Choose “Business.” It says $24.99, but you’ll get 50% off in the next step. You can also buy a bigger package. The 50% discount still applies.

After this, they will ask you if you have a domain or if you want to purchase one.

I get all my domains via Namecheap.com and add them to WPX later. But this is up to you.

wpx hosting description 4
Type the code “SELFCONQUERING” into the promo code box and hit apply. Continue to purchase and you’re set up!
  1. Install WordPress (or have it installed) on your site.
  2. Choose the Astra Theme (free and best looking to start out). Go to Appearance -> Themes -> Add new, type in “Astra” an you’ll find it.
  3. Go to Namecheap.com and register a .com domain. WPXHosting will help you to connect it with your website.
  4. Before you really “launch” the website (on your social media or whatever) have at least 10 articles online. Rather more.
    I had about 40 articles and 50,000 words written for my blog before I launched it.
    When people come to your blog and it has almost no content that leaves a bad impression. So rather put on too much.
  5. Put up affiliate links throughout the texts and articles. Don’t plaster your website with banners and ads! These times are gone. People are pissed by this shit. Only the outdated mainstream media still does it.
    Make it subtle! Just a few links. Maybe one banner underneath the first headline.
  6. Wait for people to buy via your links.

If you really want to make money affiliating there, write a review like this. Just like I explained above. Except for this time you put it as an article on your blog. Makes it more personal.

(Again, go here to be added to affiliate marketing for my products and write a review about them on your blog! Or go to clickbank.)

“The real money is in your own products.”

That is true.

But before you put time and effort into your own ebook, I recommend building the traffic source. Which is either your social media account or your blog.

Once noticeable traffic comes in, you can create your own products.

An important part about blogging. It will take months to years before you make noticeable green bills from it. But you will need to keep adding content so Google thinks this blog is still active! Patience and resilience are key.

Dropshipping / Print-On-Demand

Container cargo ship at industrial port in import export busines
With Dropshipping you’re now selling real products.

This is also lovingly called “Dropshitting.” This has risen immensely over the last years, and since people tried to sell a lot of shitty, trashy products it has a bad reputation.

However, if you do it right, you can still make millions with it. Especially if you turn it into a proper brand with a theme.

Print-On-Demand is exactly the same just with products like T-Shirts, mugs, etc. 

The benefit of Dropshipping is that you don’t need to have a warehouse full of your products. They get sent from China (usually) once the person purchases it from your shop. Which means you really only need to drive traffic to your shop.

What you need:

  • Market research (Important!)
  • An online shop (shopify.com)
  • Traffic (Facebook ads)

Estimated cost: I wouldn’t try this with less than $1,000. You will have to test products and fail a bunch.

The @WizOfEcom on Twitter said he started 12 shops which failed before he found a profitable one.

The dropshipping business is not easy, but it can make you millions almost passively if you do it right. That’s what draws people to it.

Wiz of Ecom from above created $5 mil in revenue with his online shops. He knows what he’s talking about. If you want more detail on this, join his utopia group where you can ask questions and get direct guidance. Join here.

A step-by-step (very rough) guide to dropshipping

Beware, this is very very roughly laid out. I recommend getting this course to fully understand it and get started.

Anyway, let’s go.

etsy bestseller badge
Search for the bestseller badge on etsy to get a feel of what sells.
  1. Market Research. Go to etsy.com and look through different categories. Look for the bestseller badge. This is a great indicator of what’s currently trendy.
    Get a feeling for what people are buying. Remember emotions. People don’t buy out of rational decisions. They buy because they feel like they need it.
    Take A LOT OF time for this step. Everything relies on this one.
    Grab a bunch of ideas of what you could sell. Don’t take the first one.
  2. Go to Aliexpress.com. There are others you can search for, but this is the most common one. Find your product. Check for delivery times, it’s preferable if they have warehouses in the country you sell to mostly (Shipping from China takes a while).
  3. Calculate costs and margins. Will you even make profit with it?
    Remember to calculate the cost for Facebook ads as well (see below).
  4. Order a sample for yourself to see if the product is shit or not. You don’t want to sell trash (Dropshitting).
  5. Set up a Shopify shop (it’s simple). Add a theme and add the product. Add important plugins to increase conversions.
  6. Drive traffic to your shop via Facebook ads. Here’s a free guide on how to do Facebook ads.
  7. Profit $$$$.

Now, remember. This is put very simply. There are a few steps along the line which you will need to figure out yourself. But if you cannot do this yourself, you’ll never succeed. 

Online business requires at least a bit of effort from you. Even though it’s much simpler than a real business.

Social Media and Podcasts

Microphone on stand. Music recording concept.
With a podcast or a Youtube Channel you can make millions online. But it takes time.

