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Is Andrew Tate the Third Anti-Christ?

Tough headline, innit?

If you’re a big fan of Andrew Tate, this email/post will make you unsubscribe, which is fine, because I want this list to consist of REAL FANS of the movement, and not just for these emails to collect digital dust.

Consider this a new year cleansing for me 😉

Let’s start with a Disclaimer to see if my message is valuable:

  • I was in the War Room for over a year (spent $3k on that (it was cheaper in the beginning))
  • I had direct contact with Andrew via DMs
  • I did NOT meet him or Tristan in person, ever
  • I don’t hate the man per se, because I don’t know him personally, I am solely reporting on HOW HE PORTRAYS HIMSELF ONLINE and his message

Here is an entire blog post about that and here is my video on it:

With this out of the way, you might be familiar with Nostradamus, right?

The psychic who was able to see far into the future. He wrote the quatrains. A collection of very short poems that predict the future, put into puzzles so the Church doesn’t kill him back in the 1400s.

This man predicted a third Anti-Christ shall come. You know, the first one was Napoleon (although only real from a European standpoint, murican’s probably couldn’t be bothered) and the second was Adolf Hitler (which bothered everyone, ofc).

Now, how the hell can I say Andrew Tate is even close to these people?

Well, I was skeptical on this idea for quite a while. Been thinking of this for months. But since someone recently came to me, reporting he almost killed himself after indulging in Tate’s message, it became clear to me that he might be. Or the Anti-Christ Lite.

Why is Tate such a big deal for the (Western) World?

Masculinity has been distorted as I mentioned in a previous mail.

It wasn’t just killed, it was morphed and distorted to be this nebulous thing, nobody really knows about or what it does.

Every guru has their own idea of what a man should be.

And so we ended up with men virtually sitting in the Apathy section (or even lower) of the Map of Consciousness:


That’s the Scale 50 or lower. As you can tell by the life-view and emotions, this is pretty bad.

If you look at TikTok and what men do these days, this fits. They’re lost. No purpose, no meaning, no money, no sex, no love, no admiration, no respect.

So Man was lost. And Andrew Tate went RIGHT into that and he did it well. It was perfectly placed and played.

What he did was raise men from Apathy to Anger. It’s literally what he told them, be angry at your situation, be angry at women for not giving you what you need, etc etc.

Most people would think this is a good thing, because at least it’s higher on the scale than Apathy and Shame and Guilt.

But it isn’t.

Because if you look at what this did, it only made men angry af. Sure, they are feeling SOMETHING. But anger and violence – despite him saying it – are NOT the solution to your problems.

People keep saying this truly stupid stuff like “you need to ATTACK your goals, you need to be angry to get going.”

No. When I am angry, I am putting out an angry message to people. I radiate anger, I repel people this way. Nobody wants to be (with) a negative person all the time.

(The correct solution would be compassion and understanding while being confident, this is around 300-400 on the scale, I will explain at the end of this post).

So what Andrew created is a mob of millions of men out there that are angry at their life, themselves, and especially women.

But how does this solve your problems?

So many men approach me, DM me, or are in my coaching practice who have one or many forms of traumas generated by the Red Pill and Tates teachings. And recently even a guy who wanted to kill himself because it was all so pointless and negative, and didn’t actually solve his issues.

The underlying issue is that these guys (maybe you) learn all these methods and tricks to get from women and people what they desire. But it doesn’t work because their underlying belief system does not match.

An example: you cannot play the rock-hard high-value man that “has options” with women when you don’t believe this about yourself underneath.

Or even want to be that guy?!

Your subconscious knows. And it radiates outward (hence why subliminal messaging is so powerful).

So you have these men who are traumatized by his teachings, that all women are evil, abusing bitches, and you need to rule with the Iron Fist, ruining EVERY interaction with ANY woman they ever have.

Telling them you need to fight or you’re weak. But what if you’re a peace-loving, relaxed guy underneath? Fighting would be the LAST thing you want to do.

But you learn you need to do that, otherwise no woman will ever love you. Or she will cheat with alpha chad.

