a bearded man displaying some great masculinity


​Congratulations! You are one of the very few men who actually tries to do something about the lack of masculinity in today’s society. About time! The average man in his 30s today, has as much testosterone as a 60-year-old man in the 1950s. That’s a big drop!

We need to fight this, for that I build this section which links to my most popular articles and guides on how to re-find your masculinity (because every man has it within him) and increase it even further! This section will make you a man. A proper man. Not a cuck, fighting for feminism, and still not getting pussy. And none of these weak guys, who don’t even fight for what is right, because they are afraid of fighting.

You will be a world-changing force.

That’s what you were born to be.


A guided approach to increase your masculinity, with a plan!

With this book you will receive anything you need to get your masculinity in check, your marriage, and success. If that is what you wish. This book will make out of you whatever you want.

  • Make your wife hot for you again (or any woman)
  • Fix your finances, become wealthy
  • Build indestructible confidence in yourself
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I have talked about porn a lot and how it is bad for you, especially in this article here. However, whenever I say that not masturbating (NoFap) makes you successful, people look at me with weird eyes. What does not rubbing one out have to do with business? And how does NoFap make you successful?

Testosterone is the manliness hormone. And the math is true, the more Testosterone you have, the more manly you are. In your looks, physique, and behavior as well. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that men everywhere are searching for ways to increase their T levels. Especially, since it has been on the decline

This post contains five chapters directly pulled from the book. It’ll give you a glimpse of what the book is about and what to expect. It is the beginning of the “Own your shit basics” chapter. Also, here is the table of contents from the book: Already convinced? Buy here. Positive self-talk The way you

There is a lot of talk about a man’s Frame. Because it determines pretty well if a woman will have sex with you (and especially over longer times) or not. Hence why people are interested in this topic. But it’s always just very vaguely mentioned. Some say it’s just being stoic, some say it means not

I am gonna hammer this term into your brain. Victim puke. Because you really need to stop doing that if you want to be seen as a proper man, and if you want to achieve. But also, after you know this term you will notice it in other men, and it will be fucking annoying.

There is a lot of talk about confidence. How to gain it, what it really is, and quite frankly in this weak-ass society we talk about, if you even need it? What a stupid question. But anyway, there are differences between self-love, self-respect, and confidence. So let’s tackle that first. Differences in confidence Self-love and

I know the title reads a bit weird and is probably very counter-intuitive. But hear me out, it might change your life in ways you can’t even imagine right now. And no, this isn’t some Buddhist chastity thing. This weekend, the whole of Twitter was filled with talks about porn. Why it is bad, why

This is quite a famous statement. Women are, men become. Which means, women are respected and worth something solely through existence. And men have the Burden of Performance to proof they are worth the respect. But it’s not that easy. As with everything where complex dynamics are tried to be shoehorned into one short sentence

I don’t mean talking to yourself. Although that is important. This post is about how to use your body language to portray masculinity, confidence, and influence other people, especially women, without saying a word. The easiest way to keep your boat sailing through the feminine ocean, is by forging your hull properly. Which means, your