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​Every second marriage gets divorced. Back in the days, marriage was the only way to actually have sex with your wife. These days, sex isn’t even part of the marriage laws.

We know for a fact that marriages where sex is frequent will last longer. Or even forever. And, be honest with yourself, if you knew your sex-life would look like what it is now when you were mouthing your marriage vows, you would’ve ran away. But luckily, this doesn’t have to be.

Restarting your sex-life to old levels, or even better levels is absolutely possible!

What society told you is bullshit. Sex doesn’t “just” go down. There are reasons. And if you know the reasons, you can revert this fully! I’ve seen many marriages (including my own) where sex returned to the wet hot, frequent-blowjob party its been when you two first started dating!

Find out how below.


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Never ask a woman why she doesn’t want sex, she doesn’t know. You see, we’ve been told for decades now that the basis of any great relationship is communication. “You need to communicate with your wife.” But this is bullshit. Now, I am not saying you should never talk to her, but some forms of

On this blog, I am trying to teach you a lot of ways to better yourself. To become a better man. Some go into that covert contract of bettering themselves, so their wives start putting out again, some just want to be better and let happen, what happens (or not). But wherever you are in

If you want to win in life, you need to be able to put your thoughts and your wishes out in a manner for people to understand, and most importantly, to be more likely to get you what you want. This is called being assertive. There are a ton of seminars, coaches, and whatever on

The red pill has a bad reputation. Not just among women for having their secrets shared and “how to get them to do what you want”, but also because it makes a lot of men literally hate women, or at least very angry towards them. I have been in the anger phase myself, so I

When guys finally wake up to reality and go about fixing themselves, they tend to announce all that shit to their wives and girlfriends. And then they wonder why this backfires. I am gonna shed some light on this with a visual boobs example. Shut your trap I know how you are because I’ve been

We’ve been told it’s normal for married sex-life to go down, right? If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, chances are high that sex isn’t so high anymore. So that makes sense? If you’re one of the guys who gets it for his birthday or one of those who had sex twice in 6

This is a story of my own marriage and life, which also is a great metaphor to set your mind straight on how to be a proper leading man in yours. And why your wife not putting out is actually good. And, of course, I am going to tell you how to fix that. Relationship

With the movie “The marriage story” being a great hit, and people generally shitting on marriage at any given moment I thought it’s time to teach you what marriage is actually about, why MEN were the ones who invented it, even though women rule it now, and why it’s original idea is truly great. Now

This post is about some personal mistakes I made when I swallowed the redpill and tried to be Alpha while being in a marriage. I don’t consider myself purple pilled or anything, but I do think TRP doesn’t fully work if you’re married. There are some needed changes. So this post is mostly about married