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If you truly believe in conquering yourself, you can show it to the world with these products. And maybe you inspire someone else to conquer themselves as well? Maybe get into a short talk about it and help them. So you changed the world for the better! Use this merchandise to give a subtle, or not so subtle hint. Like the conqueror said:

“A wise man molds himself first. In this process, he also builds the
world around him.”

The Conqueror

Gym apparel


Workout Days (Colored) Navy T-Shirt Back
SUPERSPARTAN knows what’s up

My personal favorite. Mostly because I love the artwork, but also because the Superspartan just knows what’s up.

Get it here:

Carnivore Bloodline

Carnivore Bloodline Black T-Shirt Back
T-Rex blood in my veines!

Does T-Rex DNA flow through your blood? Definitely does for me! Great excuse to eat meat, isn’t it? No! We’re not making excuses, we’re just having fun. But you might trigger some vegans with this.

Get the merchandise here:

Grab balls, err… bells

Life's Bells. Black T-Shirt Back
Grab life as it’s supposed to be grabbed.

Your life depends a lot on your physicality. So if you want to grab life by the balls, you need to grab some bells and get that fucking LIFT in!

Get it here:

Gym Bros

Lift Bros Black T-Shirt Back
There is a difference between lifting and LIFTING.

Do I really need to say much about this tanktop? The question says it. Do you even lift? Because I told you, you need to LIFT. Not just move some weights around, LIFT HEAVY!

Get it here:

Suck it!

Suck On This True Royal T-Shirt Front
Well, this one is not so subtle.

My Slogan on Twitter. Well, it’s true. And this is a great reminder for you to keep conquering yourself. If you care about such things like blowjobs. Remember, the woman is your mirror.

Get it here:

Office stuff

Meetings… ugh

Fucking Meetings White T-Shirt Front
Ahhh, the new age black plague.

I think Robert Greene said it, but I am not sure, “If you want to summarize, in one word, why the human race haven’t reached its full potential yet, that word would be ‘meetings'”
I deeply agree with Robert on this. Be brave and bring that mug to the next meeting.

Get it here:

Why you’re fucked

We're All Fucked. White T-Shirt Front
Sex is a great teacher for life.

Sex is everywhere. But this time, it helps us explain why we need to fix our life on our own terms. Nobody is gonna help you. Embrace it!

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There is more merchandise on the Teespring shop itself, check it out here:

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