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Each of these products was carefully designed to meet the many questions I received about a certain topic. These are what YOU want! Most of them are REAL-LIFE TESTED within the League of Shadows to see if they TRULY work.

And, yes, they do. As you can tell by the reviews.

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The Unchained Man - 14 Radical Traits to Escape an Enslaved Society of Sheep

  • Understand the dark fabrics of reality and the current corrupt society
  • Discover the Traits that make men successful anywhere in the world and how to mimic that
  • Practical advice and literal blueprints on how to make money online. It was never easier to start!
  • Create the sex-life of your dreams by finally understanding women FULLY


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IMPETUS - Find Your Purpose in Life

  • A Man's Purpose is his FOUNDATION to achieving anything. Ignore motivation, you need a PURPOSE.
  • IMPETUS uses a PROVEN system I mimicked from the Spartans, brought into the modern world to find EXACTLY what you were meant to do.
  • Find your Meaning in Life in 2 hours or less.
  • Discover how to monetize your Talents and Purpose.


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INVICTA - 6-Week Resilient Mindset Masterclass

  • Create an INDOMITABLE Mindset to bend reality to your will!
  • Finally SEE what you've been doing wrong so far with your life. You won't believe how simple it is to see your mistakes and correct them!
  • Discover how to achieve your goals NOW instead of chasing them forever.
  • Unravel a POWERFUL Secret Mindset technique to get ANYTHING you want. I use this daily to MANIFEST wealth into my life effortlessly!

Bend Reality

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The League of Shadows

  • Join a Brotherhood of powerful men, unchained and unphazed by a corrupt society.
  • Learn how to bend reality to your will with tools like the 9 Dark Traits and how to use them, subliminal messaging, and reality-shaping mindset techniques.
  • Weekly Group Mentorship Calls to directly ask questions and discover POWERFUL realities.
  • Get access to the Library as soon as you join. FULL ACCESS to all courses, books, topics, and prior Mentorship Calls.
  • ALL the SELFCONQUERING Courses are INCLUDED within the League of Shadows.
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