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Manifest Your New Reality

Mentorship like in the old days!

The New Reality Incubator

Create the Life of Your Dreams by Following my System

Do you feel stuck in your life? Don’t know what area to attack first? Or how? Do you feel overwhelmed with life a lot? 

Do NOT book a call unless you are willing to spend $3,000 on your personal development. This is in respect of both our time.

What my Clients Say

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"Alex is awesome! He had me pegged from the very first call! It's like he was reading me and knew exactly who I was! I am definitely seeing my life change from call to call!"
"Alexander has been a great sounding board and the catalyst for my introspection. He has helped me with my self-relationship and that has led to a significant change in mindset."

Do NOT book a call unless you are willing to spend a $3,000 on your personal development. This is in respect of both our time.

What's In It For Me? (FAQ)

Tailored advice is always expensive. Courses offer general advice. This is why the school system doesn’t work for you. It is general advice (and a scam). Tailored mentorship advice always has been and always will be the golden standard of accelerated success.

Shadow Work, Trauma Release Therapy, removing of emotional blockages. In other words, we figure out what is consciously and subconsciously stopping you from getting where you want to be.

However we might also discover that your dreams are not YOUR dreams, but were given to you by other people and are thus other people’s dreams.

It’s a complete overhaul of your entire being.

8 Weeks, with 40min per call. Plus, constant access to my WhatsApp and/or Email if there are questions outside of the coaching.

It will also contain tasks to do for you outside of the calls.

Better, a success guarantee. A money-back guarantee is a weak cop-out if you don’t put in the work and get shit done.

A success guarantee means we work until you get your results. So it could be longer than 8 weeks.

However, this only applies if I see you actually putting in the action.

Put in the action. That’s all. See, this coaching is not for me. It is for you to finally achieve your goals.

Ask yourself how much this is worth for you and then decide if you want to be coached.

YOU need to put in the work. I just give you tools and guidance, knowledge and wisdom. The action is your part. I can’t do it for you.