How we lie to our men – Part III, love and purpose

In Part I, we talked about what true masculinity is, and in Part II we talked about sex and women in reference to that. Now let’s take this a step further and talk about male love and a man’s purpose. Because there are misconceptions (again).

Who runs the world? Gir… men!

Remember that stupid song? Beyoncè’s “Who runs the world? Girls!” and all this kinda shit. Beyoncé has a thing with female power. And sadly, she is very successful with her music, which means pop culture is indoctrinating our women. But, ladies, you chose a bad role model. She had a bunch of boyfriends, but no marriage, no kids, no family. Why are we listening to her?

But it’s not just her, it’s a common theme these days in music, TV shows, movies, everywhere, that women don’t need no man, that they are strong and independent. That’s a whole post on its own, but what is also implied all the time is this: the male love is nothing more than “female praise”.

These songs are prayers to the female goddess, and I’ve talked about this misconception before. Male love is very different, I’ll get to that in a second, but lets first talk about the issues these prayers to the female Poseidon imply.

Sacrificing for the goddess

What most men do these days is living their woman’s dream instead of their own.

You buy her a house, buy her a nice car, buy her dresses; you have kids you rarely see because you work a shit job you hate to pay for the mortgage. Then you come home late, so you don’t even see your kids, and the wife is oh so tired from not leaving the house all day. You don’t have sex either, because she is tired, and she has no time to hang out with friends and chill or whatever, so she is unhappy. And on the weekends you have the kids because she wants to finally go out.

A happy man provides for his family, but he shall never neglect his soul in the process.

The conqueror

She gets to have everything, while you have nothing. Where are your dreams in this?

Maybe this is a bit exaggerated, and with a proper frame of yours, it’s probably not that bad. But still, most guys who get themselves into this situation never live their own dreams. They sacrifice them to please the goddess at home.

And that’s exactly what pop culture tells you is a great man.

He sacrifices everything. Which is sold as “growing up” to please the woman and make her life easy. That is portrayed as “male love” in these movies.

Problem is, this has nothing to do with love, what this is, is a servant – deity relationship. You are a provider, not a husband.

Fucking bitches

Now a bunch of so-called alpha’s will pop up and laugh at the Nice Guy for being in that situation. But they have it backward as well. If you see a guy whose only goal in life is to fuck as many women as he can, he is still caught in the fangs of the goddess.

He needs female validation to be someone.

If you’re a Seducer or a Nice Guy, doesn’t matter. You’re both on the same side of the coin. You both sacrifice everything to please the female. You just use different tools. Both of you are living the woman’s dream instead of your own.

And this makes both of you mad. Seducer’s hate-fuck the women to feel above them, since they are in a submissive state while having sex, and the Nice Guy occasionally lashes out with back-biting shit.

Both are grounded in resentment. Because both betray their soul.

a bride in hot white lingerie

Male love

True male love is very deep. Women will mouth the words that a man can never really love like a woman, but this is horseshit. It’s actually exactly backward. Men are the real romantics. No woman can ever love a man like he can. Men don’t love as quickly as women, but if they fall in love, it is very deep. How else could you explain sacrificing everything to the goddess? You love your chains.

But what healthy male love is, is something else. It means you first and foremost love yourself. You follow your dreams. First of all, you have dreams, which is a problem for lots of guys in marriages. Something you want to achieve, someone you want to be.

Your woman is not a goddess. She is just another human by your side. Your love is not, and I repeat, your love is not unconditional. You will only provide for her if she gives you something in return. Get out of that slave mindset. You are your own person!

The male love is very deep. A wise man is careful who he gifts with his love. Not every woman is worthy of it.

The conqueror

She has to earn your love! Don’t just give it to her! Free things are usually worthless!

Love and purpose

These two things go hand in hand. You need to find your purpose. A man has something he lives for. You focus your attention on that thing. Whatever it is, if you don’t know what you want (and you probably don’t), check this post on how to find yourself.