Andrew and Adolf

See, Hitler was a VERY creative person. He had tons of energy and creativity. The real issue was he had no outlet for it, growing up in a violent household. It was repressed and that energy then got distorted and poisoned, which got amplified by a need for power, and there he was.

​Tyrants aren’t born, they become that due to their surroundings.

From what we know about Tate, he certainly had a violent upbringing and he has TONS of energy. So I suppose, it is also just misguided energy and a search for meaning.

He said in interviews that he always wants more. More cars, more women, more houses.

Yes, in psychology, we already know that this is an attempt to fill an internal void. To feel worthy. Of love. And people.

Except these external things will NEVER fill that internal void.

He is INSECURE. He himself is not enough. He needs all these things to be someone. That’s also why he is so paranoid about losing his wealth, or what the government does with crypto and whatnot.

Disclaimer: This was VERY judgmental, based on his online persona. He might be different in person. However, this doesn’t matter because only a few will ever meet him in person. The online presence is what counts.

And this is what drives him to teach men to be like him. To seek external validation, to be driven by greed, to be controlling and domineering (that’s different than dominant!), to be a liar.

Which is what he is. He said himself he can trick a lie detector. Does that not make him a liar?

Most claims about his products are false, etc.

And this is where I think he is TRULY dangerous to men.

They are VERY receptive to his message because they think this is what makes a man, and they see his success (which, however, is questionable in many things) and see the women (which, honestly, are all damaged camgirls… of course they need a rough hand).

So they buy into this, applying his “methods” with the regular good girl wife they have at home which isn’t so dumb to fall for this trash, and doesn’t want to be around an emotionally dead log.

Being angry all the time, not realizing that this does NOT attract anyone. Especially not in current times, where most people are waking up to a higher realm and positivity.

He might be already beyond his zenith, for all I know. But I still needed to say this for you, and maybe other guys that fall into this trap, to know what’s going on.

I honestly feel sorry for him. It seems like he is a lost soul, searching for (true) love, but only knows how to get external validation.

Or he is just a master salesman who has no morals and just makes money with it.

What do I know?

What to do then?

I don’t want to leave you guys with just bashing some other guy.

And this is also not my intention. I don’t hate the man, even though I feel like I am somewhat the Anti-Tate.

As I said, I feel sorry for him.

But for you, I hope this woke you up to what’s going on there. Why his message is selling so well right into the pain of millions of men, WITHOUT giving them an actual solution.

So here it is:

The most “alpha” thing you can do, that solves ALL your issues, is being your true self.

  • Then you will attract EXACTLY the woman that likes this
  • You don’t have to fake anything or play power games, life becomes much easier
  • You don’t care what others think of you because your image of a “real man” is not defined by someone else, but you.
  • You will be truly magnetic and can turn this into $$$ if you want
  • Your life will be filled with positivity and love (because this is the natural human state (or soul state)) instead of hate, control, manipulation, and anger.

But you might, honestly, and deeply, just not know who you are. Due to so many years of indoctrination.

So if I ask you “what do you want” from life?

Can you answer it right away?

Ever since God died, because we killed him (as Nietzsche said) and we live in a society without morals and guidelines, his Übermensch idea is very fitting. Define your morals, define your virtues, and live them every day.

This will put you ahead of most people, but most importantly, way ahead of yourself.

And way higher on the map of consciousness. Not to Anger, 150 or less, but to 300 or higher. Willingness (to be yourself (310)), acceptance (of yourself and others (350)), understanding (400) and reverence, love (500).

And from a position of love and understanding, it’s much easier to get to enlightenment and higher, as opposed to starting from anger and hate.

Makes sense?

I hope so.

And if you need help developing your virtues, discovering your true self, your purpose and meaning, from a position of love, then get GROUNDED, to find your purpose and meaning in life via subliminal messaging.

However, if you rather (or also) want to have people on the same path to talk to, WHILE discovering the TRULY dark sides of society (and Andrew Tate, which I discovered, is a Freemason, feeding the globalist agenda (with proof)), then join the Activated Life Community here.

See you inside,

PS: If you want to learn more about my War Room experience, you can do so by clicking here.

PPS: Idk if I am the Anti-Tate and I don’t claim to be perfect, but at least I am not just trying to prey off of men’s pains, right? Have a good one!

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