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Selfconquering is over! – Throwing Everything Overboard (again)?

Hello, friend.

short email this week, because I am yet again at a point in my life where I throw everything overboard and start anew.

It has been a recurring theme.

But this is who I am.

Fast acting, adapting, moving.

I just like the pace of it.

And I feel like I finally found a medium where I can be exactly that.

My Interview About The Future

I was recently asked to do an interview for fintiux.

Great questions, you can read the entire interview here:

Read My Interview with Fintiux Here

How to help gamers monetize their passion? By Alexander Graves

An interview where Alexander Graves share his history with us. He speak about his life and how he is creating a business helping gamers

There is currently a big thing on Indie Hackers or any solopreneur theme going around called “build in public.”

Basically, doing everything from scratch with people watching, instead of building in silence and then showing off.

It goes totally contrary to what the masculinity niche has been saying for 10 years.

Which is probably why it is correct 😉

I liked this idea and saw it successful with some people, which is why I decided to do this myself.

I always had the goal to make so much money I can easily drop $500 on a streamer and his subs and make people’s days that way.

This was always a driving force.

I got off of videogaming for a while because I was told to do so in self-improvement niches, but there is a difference between being addicted and enjoying yourself.

It’s also about being honest with yourself.

I have zero interest in building something in the real world. I just don’t care. I never did. This is why I always went for digital products.

But I realized, streaming on Twitch combines EVERYTHING I want:

  • Direct live contact with my audience
  • Making a lot of money to donate to others
  • Playing a variety of games (because no game lasts forever)
  • Long-form content
  • Applying self-improvement and online-business lessons
  • Living on my own terms

It has it all.

But instead of acting all-knowing, I decided to be humble and start entirely from scratch.

More of my story, and why I decided to go down that route in the interview here.

You can watch my first stream on Twitch here.

As you can tell, it sucks. Nothing is set up. Quality bad.

That’s the point.

In the beginning, you need to embrace the suck.

This is where you truly grow.

And I am super excited to do this.

If you’re not at all into gaming or think this is all retarded, the unsubscribe button is at the bottom.

If you want to follow my journey, you can stay subbed of course, but bear in mind, the direction will be HARD focused on gaming and business.

I made a new Twitter, a new Youtube channel, all anew. Maybe I make a new email list.

But for this interview, I wanted to keep you guys informed. Read it above and follow the man.

I let you know what happens and see you soon,

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