What to do if she rejects sex?

A man NEEDS to have sexual encounters. Yes, men like Shakespeare and Nietzsche were celibates, and see what they created. But most of us don’t know how to transmute sexual energy in this sense, so we need sex to satisfy that inner beast within our shadow.

But, what to do if she rejects sex? If you gf / wife rejects you sexually? She has the keys to your sexual satisfaction. It sucks, right? And not in a good way!

Regardless of where you are on your journey with the feminine, you will eventually come across the necessity of withdrawing attention, simply because she is acting out all day, and, well, because you don’t get your dick wet.

As I mentioned many times before, even if you are not externally validated through sex anymore because you’ve been through the trenches, sex is still something any man wants, right?

And because you haven’t put up boundaries, or you dont have the balls to make them firm, she uses her sexuality against you a lot.

​Using a sledgehammer to get sex

This then is when you come across the red pill and they tell you to withdraw attention.

Which is generally a method you CAN use. A tool. A powerful one.

However, most guys go about this completely wrong.

The classic Rambo McFucktard. I love this term I used in “Own Your Shit.”

Because what you do then is usually this:

“Okay, she is not sucking me, so I will now not engage in her emotional drama.”

Which is fair.

If she doesn’t give you her fair share of the feminine gender, you don’t need to give her your fair share of the masculine gender.

You know, on a basic, darwinistic level, men want sex from their women, and women want attention from their men.

Most of the times in form of emotional drama.

But many of you just shut down completely once she gives you a hard “No.” which is weak AF. Suck it up, be a little less attentive, but don’t just run away like a little boy who didn’t get his treat. Which is what you did.

​Societal lies about what you need to do

Society will now tell you it’s totally fine for a woman to not give you her body (which it is), but then say it’s NOT fine for you to not give her your attention (which it isn’t).

If she has the right to not have sex with you, you have the right to not fucking talk to her.

This isn’t childish, you’re just not interested.

However, how many men then do this is by literally walking away.

Like, she is acting out, and you just dont say a word and try to walk away from her because you don’t want to engage.

Which is laughable.

I mean, yes, you shouldn’t engage, but you’re virtually being passive aggressive. You’re being FEMININE in your approach.

A great man does not cowardly walk away, with slouched shoulders, thinking “I am not engaging, I am not engaging.”

How do you think does this look to her?

Especially if she follows you around the house then.

​What to do if she rejects sex?

nice guy gets laid free info

So what you do is, as a masculine man does it, be overt. DIRECT.

You tell her, “Listen, I don’t want to talk about this right now.”

Or, “I am not interested in discussing this.”

Then she will usually bring up shit like, “So until then we don’t talk” trying to guilt-trip and gaslight.

You play the broken record and repeat yourself, etc.

It’s the same thing she does when she says she’s not in the mood for sex. You’re not in the mood to talk.

That’s your right.

But some ladies will then follow you around and DEMAND talking to you, simply because you have no boundaries or they know they can easily breach them.

What do you do then?

You need hobbies outside the house.

Because then you just fucking LEAVE the house. “I’m hitting the gym now.” That’s it. That’s all you say, and then you leave.

No explaining, no excusing. Just stating facts.

Take back your personal power and see the intersexual dynamics for what they are.

A dance between the genders.

Because, so far, you’ve been placing a ton of emotional attachment, validation, and power on the thing between her legs. I understand that and you need to accept that because it is a basic NEED for a man to get that. I know where you’re coming from.

But needy energy never gets anything.

And because you have no other hobbies, are orbiting her all the time, playing the Nice Guy, she can easily abuse that power without giving you what you want in return.

But if you’re being feminine as I mentioned above, this just makes it worse.

If you’re a busy man, getting shit done, being here and there, doing this and that, this has 2 benefits:

  1. You have shit to do that distracts you from the feminine cave
  2. You’re not needy. You take back your power. And she will notice that.

OWNING YOUR SHIT will help you to take back your power. You will be YOU. And you will realise that if she doesn’t give you what you need, there are 4 billion women out there that potentially will.

This will help you to approach this freely!

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