Never show weakness

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It came to my notice that some men who finally understand the dark truths of reality I tell them then run around prancing it on their weak chests.

And then they wonder why this backfires.

I am gonna shed some light on why this is a grave mistake with a visual boobs example. It is of paramount importance to never show weakness as a man.

The reason why you announce your goals

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You are trying to be seen as a great man without the work involved.

You are trying to skip steps. Whatever the reason for your self-improvement is, you are trying to gain external validation from the people involved.

Let us use a practical example to examine this.

Your relationship has been weak, sex-life down the drain, and you have built a lot of resentment over this. You came across my or other teachings and realized it is all your fault for being a mentally weak man-child.

Now that you improve yourself, you want to reap the benefits immediately. You are telling her that you hit the gym now, that you are starting a business, and all the other things you want to do.

You don’t understand that admiration, success, and authority are not given by talk. They are earned through action.

You are seeking external validation by virtually having her validate your decisions. This means, she is still the leading force in your life. Otherwise, you wouldn’t need to tell her.

Secondly, you are hoping for her to immediately jump your member because you’re on a path to being a great man now.

This is a grave error many men make. They don’t understand the importance of concealment.

Work in the shadows

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Successful men work in the shadows until their successes shine a light themselves.

There is a lesson I learned the hard way. I have announced certain things I wanted to achieve in the past.

But then they never came true. Because I switched to something else that had a stronger pull for me, or I decided following this goal is not helpful now.

Either way, this displayed incompetence on my part.

If I had not announced what I was up to, nobody would’ve known about me not achieving what I set out to do. My reasoning doesn’t matter. The fact remains that I did not achieve what I initially set out to do.

This is weakness. As a man, everyone – and especially your woman – rely on your strength. For this, it is of utmost importance to never show weakness.

Thus the best way to avoid this incompetence is by not announcing what you do until you are successful with it. In other words, work in the shadows until your successes shine a bright light on their own.

The dissected boobs

Woman in black and white stripes lighting

Let me lace you with a simple example to make this clear.

A woman’s boobs are perfect, right? Soft, round, beautifully designed by nature. They look good, they feel nice.

Now, do you want to see a dissection of them? All the veins, the fat, the water-pockets in there displayed? How the nipples are connected to the rest?

No, you don’t.

You just want to touch them, don’t want to see anything about how this works underneath. It takes away the magic.

It’s the same with your manliness and strength, but especially how your woman sees you. Nobody wants to know how you do your things. What you do to be manly. What you do to gain the success you have.

Your woman doesn’t want to know that you are in a group of men to bounce back ideas. That you’ve read a book to become a man because that would take away the magic. She just wants to see you as a masculine man who has his shit together. And always had. Just like you only want to see the boobs and touch them, not how they work. No more details. Just the display.

The wise man knows, nobody wants to see how you do it. Just that you do it.

You have to realize, most people will call you lucky anyway. It doesn’t matter if you spend 7 years building your business, once you make 7 figures, you’ve been “lucky.”

It doesn’t matter if you manage to score supermodels, and spend years hitting on over 1,000 women to perfect your Game. You’re just “naturally good with girls” or you “were lucky with those looks.”

People don’t want to know how it works, they just want to see the results.

As someone who actually gets work done, you might think that this is stupid. I agree with you. But you won’t change people. Learn how to operate with them. This yields much better results.

Why man can never show weakness

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Lies of deception have been put in your subconscious for decades when you grew up.

Women themselves might even tell you that showing emotions and shortcomings are “strong.”

However, deep down you still wonder why the hottest women go for the jerks that never show weakness, are powerful, and seemingly assholes.

Listen to her actions, not her words.

As a man, you cannot show weakness because other people rely on you. Women, children, even peers and parents rely on you taking care of things. Having it under control. Steering the ship in the right direction.

Would you like to be on a plane knowing that the pilot has no real belief in his own ability to fly the plane? Has no idea what course to take?

You wouldn’t. It is the same with other people that rely on you. They trust on your leadership and guidance.

So whenever you tell your woman how you implemented something into your frame or how you are trying to become stronger, you are actually dissecting her boobs. Because it implies that to this point you didn’t actually know what you’re doing. If that’s the case, in what other facets of your life are you clueless?

