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Learn how to bend reality to your will. How to live intentionally. And how to get from women what you want.

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How To Be An Alpha Male

  • Alpha, Beta, Sigma male and what it means
  • Why you have been Beta for so long
  • 8 traits of the Alpha male
  • Easy explanations on how to implement it
  • Alpha and Sigma differences for life
  • How to become either and win at life!


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The SUPERSPARTAN Mindset Guide

  • 10 mindset traits for a resilient mind
  • Base your mindset in reality
  • Tipps and Tricks on how to develop a winning mindset
  • Easy explanations on how to implement it
  • How to change your personality
  • Develop a success mindset


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11 Dreadful Mistakes You're Making With Women

  • Lies that society told you about women
  • How to get from them what you want
  • How to get the sex you want
  • How to have a feminine, admiring woman
  • What women really think

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