You Are confused. And I know why.

You get contradicting messages of what a MAN should be everywhere and all the time.

Do you rather want to find your TRUE SELF and STILL get everything you desire, want, and NEED?

feeling confused

Do you think that being a PRIMAL Man is bad?Do you think that being a DIVINE SPIRITUAL Man is weak?You should be a good man? A Nice Guy?Do you think that wanting passionate sex is a bad thing?Do you think that being dominant is a bad thing?Or do you think that being a Nice Person and loving one woman makes you weak?You need to be the stoic “asshole” to get from women what you want?That you can’t be a spiritual man and still have kinky sex? Or care about money?

Notice something?

There is no clear direction in what I just said.There’s a reason for this:

There is no One-Size-Fits-All-Solution for your Masculinity!

“All Men Must Die” they said in Game of Thrones.That is true. But not all men are the same.Which Game of Thrones Character are you?Tywin Lannister? The stoic, feared ruler that commands people with his Iron Fist?

Or are you Oberyn Martell? The Jester. The Man enjoying his life and getting from people what he wants just by radiating joy and pleasure?


This is why I laugh when Masculinity-Gurus or Spiritual-Gurus out there tell you what you need to be to get what you want.They shoehorn you into a direction that works FOR THEM.

But maybe not for you?

I discovered this flaw when I was shoehorned in a direction. I was the stoic asshole and I was the spiritual leader dropping everything earthly.And while it gave me results, it didn’t make me happy…

Did this happen to you as well?

Stop living OTHER People’s Definition of your Manliness and find Your Own

Aren’t you tired of other people telling you how you have to behave?

What a “real man” is?What you SHOULD like and don’t like?Arbitrary rules from society to keep you enslaved?

“Yes, fuck that!”

Exactly how I felt. And make no mistake, I told men in the past how to behave. You might even still find writings from me online about this.But this is the point.Being your TRUE, INTEGRATED self is a process.

It’s not a bunch of rules made by someone else.

It is – literally – shifting out of your current reality into a new one where you are who you want to be and still have all your needs met.

But the problem is, with so many years of indoctrination and people telling you who you should be, I have to ask you:

Do YOU Know Who You Truly Are Deep Down?

It took me over 30 years to figure this out.Many books, courses, and cutting-edge tools like Subliminal Messaging.This is why I created a system to accelerate this process. But more on this in a second.

I was once like you.

Believing the lies of society and other people. Your peers might not mean ill, it’s fine. But this doesn’t help your case, does it?I was the Nice Guy Simp, the Bodybuilder, the Asshole-Iron-Fist-Ruler, the No-Harm-Spiritual-Guru, and who I am now, a Nice Chap again, but with boundaries. I like being a positive, good man. But I absolutely don’t take shit from anyone.

I am the DIVINE PRIMAL Man. I look at Astrology, I meditate, I talk about Aliens and Higher Consciousness, but rest assure I also enjoy the pleasures of life and I am a beast in bed 😉

Who tells you that you can’t be both?That you can’t be everything you ever wanted?

Who even knows the FUCK who you are deep down to judge that?

“How does the Forge help me find my true self?”

The Forge is a group of very diverse men. Which is the point.

We don’t tell you who you should be.

We give you the tools to find YOURSELF and then make reality adhere to that.

For this, we have the Primal-Pillars-Protocol.

A 3-Step-System that will help you to unravel your TRUE self, of course with guidance on our part and the men that have been through it.



large monster explaining the cause and effect

Shadow Work is the an idea by Carl Jung, the famous psychologist and philosopher. He discovered that we all have a shadow. Consisting of our subconscious desires, needs, and wants, which we suppress.

And you might know, you can NEVER outrun your shadow.

The reasons for suppressing these needs are usually societal. For example, wanting to be rich could be part of your shadow. Society tells you rich people are evil, so you repress that want.

You could also want to have a harem of women and threesomes. Society tells you that is “asshole-ish” or “sexist.” So you repress that need into your Shadow. (Sometimes the needs are much easier, for example, just being loved by your wife, or even HAVING regular sex with her at all).