The fact she isn’t running away screaming is because she doesn’t know better. She hates that you tell her this. She might not realize it consciously, but she is confused about how her pussy just dried up so quickly.

A man’s actions speak more clearly and more loudly than any words will ever do.

A woman wants a man who just IS a man. Just like her boobs just are perfect.

If you weren’t a leader in the past, good for finding this blog to get you fixed. But it is paramount that you do NOT tell anyone. Just BE different.

The Unchained Man works for himself

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It is paramount that you start to do things because YOU like them. That is freedom. For your own sanity, it is best to not announce anything. Why? You do things for you.

The biggest validation for yourself lies in not needing validation from anyone.

This goes back to the external validation. You don’t fix yourself to get into any woman’s pants. You fix yourself because it makes YOU feel better about yourself. Because you become successful. Because you get to buy the things you like.

An important part of narcissism, which is one of the 9 core traits of the Men of the Dark.

Don’t be fooled by society. Narcissism is a stigmatized word. It is a very useful trait to achieve what you want.

This will set your mind free. As soon as you mentally divorce your validation from other people and you only focus on your own validation, it will free you. If you do things because YOU like them. You will notice you have it, the second you actually rather not tell anyone what you’re up to because you first want to see if it plays out.

Because you don’t care what anyone thinks of it. Definite Detachment is a hallmark of the Man of the Dark.

Being bound to external validation is weakness. Remember to never show weakness. You are fine as you are.

My wife and friends still don’t know about this blog (they might not even care), because I want to be successful with it first. Even know that it has been quite successful, only my wife knows about it. I don’t care what anyone thinks of it. I do it for you and for myself. Not to impress peers.

Acta non verba

You might’ve heard this line before. It is Latin for “Act without talking.” From now on, you stop announcing anything you do. Whatever it is, building a blog, a following, bettering yourself, hitting the gym, whatever. You just DO. A man DOES things. Talk is cheap, actions are expensive.

Everyone always talks, especially on Twitter. Feminists and literally all the political debate is just talking. Everyone can do it. That takes no effort. Actively changing the world, that takes grit, strength, and a vision. That is what makes it masculine.

A man’s biggest fight is to be fine with himself. He does not need anyone’s validation but his own.

It will take effort and discipline to internalize this. I could live without all the people currently around me, and I don’t need the validation from ANYONE I meet on a daily basis. This is very liberating. I wish for you to manage it. You will have to force it for a while before it is internalized. Just think about the dissected boobs.

But after a while, it will flow on its own. And then you are finally free. Free from the external validation YOU are seeking constantly in others. You will be the only one to judge your actions. And it will be fine. You will be fine.

You will be an unchained man.

Never show weakness due to sabotage

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Never show weakness or you might get backstabbed. Survival of the fittest.

Whenever you announce your plans to other people, even friends, family, and your woman. You might notice that they try to sabotage it. Directly, or indirectly. They don’t mean ill. But when you fix yourself, you show tell them that they still don’t have their shit together. So they try to drag you down to their level.

This is called the crab mentality.

When I announced to people I write a novel, and am going to sell it, the first thing that came were things like, “You can’t become rich with writing books, can you?”

You might think I have bad friends, but what’s really happening is that I am working against their world view. They need to have confirmed that not everyone can make it because otherwise I directly show them that THEY are at fault for their life. Which is exactly the point of my blog, books, and the name selfconquering.

However, people don’t like to be shown that they are responsible for all the bad things in their life. This would mean they cannot blame Trump anymore. And that they need to put in effort to fix their life.

A man that announces his plans to other people just gives them opportunities to sabotage it.

They want their bias confirmed. So they try to keep you low. Even though they hate that life, it’s easier to have your bias confirmed than to actually do something about it. That, my friend, is another big reason not to tell anyone what you’re doing. This opens up another weak spot in your armor to be sabotaged. And to invite bad energy into your life.

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They’ll call you lucky anyway, might as well just come in with your Lamborghini years later.

Rule Number 30 from 48 laws of power is, “Make your accomplishments seem effortless. Your actions must seem natural and executed with ease… When you act, act effortlessly, as if you could do much more.”

–Alexander Graves

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