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Selfconquering books

These are books and courses I have written to fix your life. And more. It’s the full collection of all my selfconquering books.


the superspartan mindset cover

My personal golden rules to set you up for success. I follow these strictly. These are the rules:

  1. Nobody cares
  2. Question everything
  3. Know what you want, and do it
  4. Don’t be afraid of losing
  5. Train every day
  6. Voluntary struggle
  7. Reality is the product of beliefs
  8. To be or not to be (pissed)
  9. Expect less from others, everything from yourself
  10. Be patient, but also not

This short book explains them in detail and how to implement them into your life to become successful in all your endeavors. You can get it via Gumroad if you click the button below, or you sign up to my email list here.



Copies of the cancel culture man meaning maturity masculinity book

Cancel culture is your entry drug to reality. Hence why I kept it cheap. It is a book that will open your eyes to this society. Mostly by making you realize, you knew all of this all along.

It will help you understand yourself, your manliness, why you have certain urges, women, why they act like they do, what mankind is ought to do, why you are on this planet, and what to learn from Greek gods.

Doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 40, married or single. This book is about our whole society and what’s wrong with it. Reading it will change your perspective a whole lot.

Get it on Amazon. Or on Gumroad.


own your shit book 3d cover

My first full-fledged book and my best selling one of the selfconquering books so far. It is a guided approach on how to implement multiple mental models in your life, so you get from it what you want.

This is universal and works for everything you set out to do. But it’s not easy! That’s why it contains an actual guide with 60+ questions, you never asked yourself, mistakes you have been making, and mindsets to incorporate.

If you implement the teachings in this book, you will absolutely achieve what you set out to do. It has worked for tons of people. Why? Because it is real-life advice from me and other men.

Follow this link to choose between Gumroad or Amazon (paperback and kindle).

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