Stop turning your woman into a man

I see this quite a lot with my friends, as well as occasional tweets about this topic. A lot of you guys are turning your woman into a man.

Voluntarily or not, doesn’t matter. Now, what do I mean by this?

First of all, you have to realize that the genders are very different. Very different. And there is a good reason for both ways. This is also the reason why sex goes downhill after a while. But let’s not get too deep into that here.

Take the lead

I know a guy who constantly tries to get his girl to make the decision. For example, if we decide to go somewhere, and there are multiple options, he tells her, “Choose one.” while he plays a game on the phone.

I get his point. He doesn’t care. I don’t care where to go most of the time as well. But I still choose.

She even tells him directly, “No, you decide.”

“I don’t care. Choose one.”

At this point, I can already see her face changing expressions; that she is disappointed by her man. He doesn’t take the lead. She gives him all sorts of possibilities to finally show his masculinity, but he doesn’t. The fucking game is more important.

A true man is a decisive man.

The conqueror

You might think small things like that aren’t essential, but you’re a fool for thinking that. The little things are the most important. Because those are the ones we deal with every day.

Changing into a leader

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Leadership is a man’s job. It just is. It always has been throughout history, and even though feminists and society will tell you otherwise, they’re just longing for power. And, because they can’t be themselves.

So if you force it onto your girl, what will inevitably happen? She becomes more masculine.

See, women are totally capable of leading. And taking on the hard jobs. Of course, they can. But they don’t want to. Because for that to work, they need to give up their femininity. And they hate you for that. Imagine yourself in a similar situation. Would you like it, if your girl earns more money than you? Sure it can work. But deep inside you, somehow you feel emasculated. Because you’re not the one providing for your family. They don’t really need you.

The good part of the dark side

I know why you don’t want to make the decision. Because if it is a bad decision, you get all the blame. This is called responsibility. And if your life shall be worth anything, you need to take on responsibility. Sure, it’s your fault if it fails. But it’s also your leadership that made it happen if it works.

It’s a risk, for sure. But a worthy one. Plus, it gives you power.

Only a fool shall not see the great power in taking responsibility.

The conqueror

YOU get to decide what happens. Where people go. It’s all up to you. Why are you neglecting this? You can do what you want. That’s great, isn’t it?

But you are afraid. Afraid of the outcome, if it’s bad. It’s just pure anxiety. And mostly towards your woman. Lot’s of girls these days act out pretty badly if things don’t go their way. That’s solely because you guys don’t show them their boundaries. You don’t lash out at them, but you tell them when they are being rude, annoying, and insufferable.

But most guys don’t. You’re not changing enough in your relationship. You try to rock the boat as little as possible, so she doesn’t go mad. But trust me, that is the worst thing to do!

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Listen to your girl

Men always say they don’t understand how women work. I am baffled by this because they usually directly tell you what’s up. You just don’t listen. Like the guy above, she clearly told him she doesn’t want to decide. But he didn’t catch it. And later he would probably be mad at her for not sucking him. Why would she suck a loser?

Sometimes they don’t directly say it, but you can tell by their looks/facial expression. That’s the case when she doesn’t tell you directly, OK, fine. But if you pay a little bit of attention, you can tell she despises that.

Why would I care?

Now, I fall prey to these thoughts occasionally. I know what you mean. Happens to me as well. I know how women work, and what I would need to do to get her to fuck me or whatever, but I couldn’t be bothered.


You don’t try to do everything right to get her to strip naked. You do what you like. How you like it.

How do I reconcile this with the guy above who clearly doesn’t care where to go?

Simple. You are a man! Act like one!

Being born a man lies a burden upon you. A burden to act, behave, and live like a man.

The conqueror

You’re not trying to please her. You are acting according to your masculinity! Your manliness! We are conquerors! Or at least we should be. But lots of you guys truly neglect the power that sleeps in you.

Roles aren’t changing

This is totally our fault as men. This whole society of bitches. Women constantly test their boundaries. They are like little kids. Testing out, how far they can go. Great men usually put them in their places. But society is changing. This doesn’t happen anymore, because you’re afraid to be called a misogynist, and most importantly because you think you only get that woman.

Develop an abundance mindset. There are billions of women out there. But every single one of them will walk over you if you don’t embrace your masculine role. So stand up for yourself and be a man. You might think this will make your current girl get the fuck out. It won’t.

Quite the opposite. It will make it possible for her to dive deeper into her femininity because her man takes care of stuff. She can be a girl. Free, fun, loving. Isn’t that what you want from her?


Then give her the environment to be that!

The feminine is like a flower. For she can only fully blossom if the earth surrounding her is fruitful and strong.

The conqueror
A beautiful woman with flowers, femininity.
A truly feminine woman needs an environment to unleash her femininity. A man must provide that environment.

Stop trying to give her masculine tasks and roles, so you can keep playing your damn game on your phone. There is this saying, “It’s always the man’s fault.” and lots of guys make fun of that. But it is true.

But it isn’t what you do. It is what you don’t do! The things you don’t take care of are the issue. So it is indeed your fault if she doesn’t fuck you because you didn’t do the things you had to do to be a real man.

Embrace your role. Be decisive, be leading, be upfront, be a man!

So your girl can finally be a woman.

–Alexander Reich (Follow me on Twitter)

Do scenes come to mind where you tried to change your woman into a man? Let me know in the comments!

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