If you believe everything you read on supplement labels, you will waste A LOT of money…

The harsh truth is that most supplements are completely worthless...

But here’s the thing: there a few supplements that actually work.
How do I know this? Well, I've tried a ton of them and I dug deep into the science behind it.

  • Double your testosterone with just one pill a day!
  • Develop incredible clarity and focus of your mind!
  • Pack on a ton of muscle with this natural protein!

  • Below you’ll find the top supplements that have been proven to get you results, as well as the exact brands I personally use.

    ashwagandha multivitamin mix

    Ashwagandha Multivitamin Mix

    The absolute baseline: Raise your Testosterone and Vitamin levels with ease.

    If you want to maximize your Ashwagandha intake with other very essential and healthy vitamins, Transparent Labs has the best for the buck.

    This Multivitamin mix has a heavy dose of patented KSM-66® organic ashwagandha root extract in it. Organic being the key part here.

    All TransparentLabs Supplements are always Non-GMO, without artifical sweeteners, without artificial coloring and preservatives. That's why I love it so much. Truly organic.

    Get it here on TransparentLabs (including a list of its ingredients).

    whey protein powder concentrate

    WHEY Protein Powder

    Protein is the most important building block for muscle growth in your body.

    If you don’t consume enough protein, you will struggle to build muscle and get stronger. It’s that simple.

    Studies show you need to consume at least 0.8 grams of protein (per pound of bodyweight) to maximize your muscle growth.

    Plus, whey protein in particular has been proven to assist in building lean muscle and gaining strength. That's why I take one scoop every evening before going to bed (sleep is when your muscles grow).

    I recommend 100% Grass-Fed Protein by Transparent Labs because it tastes awesome and has worked greatly for me.

    transparentlabs mindseries nootropic container2

    MindSeries Nootropic Focus Booster

    Mental clarity and focus booster.

    Nootropics are a whole topic on its own. But despite anyone hating on it or not, we know, and I know, that it works. I have been using it for months and it skyrocketed my productivity!

    The TransparentLabs Mindseries reduced brainfog heavily for me. I take it after getting up in the morning and it yields clarity and massive focus for 6-8 hours. Which is good, so you can actually sleep at night.

    Other Nootropics make you jittery and last for 16 hours, so you'll have a tough time falling asleep. Not this one. It is an essential stack to give you an edge for your success.

    Check out my review of the Nootropic by clicking here.

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