But here’s the important quote by Carl Jung:

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Our subconscious drives 80% of our daily decisions. Habits, emotions, impulsive behavior. So if your subconscious isn’t set up properly and its needs not met, you will keep sabotaging your own life because of it (you might tend to watch porn because you don’t get the sex you NEED, that IS an expression of your shadow).

With the first Pillar, you will bring your darkest desires to the surface and learn HOW to integrate them into your life and WHY people around you actually LOVE that (especially women).

The Second Pillar: PURPOSE

universe background

The Spartans were GIVEN a purpose from their birth. They were BORN to be soldiers.From their very birth they were trained and directed to fight and be strong.They were never bored or didn’t know what to do with their lives. The purpose of life for them was crystal clear.

You, on the other hand, don’t really know what to do with your life.

You have that cubicle job or a low-paying handyman job. It pays the bills, but you don’t really look forward to getting up in the morning.The Spartans looked forward to DIE on the battlefield. That is how strong their sense of purpose was.If you have your purpose, you are willing to DIE for it. You are willing to drop EVERYTHING in the pursuit of making it reality.

Can you imagine how much energy this yields?Can you imagine how easy it will be to get up at 5am in the morning to work on that dream?

Without purpose, a man is lost.You drift through life. No direction, no goals, no drive, no energy.

Finding your purpose solves ALL these issues.This is what the second pillar does.


jacked man meditating

Once your Shadow is integrated, your purpose found, you now have goals and plans, you understand yourself.

Now it is time to understand the fabrics of reality to bend it to your will.

To make things happen in your life.The Third Pillar thus tackles reality. And your subconscious mind is responsible for creating your reality according to your beliefs.

This is why here you will learn how to REPROGRAM your mind. Undo years of indoctrination from society and peers (who didn’t mean ill, they just didn’t know better).You will discover tools like Subliminal Messaging to QUICKLY and EASILY reprogram your subconscious mind JUST by listening to an MP3 File. (Yes, this truly works, tried and tested).

This will create an indomitable mindset, unbreakable confidence and self-belief to make your purpose reality, regardless of doubters, haters, and life throwing curveballs.

You will persevere. You will be the last man standing.

No matter what.

“How does Spirituality fit in all this?”

There is a big misconception about spirituality out there.

People will tell you that to be “enlightened” (whatever that means) you need to abstain from sex, always be positive, suppress your negative emotions.

That’s really just to sell you something.

I’ve been there. On both ends of the spectrum. And I realized that spirituality means integrating the astral into your soul. TRULY being yourself, but realizing that you still live on the physical plane.

I am all about meditation, out of body experiences, Astrology, or even Tarot. But I also don’t neglect reality in the process. If you want to meditate for 3 months on a mountain in Tibet, you can surely do that. But reality still asks most people to make ends meet.

Much like the Shadow, the Astral, the Spiritual, needs to be INTEGRATED into your life. There is no point in dropping everything. You can be both. The DIVINE PRIMAL Man.

Unless of course, you want to be the new Buddha. Again, I don’t tell you what to do, I help you figure out what YOU want.


This isn’t just a chit-chat group (although this is fine every now and then, of course, purpose needs to be FUN!)

To hold you accountable and keep you on the path, the Forge has 3 tools:

  1. The Battle Plan.Every Monday you post your plan for this week in the chat. Could be just 10 fucking words. Don’t get crazy. It’s not to brag, this is for you. If you write it somewhere, you SAID it. Stick to your word!
  2. Required Reading. Three books are required reading which will help you to set up your mind properly and be accountable and disciplined YOURSELF.
  3. Conquest of the Month. Each month, we have a specific CONQUEST. Things like Time-Management, Meditation, Gym, a multitude of things. We all stick to that conquest to support each other!


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What is the Conqueror’s Forge then?

The Forge is always there for you!

It is already a global phenomenon with men from all over the world. My vision for this is to make this a library of knowledge for you to UNRAVEL your true self and easily navigate a fake world.

“In a fake world, the authentic man reigns supreme.”