The War Room review. Secrets exposed by a member!

Andrew Tates War Room

Yes, I did it. I’ve spent $1,500 on the War Room Membership.

A lot of you are probably debating themselves if it is really worth that much money? Which is why I decided to write a Cobratate War Room review.

And before you come at me with the fact that you “can’t throw money around like I can,” listen motherfucker. I bought this Membership when I was really tight on money.

Like really tight.

You gotta take risks. So I did. Here’s what you can ACTUALLY expect from joining the war room.

The War Room review: What is the war room?


It’s an unending source of energy.

The War Room is mostly a Telegram group, consisting of multiple groups with different topics.

There are free rooms you get into just by joining the War Room (I think it has about 20-ish of those rooms), and then there are the rooms which are solely for the other courses you paid (like the IRON MIND course, review here).

On top of that, there is also a room for the great all-time members.

A screenshot of the War room review in Telegram.
A screenshot from the Telegram group. This is just a small snippet, there are many more rooms.

So you have an incentive to level up within the War Room and play with the big guys.

However, you don’t need to do that, the War Room itself has already so much value, all other courses and rooms are just on top.

Why does the War Room exist?

Mostly because Tate got banned on pretty much any platform, and the War Room is the only way to speak the Truths of the world unfiltered.

The things you will see in the War Room are not for the public eye.

Not because it is some fraud, or even mafia type of group.

Because feminists, leftists, and the corporate world want you to keep being a cog in the system.

Tate achieved pure freedom with what he does and because he speaks the truth. That’s why he gets banned all the time.

Let him explain it himself:

The biggest benefit of the War Room

In my opinion, the best thing is all the other guys winning.

And the energy it creates.

I have never been part of a group of men who are constantly winning in life.

People are incentivized to post their receipts. Every day, you see guys making thousands of dollars a day. How they did it and in which profession. And each Sunday, people post how they did all week.

This energy is uplifting.

You see these guys and you’re like, “Fuck, I need to step up!”

My productivity increased tenfold after joining. I saw the other men making $5k a day or similar, and that showed me that the limits are in my head.

It opens your eyes to what is possible.

Nothing will open your eyes like the War Room. It’s a whole different ballpark of life.

Some thing you will NEVER see anywhere else.

What happens when I join?

I can’t spoil too many secrets, because, well, there is a reason the War Room is locked behind such a big paywall.

Let’s just say, you will get blessed with life-changing documents about mindset, women, actionable real-life skills, money, and masculinity.

So pretty much all of what my blog is about, which is why that was such a good fit.

Reading through these is mandatory, and you would be well advised to read them before asking questions, or you might look stupid.

The FREE copywriting course worth thousands of Dollars

When you join, ask to be added to the copywriting room. Within it, you will receive hours of video content on how to write copy that sells.

This course is already worth 5x the annual War Room membership.

I am not joking. It’s dense with info and set up in a way that you can make $1k – 2k a month with copywriting within 3 months if you put in the work.

I used the copywriting on my blog and it increased my sales massively!

Seriously, if you’re debating yourself, this course is already enough to join.

What will I learn in the War Room?

Young confident business man
Women, sex, money, fame. Whatever you want to achieve, the War Room has the recipe.

That depends entirely of what you do with it.

The War Room is really just a group of great men, posting their wins, and helping each other.

And while you shouldn’t blurt out your shit without a filter, or you may get banned, you definitely need to talk to the people.

Just approach it like a man. Have a question? Ask the person directly, without fluff.

They’re very helpful if they find the time.

I had literal millionaires go out their way to answer my questions. Just don’t ask stuff that could be found on Google…

How can I make money with the War Room?

It doesn’t really matter in which area you want to make money.

It doesn’t have to be cam girls. The War Room has it all covered.

  • Webdesign
  • Cam Girls
  • FOREX and crypto trading
  • Options trading
  • Twitter and Instagram money
  • Real estate
  • Dropshipping
  • Amazon FBA
  • Creative agencies
  • Music and art
  • Brick & Mortar businesses
  • Coaching
  • B2B agencies
  • etc etc

There are over 400 people in the War Room (as of writing this article), there will definitely be a bunch of guys who do what you do or want to do.

Is the War Room for everyone?

Image of a War Room summit
You don’t need to turn up in a suit. But you need the mindset that you WANT to win. Image from one of the first summits.

Absolutely not.

This is an elite group of men living in the cold, harsh, truth.

You shouldn’t join if you still do these things:

  • Masturbate to porn
  • Play Videogames all-day
  • Don’t believe in what the Tates teach
  • If you hate their lifestyle
  • If you don’t ABSOLUTELY want to fix your life

You don’t need to do what they do, but if you hate it, you won’t achieve anything, and this group isn’t for you.

