How To Be A Real Man?

Congratulations! You are one of the very few men who actually tries to do something about the lack of masculinity in today’s society. About time! The average man in his 30s today, has as much testosterone as a 60-year-old man in the 1950s. That’s a big drop!

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My reviews of products, ideas, and advice to see if it's the real deal.

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How To Be An Alpha Male

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Want to be a legit Alpha Male that attracts tons of women, commands respect from anyone, and wins at life?

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Any man has to deal with relationships. Women, children, business partners. There are things to keep in mind.


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11 Dreadful Mistakes You’re Making With Women

WOMEN! Beautiful creatures, aren’t they? Sometimes breathtaking in a way that shuts down all circuitry in your brain so it only focuses on one thing:

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5 Easy Ways To Increase Masculine Polarity In Modern Times

Live a traditional lifestyle if you want to have a traditional love-life. I get asked a lot about how to be more masculine. And if

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Ryan Felman from PathToManliness

Who is PathToManliness?

If you follow me, you probably also follow PathToManliness on Twitter and read his blog. The man behind that account is called Ryan Felman and

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The way of the superior man paperback

42 spectacular The Way of the Superior Man quotes from David Deida

David Deida’s The Way of the Superior man is over 20 years old but still considered up-to-date, and a classic. The way he connects the

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6 Building Blocks Found In Unconditional Masculinity

What is masculinity? The quick answer is to say a man. However, I believe it goes much deeper than that. Just because you are a

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