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If you want to succeed and win in any area of your life, it requires the following:

  1. A constant desire for learning new ideas, concepts and strategies that can enhance any area of your life! Rebel against mediocrity! You have to be hungry for new ideas which can change your life drastically for the better.
  2. A caring and supporting mentor with a proven track-record that inspires you and holds you accountable to achieve success in ANY area of your life! There is no point in making all the mistakes yourself when I can teach you how to avoid them and accelerate your path to success!
  3. An unrelenting commitment to winning. Consistency breeds winners. You need to show up every day, you need to put in the effort, and you need to be humble and accept that the other guys in the OLYMPUS know more than you do.

It's too easy to get caught up in easy pleasures instead of focusing on your winning!

Procrastination, laziness, fear, doubt, etc. All these things stop you from achieving greatness on your own. The majority of people engage in these negative emotions and end up unsuccessful and unfulfilled.

That's why I created THE OLYMPUS.


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This is a group for men (only) who want to achieve absolute mastery of their life and refuse to settle for anything less than the best.

By Joining the OLYMPUS you will get:

✔️ The MASCULINITY MANUSCRIPTS. A collection of important manuscripts about your masculinity, how to be a man, how to get women, and how to make them hot for you. BONUS: You will also receive the DARK MASCULINITY Guide which is ONLY available within this group.

These include:

  • What is true masculinity?
  • How porn kills your success and how to quit it
  • How to find yourself in a degenerate world of simps
  • The SUPERSPARTAN Mindset Guide
  • The succubus female and how to detect her
  • Do not fear the power of your dark masculinity
  • The Way of the Superior Man
  • When I say No, I Feel Guilty Summary
  • Why the Matrix is real, but not how you think it is
  • How to command respect and why it's important

✔️ Direct access to me. I usually charge $250 for 1-to-1 coaching. With this group you get direct access to me at an affordable price. I answer all the questions in the group and post helpful info every day.

✔️ Weekly accountability and energy meetings. Each Sunday, you are incentivized to post your winnings of the week. This is for you to keep you pushing, but also for everyone else to see other men win and use that energy for their own wins.

✔️ Inactive members will be kicked! This group is for men who REALLY want to achieve in life. I don't have time for LARPers. If you don't want to go all the way, you're kicked.

✔️ BONUS: INSANE DISCOUNTS. Whenever I release a new product, the members of the OLYMPUS receive massive discounts (usually 80% off) to get it. As well as heavy discounts occassionally on existing ones. 

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The OLYMPUS is capped at 150 members since I want to handle direct contact with any member.

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Which Path Will You Be Taking?


You can try to achieve success in your life yourself.

Make all the same mistakes I did, don't be held accountable, and don't have the knowledge from people who already walked the walk.

Trust me. If you go down this path, it will either take at least 10 years until you succeed, 
or you will never succeed at all.

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You accept that you need help and you join the OLYMPUS.

You will receive proper, helpful advice on any area of your life.

You will receive the needed knowledge accelerated and suited towards your situation.

And you will achieve what you want much quicker!

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Which Path Are You Choosing?

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