If you talk a lot of shit, you WILL get banned without a refund of your money. I have seen it happen live!

This is intentionally, as well as the high price, to keep LARPers and losers out. This group is designed for winners. Aspiring ones as well as existing winners.

If you’re not winning yet, it’s fine, if you show that you WANT to win, you’re at the right spot.

There is no need for you in that group. These guys are all winning on their own.

YOU need to prove yourself. Not them.

“I don’t want to be a pimp, I am married. Can I still join?”

Yes. I am not a pimp, either.

While the Tates don’t believe in marriage, you don’t have to mimic them 1:1. And you shouldn’t.

The lessons about women are true regardless, which is what I keep telling you guys for ages.

Plus, if you just join for making money, there is enough for you to learn.

There’s also a room for parenting, the toxic masculine way, so there are many married guys in there.

“Isn’t Tate just a big misoginystic ass?”

When I first read some things from him online, I thought the same.

Luckily, I am not quick to decide on what I think of people, and I dug deeper.

If you watch a bunch of their clips on Youtube and see how they really are and what they say, you will quickly realize that they are good guys, who just don’t bow down to societal bullshit.

Especially interviews like this one will help you understand:

And think about the War Room itself for a second.

What reason would Tate have to help so many men fix their lives? Why does he keep doing it after being banned 8 times (!) on Twitter?

He has millions of dollars.

He could just enjoy his life? He has women, friends, cars, vacations. Why would he really do these things if it wasn’t for a deeper drive to help men achieve what he did?

He is like a mentor. And even if he doesn’t mentor you directly, he will try to make you the best version of yourself!

And he’s actually a truly nice guy to talk to. I noticed it first hand. The only reason I see why people would hate him is because he is brutally honest at all times.

Are there really millionaires in the War Room to talk to?

Yes, I think on the website they claim that there are 11 millionaires in the War Room.

I think it’s at least 20 now, if not more.

Not everyone always posts how much money they have in the bank, but when you see that guy making 7 figures in a year with dropshipping it suddenly clicks.

And you have direct access to them.

You can ask them directly via DM. Just don’t ask stupid questions.

Do I get access to the Tates themselves?

The Tate Brothers
You will have direct access to these multi millionaires. And many more.

You do. You literally get their phone number via Telegram and direct messaging contact.

However, they’re busy men as you would expect, and you’re not the only person trying to get ahold of them.

I have talked to Andrew directly on Telegram. As well as other millionaires.

Want to do the same? Join here.

Is it some kind of cult?


You can leave at any time, you don’t HAVE to do anything they do.

All you HAVE to do is put in the work and show your progress.

It’s just a bunch of winning guys, trying to share and increase their wins, meet with other great men, etc.

Isn’t it just a funnel to sell more courses?


Of course, you will occasionally be incentivized to buy one of the many courses from the Tates. But this always just happens because you ask questions which are already tackled in said courses.

You don’t have to buy. You won’t lose standing or get banned if you don’t.

It’s just if the same questions get asked repeatedly, it’s tiring for the members. That’s when you will be referred to a course.

And, yes. If you want to get access to the inner circle, you need a bunch of his courses to be eligible. But you don’t NEED that access.

It’s just if you want it.

Apart from that, his courses are really good, so there’s no point on not buying them.

What are the War Room Summits?

Tate has been posting videos from the Summits for a while now.

Twice a year there is a summit where War Room members are eligible to purchase tickets to.

On these events, you get the chance to talk to the Tates, and the other millionaires and winning guys DIRECTLY.

Seriously, how else will you have the possibility to literally talk to millionaires?

Look at your group of friends right now. A bunch of losers who get shitfaced drunk each weekend. Achieve nothing in their life.

As opposed to meeting with some great men, who got their life in order with women, money, and success. Making 7+ figures each year online.

Which group will yield better results for YOUR life? What do you think?

Rich people rarely network with broke losers. Why? The shit energy from broke haters ruins their energy and success.

That’s why no bullshitting is allowed in the War Room. If you truly want access to secrets and how people are winning in life, THIS is one of the very few chances to do it.

Here’s a 4-minute clip from the War Room summits.

“I think I’ll wait a bit…”

I wouldn’t recommend that.

The first rule of making money is SPEED (that’s actually another secret from Tates “Hustlers University” course. So much free value here, man!).

Speed is where the money is.

The War Room didn’t start with a price of $1,500. I think it started with a few hundred, years ago.

But since it kept growing Andrew kept raising the price to keep LARPers out, and he has threatened to raise it again, recently.

Plus, there are almost 500 members in the War Room now.

A noticeable number.

He might also close entries for a while if it becomes too much. Who knows?

Don’t miss this opportunity! It will change your life forever.


Tates war room

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