This includes a Youtube Channel, IG accounts, podcasts, and other stuff that revolves around Social Media.

What you need:

  • A product from someone else to affiliate for
  • A website (a simple landing page can be enough)
  • A semi-nice face or voice

Estimated cost: $0 really, but it’s rare. Usually, you need at least a product to affiliate.

Why do I say $0 cost?

You can grow an Instagram account to millions of followers and then sell it.
Happens quite a lot. But since I don’t have the knowledge to do it, I am not going to talk about it.

I know about Youtube channels and Podcasts.

For both, you – again – need to choose a niche. With both, you need to be somewhat personal. Which means not an anonymous account. There are many reasons to not show your face online. 

But when it comes to social media and making money from it, except for rare exceptions, you’re usually better off being more personal. Especially on Youtube.

It is flooded with anonymous channels that talk about the same shit. If you want to stand out, stand out as yourself. An individual.

The important part with any of this is the following, consistency.

Your first videos and podcasts will most likely get zero views. Or just a few. Don’t be discouraged.

Joe Rogan needed ten years before he got to the fame he has now.

Ten years of constantly putting out content. Over 1,400 podcasts, each of which has roughly 3 hours, which makes for 4,200 hours. Not including backend work.

Also, don’t try to make the sickest coolest video on Youtube in the beginning.

When you start out, your videos will be bad(ly). Don’t worry, you’ll get better over time. Focus on the content, the message, and its uniqueness. Cool effects and sick intros come later (see shiny-object syndrome).

You can make money just from views, but you need 1,000 subs (which might increase) and I think 1,000 hours of your videos watched before Youtube deems you eligible for it.

It’s much easier to review a product (again) from Clickbank or a physical one and put the affiliate link in the description of the video and comments.

Selling Services (Agency)

Handsome business man working on a computer in car
If you start your own agency online, you can make HUGE amounts of money quickly, and from everywhere in the world. True freedom.

This is the quickest way to make big bucks.

If you play this right, you can make $3,000 each month pretty quickly. Most of it depends on your mindset which I will set right later in this post (so keep reading!)

You sell your skills to businesses. Yes, you don’t sell to random private people, you sell to businesses (this can include people like me. My SEO guy has an agency and he sells to me because SELFCONQUERING is a business).

What you need:

  • A skill to sell (copywriting, websites, knowledge)
  • A website (not in the beginning, but it helps)
  • Resilience for cold outreach

Estimated cost: ~$250+ a year (not including the cost of learning the skill to sell, plus, for selling websites this can increase quickly)

Personally, I recommend starting with copywriting.

Not only is it an immensely powerful skill to persuade people with words, it is highly paid (there is some sort of cap, but it’s in the high 7 figures).

And you need nothing but a website and Google Docs.

I have sold websites in the past. Cool business if you do it right (read impostor syndrome section later). But you need certain skills and you need to be somewhat visually creative.

However, you can also start with copywriting, then add selling websites to it (since the text on websites is really just copywriting), and then add marketing and SEO on top. Hugely profitable skillstack.

I added “knowledge” in the parenthesis above, because you can likewise sell your knowledge as an agency. Let’s say you have a great edge in trading cryptocurrencies, then you can sell this knowledge.

Teaching people how to do it.

You are trained in a special Martial Art, you can create online courses and sell those.

Selling knowledge and teaching people can have many forms.

An African American man in a business suit standing in a library in the reading room.
An online agency really just means you sell your skills online. You’re a better teacher.

Also, if you don’t focus your agency too much around you, once it’s profitable you can actually sell it and do something else with your life and your money.

It’s never a mistake to keep the exit plan in mind.

A step-by-step guide to creating your own online agency

Here is how I would do it. 

  1. Learn copywriting. There are many courses out there. I tried a ton of them. My personal favorite is Tej Dosa’s 6-Figure Promotions (use code 6FPDISCOUNT at checkout to get 50% off!). Trust me, this course has a system on how to write highly converting copy and making 6 figures easily without much brain-juice.
  2. Sign up for Jarvee (free trial) and scrape the email addresses from Instagram Influencers (thanks to @Luxconduct for this great idea). For example, if your niche is masculinity and mindset coaches (like me) search for the hashtag #mindset or #masculinity via Jarvee.
  3. Find big accounts and get their email address.
  4. Check their website / account / platform and especially landing pages.
  5. Rewrite their copy text with your skills from Tej’s course. Just make their sales text better.
  6. Write them an email saying you found their account and while scrolling through it you saw the sales copy could use a ton of improvement. Attach your improved copy.
  7. Tell them they can use it and test it live to see if it helps and if they would be interested in working together.
    Lead with value.
    If your copy is good and it works, they will come back. 
    You have to lead with free value because they get a ton of people asking for their money each day.
  8. Close them on a monthly retainer to write their emails and landing pages. You can easily start charging $500 a month.
    Pro tip: Offer 3-5 clients to work for free first to build your portfolio. After you increased their sales you can show off to others and get paid.

