Masculinity with pleasure?

Many guru's out there teach you to be a "real man." To be a tyrant. My approach is different. I want to turn you into an honorful man, great with women, money, and building his blistering empire, all the while enjoying the pleasures of life.

Below you will find a journey to ascend to this state of being.

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1: Harsh Reality

Before you learn new methods, you need to UNLEARN deceitful indoctrinations.

Red Smoke

The Red Pill is dangerous and an abyss for many. Find out how to succeed with it.

2: Divine Body

Your flesh vehicle is a display of your masculinity. It is your baseline!

3: Mental Kingdom

Bending reality to your WILL starts in your mind. Develop a reality-distortion-field in your mind.


My reviews of products, ideas, and advice to see if it's the real deal.

The King's Gambit

How To Be A King!

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Win or lose, the game revolves around the King.

Are you ready to become a King amongst men?


Any man has to deal with relationships. Women, children, business partners. There are things to keep in mind.


old man looking in camera evolve or die

Evolve or Die

Parental advisory warning. This post will be tough! It is not what you hear in society. That it is totally fine to cry as a

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the concealed patriarch

The Concealed Patriarch

There is one very simple mindset shift that helps you be a great man in the traditional sense. I write traditional sense, although screeping harpies

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Dark masculinity displayed by a viking man holding axe and a skull

What is Dark Masculinity?

Dark masculinity is a facet of the very complex thing called heteronormative cisgendered patriarch. Also called “man.” It is NOT toxic masculinity. That is a

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Businessman standing at the start of a maze

How To Find Your Why – The 1 Divine Meaning In Your Life

Too many look for the “what” to do, not the “why” they do it. This small word makes a huge difference towards your success. In

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Business man pushing large stone up to hill , Business heavy tas

How To Develop Unlimited Willpower

Why do some people seemingly have more willpower than others? Why does it seem they can go through any adversity there is? Without issue? How

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Beautiful blonde girl in wheat field in sunset time

11 Dreadful Mistakes You’re Making With Women

WOMEN! Beautiful creatures, aren’t they? Sometimes breathtaking in a way that shuts down all circuitry in your brain so it only focuses on one thing:

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