And if you are on track to finding your purpose, you will go after it. You will make sacrifices for yourself. This might mean, you see your kids even less, and at first, this might mean even less sex. But think of this, your kids don’t need a father who hates himself for not being someone. Which will end up in hating your kids, because they are one of the reasons why you can’t be yourself. You don’t make a great father this way.

A true man is aware of the dangers of resentment. He is in control of his emotions by being in control of his purpose.

The conqueror

It’s not just the kids. You don’t make a great husband either. Your woman didn’t choose you to be her provider. You made that yourself. She settled for it, because it is still better than nothing, and, well, she is stuck in that situation as well. Women can rarely provide for themselves and a kid. So she would never leave, but she is unhappy with that as well.

Women don’t want to be worshipped, they want to be submissive.

So you definitely need to follow your dreams. You don’t fully neglect hers or your kids dreams, either. You find a balance. It’s a tough track to go, but nothing is ever easy. Especially if you boxed yourself in that corner.

Advice to young men

a male fashion model

If you aren’t married yet, no kids, no house, no debt. Congratulations. But don’t fuck it up in the future either. Married life and parental life is much easier if you have a shitton of money. Right? So use the next five years to set yourself up. Most guys have it backward, they try to fuck women at a young age and marry one. And then they try to make money to provide.

Use your young age, and no strings attached time to take risks. Start a business, move to another country, whatever. Do it as long as you’re young and make money. Then, when you are set up, you can take your time to choose a girl to marry.

Advice to older men

Gentlemen, you can’t turn back time. So you need to play the cards you currently have. First, check out this blog post on how to find yourself, and then this one on how to escape 9-5 hell. And also this case study on how to make a million dollars passive.

Now, in your position, shit isn’t easy. You can’t take as many risks as a young guy, but you can still do something. Do you want to live like your current self until you die? The other day I was talking to a friend, his colleague worked his whole life until he was 70. Two weeks after he retired he died of a heart attack.

Dude worked his whole life, a shit job. Never had the freedom to experience life. And when he is finally free, he dies.

That’s fucking sad. I don’t want you to be that guy! Experience life before it’s too late!

Try to get something started on the side. A side-hustle. Anything, really. It’ll take a while, but it doesn’t matter. At least you have something to work towards. A purpose! That’s way better than knowing you will never be free!

Breaking free

Break the chains that surround you. I don’t know the details of your life. Maybe your wife is actually a bitch and you need to divorce her. Although I would recommend setting yourself up properly for about a year and then decide. If she is still bitchy, get her out. Sure, the divorce will set you back, but this isn’t a life worth living. You have enough battles to fight, a woman making it extra hard isn’t helping. Find one that supports you.

The feminine can only be worthy a man’s time if she supports him in his goals. You shall choose wisely.

The conqueror

But first of all, get rid of that wrong image of what male love should be. Fuck Beyoncé. Not literally. Don’t believe in the lies. You are a man! You lead, you take charge, you do what you want. I hope you’ve read Part I to know what a real man is. What true masculinity is like.

Don’t let a woman tell you what it’s like to have a dick.

I don’t go out and tell women how it’s like to receive a baby. I mean? That’s just crazy.

Listen to guys like me! Guys who have been on both sides. I know how you feel, I’ve been in your shoes. Do not apologize for your manliness. Follow your passion, your dreams. Find a purpose, make it happen. Always remember, one of the greatest quotes of our beloved conqueror:

A wise man knows, you are not with the woman. She is with you. You follow your purpose, and she shall follow you. As biology demands, the man leads, the woman follows.

The conqueror

If she doesn’t support you properly, as a woman should, get her out. There are 4 billion women out there. Ditch that scarcity mindset. You only have one life. But so many women. Don’t focus on one who makes you miserable.

You are a human! You should be treated like one!

Take back your power. Take back your soul.

And live life on your accord.

Nobody else will do it for you.

–Alexander Reich

Noticed a lot about the way you give and exercise your male love? Probably totally wrong and undeserved? Let me know in the comments!

If you haven’t read it, here are Part I – true masculinity, and Part II – sex and women.

Love yourself first, before you love others.

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