Once you get them on a call, you can easily charge 3-4 digits for your services. Especially if your copy made them more money already. Read the section impostor syndrome to learn how to value your services.

Repeat the steps to make tons of money easily.

Add onto your skillstack and add selling websites or SEO.

Once you make decent money, turn it into an agency. Create a course to onboard your new staff without your time involved.

Other ways to make money online

These aren’t the only ways. I have seen many crazy, creative ways to make money online.

Get creative!

Do the following: from now on, wherever you go, think about how money is made there. How money flows through the place.

If you go to Starbucks, calculate how the money is made. The product, where it comes from, logistics, staff, marketing, edge, etc.

Rewire your brain to see money flowing everywhere.

This way, you might have a new idea someday.

Beginner mistakes you need to avoid

Businessman stepping on banana skin

Not thinking long-term

I know you want to make money quickly. Maybe you even need money right now.

Big mistake.

If you’re tight on money, go washing dishes or become a waiter to bridge the gap.

You are building a business. This will take time. If you rush things, you will lose the important part out of sight: long-term.

This business shall yield money mostly passive in the long run.

And setting things up for this sometimes means dropping income short-term.

An example.
I want to set up my articles in a way that long-term Google sends a ton of traffic to my blog.

I made the mistake in the past to get a product out quickly, so I can make money quickly.
But this postponed my setup for Google’s SEO and thus postponed making money passively in the long run.

Naturally, you need to sustain your business in the beginning, middle, and end. But don’t forget your end goal in the process.

Shiny-object syndrome

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When you make your first bucks online, people quickly fall for the shiny-object syndrome. This is your consumerist mindset.

I am very guilty of this.

Once you make a bit of money, you’re like, “Alright, let’s buy this course. Let’s buy this gimmicky web-app.”

Or once you made the first bucks with your Youtube channel, you think you need the $500 DSLR camera to make you look better.
Even worse, when you want to start your blog, you spend hours and dollars on a cool logo. A fancy theme and a sick design.

This is called the shiny-object syndrome. Because you will rationalize in your mind how these things will make you more money.

They won’t.

Trust me, because I have done it. I bought fancy things that seemingly would improve the quality of my products / blog / etc. I put so much effort into the cool look of my blog initially. None of it made me more money.

The content is what drives money.

You can use a staple of five books as a stand for your camera for a year and make tons of money with it. You don’t need these fancy things.

You can buy them once you truly make money and you don’t care about spending a few hundred. But until then, keep your business lean and stack money bags.

Opportunity cost

This term is hard to put in numbers, but it’s a very important thing when starting out.

It means you have a high cost (or loss of profit) if you choose one action over others which have provided more money.

In clean English: If you choose to watch Netflix for 3 hours instead of working on your business, those 3 hours had a huge opportunity cost.

And it is hard to put in numbers because you cannot know what could’ve potentially happened. Maybe while writing you had a great idea which changed your life forever.
While networking on Twitter, you came across someone with which you could’ve made millions.

You never know what happens.

You only know the opportunities you lose when you spend your very limited time on bad decisions.

This also includes starting too many things at once (more about this below) instead of focusing on one thing and making it successful.

Opportunity cost has ruined many startups and fresh entrepreneurs.

Don’t be one of them.

Value your time. Have a clear focus.

Starting too many things at once

I outlined a bunch of ideas on how to make money online.

Choose one and go with it for at least a year.

I started way too many things in my beginnings and didn’t stick to any of them long enough. Only when I decided to stick with SQ for a while and focused solely on that, did I see success.

Focus is a key component of any successful person.

Don’t rush things, give it time. But give that time to one thing only.

Impostor syndrome, how to price your offers

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Money is not evil on its own. Charging money for your time isn’t, either. Be aware of the impostor syndrome.

There is this notion out there from some people that every knowledge should be free. And that you are an evil capitalist if you charge money for your products.

This is said by people who don’t value their own products and their time enough. Projection.

I value my time. And I put a ton of time and effort into my products, so naturally, I want compensation for it. In hard cash.

The beauty is, you don’t have to pay for my products. You can just get your info somewhere else.

Don’t feel bad for charging money and proper prices for your offers. Anyone shittalking you is just trying to drag you down to their level because their products are shit.

Here is something I discovered:
People don’t act on free shit.

