Investing in yourself has the highest return on investment of anything you can buy.

Buying a new BluRay: Return is almost zero, except for a bit of dopamine
Buying a course to learn copywriting: Return can be in the millions of Dollars

I have spent 5-figures on myself in the past years. This investment has made it possible to be successful in any realm of my life. Invest in yourself. Books, courses, etc. Below you find the ones I got as well and which helped me the most.

create 247 twitter guide

CREATE 24/7 - The Blueprint to unlimited content creation

This is by far the most comprehensive Twitter guide you can find.

If you plan to make money off of Twitter or you need to have a big following to spread your message and get clients, this guide will net you 10k followers in mere months.

It is also constantly updated with new info and has over 70 5-star Ratings on Gumroad.

You cannot do wrong with this guide.



An Iron Mind is the foundation for a successful life! For success with anything.

I talk a lot about a resilient mind and your mindset on this blog. The Iron Mind course has the techniques to get it done!

This course has changed my life more than anything else I ever purchased. It's not cheap, but it's also not for everyone. If you are truly determined to change your life, the this is your course.

Read my brutally honest review of the Iron Mind course here.

how to fail at almost everything and still win big book

How To Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

You want to be successful, right? There is a truth you need to accept: Fail forward.

Every successful person failed a million times before they were successful. Scott Adams teaches you what's important on that journey and how to come out successful in the end. That's also where I first learned about affirmations.

One of my favorite books of all time. Gets the basics of life and success across!

ivan throne's the nine laws book

The Nine Laws

A truly dark book.

This book and its Nine Laws were a COMPLETE gamechanger for me. It teaches you valuable lessons about the dark side of life. Why people behave in certain dark manners and what you, as a man, has to understand about this dark realm.

This will help you understand your dark side and how to make use of the immense power within you.

Ivan Throne had a rough upbringing which makes this book even more interesting to read.

anthony de mello awareness book



I came up with this rule for my Unchained Man book after reading Awareness by Anthony DeMello. This book is an eye-opener into a different non-physical realm of life.

It will help you to detach yourself from virtually everything. It is a tour-guide to enlightenment and spirituality. A guided approach on how to free your mind from any restrictions.

To be fully immersed in the Universe and how to bend reality to your will.

An all-time classic. Loved by people who understand it, hated by those who don't.

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