"I've got no strings
To hold me down
To make me fret
Or make me frown
I had strings
But now I'm free
There are no strings on me"


Own your shit book conquer life money sex success


The basis of your journey.

Own your shit, conquer life covers the fundamentals of all you need to know to get your life in order.

I cover:

  • Your completely wrong mindset about women and what they want
  • How to make use of that
  • Why your predefined life-path probably isn't what you want
  • How to find your life path and yourself
  • Why society is constantly lying to you (yes, there is a reason)
  • How to re-start your sex-life
  • How to develop a resilient mind to conquer life

If you don't know where to start, start with this book.

It will clear many question marks and set you up for more deeper knowledge.

Cancel Culture masculinity meaning maturity men book


More lies to be unlearned.

In Cancel Culture I go over the Cancel Culture we live in and all the things that were once sacred and good are canceled.

  • Why boredom is good
  • Why eugenics aren't bad, or are they?
  • Should we cancel men altogether?
  • What is positive masculinity?
  • What makes a good woman, and why is she gone?
  • How do you get awesome sex, and why we won't have it anymore
  • Why the worshipping of beauty makes you a better person
  • Why we need (Greek) Gods in our life
  • And much more

It is a mindset book. To prime your mind for the constant lies you are bombarded with every day of your life.

And how to deflect them.

make her submit How To Turn Even The Most Cold-Hearted, Stubborn, Bitch of a Wife Into A Loyal, Submissive, SEX-KITTEN.


How To Turn Even The Most Cold-Hearted, Stubborn, Bitch of a Wife Into A Loyal, Submissive, SEX-KITTEN.

The course for serious fuckers.

This video course is for you if you want to go from sex once a year for your birthday (and it's really shit sex) to:

  • Her wanting sex more than you (yes, I didn't think this was possible, either)
  • Blowjobs whenever and whereever
  • Anal-sex
  • Enthusiastic "regular sex" with a submissive girl who does everything you want

My marriage went from good sex to bad, almost no sex, to absolutely fantastic whatever-I-want sex.

So it's really just how I did it.

Too expensive?

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