"You will see your limiting beliefs shattered in minutes."

Once you start to work with Alexander, you will see your limiting beliefs shattered in minutes. Your hesitation gone, and all you're left with is pure drive to action.

I've known him for years now, and he's fantastic to work with.

If you want honest, clear, and laser-focused advice to achieve the best, talk to Alexander.

--Jon Anthony, MasculineDevelopment.com

With a bit of flattery, I have learned more in a few weeks than in 6 months of any other program I took. Good shit Alexander!

about the Conqueror's Forge

My Man, just got the Unchained Man and I literally cannot put it down. Absolutely seminal book - where was this when I was 18?? Thank you my man, you're doing God's work! 
Eye opener doesn't even begin to describe it.

about the Unchained Man

This course is an absolute necessity for any MAN who feels lost in his life. Feels a void in his soul.

It gave me a clear path and direction on what I need to do, where I need to go. A conquest! I love this concept!

about the IMPETUS Course

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Praise for the Unchained Man

"Realize that the goals of society and what is being pushed do not have you in mind. They follow different goals than you do. Accept and act accordingly."

This is the book that you need to read. This is the book that society doesn't want you to read. Buy it before they ban it.

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Ryan Felman


What YOU have done is blown the entirety of that book into the best and juiciest pieces that give ANYONE  very applicable and digestible material that they can include RIGHT-O-WAY.

Reading that book will leave everyone the same feeling that they get when they meet someone for the first time, but feel that they have known them for a long time.

Joel Aest


If you haven't, you NEED to read the Unchained Man. The beliefs and teachings that Alex implements in this book are an absolute gold mine.

I will be reading it a second and third time to fully dwell on each concept!

A book ANY man needs to read to fully grasp the fabrics of reality!

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Michael Peltekian


Praise for the INVICTA Course (NOW KING SPIRIT)

--The Psychopathic Edge (60k+ followers on Twitter (here))

I needed a stronger mindset and simply didn't know how to create one.

The KING SPIRIT Course allowed me to build an unconquerable mindset that has made me more decisive, and impervious to the negativity around me! 

The program is worth the value in gold!

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New York, USA

If you want to achieve success, then you must go through this 6-week program. 

Alexander’s techniques changed my life in ways I couldn’t even imagine.

It will be the best decision you ever made!

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This course is very powerful. Alexander created a step by step program that helped me strengthen my mind to achieve things I thought were out of my reach. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking new levels of achievement, success and conquest. Great return on investment of time and money. It’s definitely worth it.!



Texas, USA

Praise for the Conqueror's Forge

Good decision I joined a few weeks ago! I have made a LOT of progress using these materials. It doesn't matter how old or young you are! I still continue to be shocked by the knowledge and power of it!

The value I get from Alexander's materials is worth many times what I paid for. And the best is yet to come!



Texas, USA

Back in the days, you have loved those secret agent movies, didn't you?

Suits. Cigars. Martinis. Women.

Men who don't wind if they hear a truck exploding. A life you shouldn't even tell your parents about.

Ever fantasized that there was something like that in real life?



Powerful Network!

You constantly grab onto what is applicable for the majority of Men and harness idea, experience, and logic through a POWERFUL conduit of power and application.

It's ALWAYS fun to learn from you, Brother!

Joel Aest

The World

See What Is Being Praised So Highly

Stop being the guy that sees other men win. Become a winner yourself.

unchained man book cover

The Unchained Man - 14 Radical Traits to Escape an Enslaved Society of Sheep

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

A radical and proven blueprint to escape the chains of a dark society.
If you want to live life as a free man, this is your guide. Be careful, the truth does not care about ideologies. It is a dark path to freedom.

Within the Unchained Man, you will be given the secret tools to escape the slavery for your mind and finally live life as a free man, anywhere in the world.

own your shit make her submit book ebook cover

Own Your Shit, Make Her Submit - How to Create the Marriage of your Dreams

Overall Rating: 5/5

A unique way to finally creating the sex- and kink-filled marriage you always wanted.

Forget PUA guys and "Manosphere" men posting platitudes. This book has a proven approach by not trying to change your wife (since you can't change other people), but changing you and thus making her VERY interested in everything about you.

Yes, this book is sexist. Because it is the truth.

the masculinity formula

The Masculinity Formula - 52 Powerful lessons for just $9 a month

Overall Rating: 5/5

The Masculinity Formula is a subscription series detailing what it means to be a man. And most importantly, how to get what you WANT as a man in this corrupt society.

If you ever wondered why you do everything women, peers, and the media tell you, but you still don't have what you want, then The Code of Man will fix that.

Nature has Laws. A Code. It's like the Matrix. If you can read that code, you can become a superhero.

Over the course of a whole year, you will receive a new lesson every week, automatically. I will - indirectly - be your mentor for a whole year and teach you my knowledge.

Will you finally become a man of success? A man of POWER?

the conquerors forge

The Conqueror's Forge - Brotherhood of Power

Overall Rating: 5/5

The best investment of your life.

Are you done with trying to be someone you're not? Just to "please" others so they give you what you need? And it doesn't work anyway?

With the Power of the 3-Step Primal-Pillars-Protocol, you will UNRAVEL your true self to FINALLY live in tune with your nature, your soul, and understand why THIS is the reason you will get everything you desire.

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