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Lazy body, lazy mind. Both are intertwined, you cannot have a strong, resilient mind, if you don’t have a strong, resilient body. One teaches the other. You don’t need to be that level of jacked, but you need to be healthy!

Most people give up on their body at 30 years old. Tons of sugar, booze, smoking, and zero exercise or movement. But then they complain about a lack of energy. But it’s so obvious.

Your body is like a factory, if you put in junk, never clean it, and never have it running properly, what do you expect it to produce? Proper products? Absolutely not.

In this section you will learn a ton of ways to increase your testosterone, stay healthy with tasty food, and how to keep your flesh vehicle running.


A guided approach to increase your masculinity, with a plan!

With this book you will receive anything you need to get your masculinity in check, your marriage, and success. If that is what you wish. This book will make out of you whatever you want.

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I don’t mean talking to yourself. Although that is important. This post is about how to use your body language to portray masculinity, confidence, and influence other people, especially women,

No, I didn’t fall asleep on the keyboard. Ashwagandha is an Indian plant, and it is said to increase fertility in men, as well as testosterone production and overall manliness.

I know we all want the magic pill to eat all we want, and still look like a chad. That doesn’t exist. But you can become fit and healthy while

This actually started out after I’ve watched a great Podcast on Joe Rogan. Wasn’t even about sugar. He was interviewing Dr. Rhonda Patrick. She has a PhD in biomedical science,