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own your shit make her submit book ebook cover

Own Your Sh*t, Make Her Submit

A Step by Step Guide in Destroying Limiting Beliefs and Fixing Your Relationship

Get EXACTLY the girl you want, without having to switch the person you love. No mental tricks, no pick-up-artistry-lines or emotional manipulation. Just pure greatness radiating from you which will make her swoon like crazy!

Inside you will learn how to:

  • Lead yourself and your life
  • Get the sex-life you always wanted
  • Be a real man and what it means
  • Develop the top 5 masculine traits you need to be a real man
  • Command respect and be admired by others
  • Lead your relationships like a King
  • Avoid mental traps you keep falling into
  • Build powerful mental models to build a resilient mind
  • PLUS: An actual map with a plan on how to design the life you want
  • And much much more…