Masculinity with pleasure?

Many guru's out there teach you to be a "real man." To be a tyrant. My approach is different. I want to turn you into an honorful man, great with women, money, and building his blistering empire, all the while enjoying the pleasures of life.

Below you will find a journey to ascend to this state of being.

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1: Harsh Reality

Before you learn new methods, you need to UNLEARN deceitful indoctrinations.

Red Smoke

The Red Pill is dangerous and an abyss for many. Find out how to succeed with it.

2: Divine Body

Your flesh vehicle is a display of your masculinity. It is your baseline!

3: Mental Kingdom

Bending reality to your WILL starts in your mind. Develop a reality-distortion-field in your mind.


My reviews of products, ideas, and advice to see if it's the real deal.

The King's Gambit

How To Be A King!

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Win or lose, the game revolves around the King.

Are you ready to become a King amongst men?


Any man has to deal with relationships. Women, children, business partners. There are things to keep in mind.


Tyrion Kills Father

You need to (kill) forgive your father

You need to “kill” forgive your father. kill is in quotes here intentionally. I’m not telling anyone to literally kill their father, that would be

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man can't stop thinking about her

Can’t Stop Thinking About Her? Here’s Your Key to Freedom

You’ve been through a breakup or even a divorce and now you can’t stop thinking of her. It doesn’t matter who initiated it. Even if

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33 divine masculinity quotes barbarian holding a weapon

33 Divine Masculinity Quotes For Power

The beauty of quotes is the fact that they contain a ton of information in just a few sentences. You know that feeling when you

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preparing for fatherhood son and father viking war axe

Preparing for Fatherhood – The Toxic Masculine Guide

Any man wants to create a legacy at some point in his life. Some men are real family guys, others want children, but don’t want

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7 harsh truths your father should've told you

7 Harsh Truths Your Father Should’ve Told You

Most men don’t get the necessary, life-saving treatment these days. We live in a feminized society (as I explain here). This means, you and many

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rome building

150+ Latin words and phrases a man should know

Latin is a dead language, they say. Much like the great Empires of the past, it’s art (which language is as well) usually dies with

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