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Stop With the Self Improvement Schemes

What if the reason for your lack of success is not more knowledge, but less?

You tried all the self improvement gurus out there, right? Not gonna even call names. You know all of them. But you still didn’t really move forward in your life.

Not noticably anyway. Maybe you made some money left and right a little bit. That’s all fine. Maybe a little bit of improvement in your romance life, but it’s still not where you truly want to be.

You’re not at the top of the mountain.

There’s a reason.

I’ve tried all these things for years now. I was in the Manosphere and Money Twitter, I worked with all of the Red Pill and Rational Male Gurus. I was in the war room. I was listening to a lot of self-improvement gurus, many of them I had coaching with. In all areas pretty much.

But I still am not where I want to be. And I didn’t even correctly move in the right direction at some point. Because the whole Red Pill journey really, although I learned a lot from it on what I don’t want to be, it really was a distraction from my true life purpose.


Why is it that we do all these things, but we still don’t actually proceed in life?

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