I have given a lot of info out for free. Just think about this blog post. It took me multiple days and many hours to write it. Yet, it is 100% free on my blog.
I had a free eBook you get when you sign up for my email list.
I have done free consultation calls.

Yet, most people don’t ACT on that knowledge. It’s literally just motivation porn and mental masturbation.

I have paid $5k on coaching and $2k on single courses. A lot of money, but because it was a lot of money, I had the urge to make it worth it. It propelled me to actually use the info and put it into practice because I didn’t want the money to be wasted.

We are at this point in the self-improvement market, where people literally give out whole courses with hours of video content for free.

And while they get praised online and get many followers, they don’t make cash. And the worst thing, the people rarely act on it.

All that effort wasted.

Don’t be that guy. In the end, you want people to use and act on your knowledge. To make something out of themselves.

You will be called an evil capitalist. But if it helps these guys to actually use the information, you’re virtually a saint, taking the bullets to get them going.

Yes, I called you a saint for charging money.

There is nothing wrong with it. Kill off that limiting belief. 

What you give out, you attract. If you give out free stuff, you attract freeloaders. When your stuff is expensive, it is usually perceived as higher (even if it might not be true).

Sounds like immorality, right? Well, it’s the business. I didn’t make the world a dark place, I just use the tools I have.

Price your products 20% higher than you feel good. That’s usually the sweet spot.

Focusing on money only

In the beginning, you will be very focused on money. The first few Dollars online and I get it. I was the same.

Everything you need will elude you.

It is fine to get money, but you shouldn’t depend on it. Especially not in your online business.

Don’t focus on making the money itself. Focus on adding value, simplified.

Make things simple for people and add to their life.

Stop caring about money, and you will get a ton of money.

It’s the Universes’ paradoxon. 

The less you care about sex, the more you’ll have it.
The less you care about fame, the more you’ll have it.
The less you care about money, the more you’ll have it.

Neediness kills success.

Being a weak cunt

Silhouette of man hold up hands on the peak of mountain,success
Are you a winner? Or will you give up at the first hurdle and adversity you encounter?

The most important part for last.

I have seen many a men who started their online business and dropped right after the first hurdle, fell back into playing videogames and porn.

After one fucking issue.

Online business is tough. You cannot shit around as you can at your 9-5.

It is brutal competition everywhere at all times.

When you write a cold email to a potential client, rest assured 100 other people wrote one as well. Stand out. Put in the effort. Keep going. Fail forward.

This is why people say business is self-improvement. It’s not just self-employment, you also need to improve yourself.

Through new skills, but also through improving your traits and personality.

  • Mental fortitude
  • Discipline
  • Willpower
  • Relentless focus

If you are a quitter, you will never make it online.

Now, I was a quitter in my early life. Not anymore. Hence SELFCONQUERING, right?

But nothing tested me as hard as making this brand successful (which I am still working on). I had to improve myself much more than anything on SQ.

I need to improve other people, you guys, to show that I am not just talk.

I work on my business every single day of my life. I don’t have rest days. I work even though I don’t feel like it sometimes.


Because it is my purpose. 

This is why I said your “why” is so important. You will face a lot of adversity. Motivation isn’t going to help you there.

Discipline is.

So if you are a weak cunt, you will not make it.

Online business will be hard, it will test you, and punch you in the face.

But no slave ever got his freedom handed to him.

Freedom is the price for blood, sweat, and tears. You will always need to fight for your freedom.

As an American, you should know this. This is how your country got formed.

Don’t be a quitter. Your ancestors weren’t, either.


rule banner unchained

I recommend starting out with affiliate marketing and a simple landing page with a review of the product you’re affiliating.

This is the easiest method and it primes your skills.

But it is short-term. Designed to get the idea in your head.

After that, choose any of the other methods I outlined. Which one is up to your preference. If you need more guidance on what you should be doing, click here.

Remember the following things:

  • The corporate world will shift heavily and your future is not save
  • You’re a slave in that corporate world. Aim for freedom
  • You cannot save yourself to riches. You need to increase income
  • Your side-hustle is a business. Treat it as such. Be the CEO.
  • Remember the 4 ways of making money:
    • Renting out your time
    • Building assets
    • Investing
    • Staffing your company
  • Choose a niche and niche down. Remember your “why”
  • Don’t spread yourself too thin, FOCUS on one thing for a year at least
  • Beware of the opportunity cost, focus your time properly
  • Don’t fall for the impostor syndrome. It is totally fine (and helpful) to charge money for your offers
  • Don’t be a weak cunt. Online business is tough and it will toughen you up. Embrace it.

With this guide, you have zero excuses not to make money online.

I gave you a blueprint.

Prove me wrong and be one of the guys who acts on free knowledge.

–Alexander Graves

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