Why marriage was invented by MEN?

With the movie “The marriage story” being a great hit, and people generally shitting on marriage at any given moment I thought it’s time to teach you what marriage is actually about, why marriage was actually implemented by MEN, and what to learn from that.

Now I know people have been getting married for ages. But back then it was a King with one wife and probably hundreds of concubines for his pleasure. So this post is about monogamous marriage.

Which is the standard in western society (until now, I’ll get to that).

Before the idea

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For the majority of human lifetime, we have lived in polygamous tribes or early societies. Which meant, everyone can fuck with everyone at free will.

And this stupid society we live in these days actually promotes to bring that back.

I mean, I get it. Forever with only one sexual partner? When porn tells you how diverse sexuality truly can be. Why would you do that?

A great party! Yeah, sure. The wedding is fire. A huge white dress for the woman (which actually signaled chastity (purity), which… I mean, isn’t the case at all these days, but you know), and partying with all your friends about the fact that you get to have sex now.

Funny how the “bedding ceremony” didn’t find it’s way into society yet, but alright.

The dangers of wild-fucking

Beautiful woman with a huge wedding dress
Marriage had once a bigger meaning than just a fancy dress and a big party.

The problem with polygamous societies and generally fucking around is this: They tend to become very violent.

For good reason. Pareto has a say in this again. If you’re not familiar with Pareto, it’s the 80/20 principle. This would (!) be true with men and women as well if we would let it play out.

20 % of the men would have 80 % of the women. The Alpha’s would fuck all the women.

Sounds good if you’re one of the Alphas, which, my friend, you aren’t.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. But we’ll get you there! Anyway, the problem lies with the men not getting any pussy. Also called Incels. This isn’t a new phenomenon.

It isn’t even new that they become violent and kill people. Back then they just didn’t shoot up high schools. They burned down the tribes.

There is nothing more dangerous than a weak man who doesn’t have his needs met.

The conqueror

As a man myself, I can understand that. If you see these Alpha’s fucking all the beautiful women, but you get nothing, you probably have to work all day and kill your back for nothing, why wouldn’t you get mad?

Watch this happening long enough and you set fire to the disco.

Why marriage then? It helps betas get pussy

I know Rollo Tomassi says it’s a tool for low-status men to further their genetic material. I disagree, as stated here:

Monogamous marriage was introduced by high-status men.

Men who achieved a lot in their life but were tired of these losers who didn’t get any to burn up their cities. So they decided to give these men some chill via pussy to protect the innocent. Including women.

Obviously, weak men in a rage don’t stop at the girls, because, well, these girls flock around the Alphas and “never understand how great I would be for her”.

Sounds familiar?

Yeah, not much changed. Well, a little bit.

Why marriage matters and what benefits it has

The intentional marriage has benefits for both, men and women. The low-status men get what they want: sex. Which deep down just means furthering their genetic material, which every man wants as soon as he sees tits.

And the women a) got to survive in a stable civilization, and b) got security and safety, because they had a guy who provided for their offspring.

Remember, even though their biology let them flock around the Alphas because that’s what a woman wants, she also has a deep need for security to ensure a proper upbringing for her offspring. The King who fucked her doesn’t give a shit about his bastard.

And the Alphas were fine with giving off a few women to these guys in exchange for a stable society, so they could focus on furthering their power in other ways instead of drooling over pussy all the time. And fighting incels.

Great men have higher goals than bedding women. For that is why monogamous marriage was designed by great men to meet weak men’s needs.

The conqueror

Long-term problems with this

There is however an issue with this. If weak men get to further their genetic material, that only means the next generation of men will be weaker.

Obviously. I am not talking about biology and if weakness is in your DNA (I don’t think it is), but if you were a weak man, how can you be a strong father?

Only a strong man can raise a strong boy.

The conqueror

So, by logic, the only outcome of this is more weak men. And this is exactly what brought us to our current state of women ruling the marriages and getting all the benefits from their provider-husbands without having to put out.

Weak man, weak marriage

Woman in red dress with sensual wedding stockings
If the wedding night was the last time your wife wore something like that for you, you have been a weak husband.

See, even if a woman chooses a provider husband to pay for her house, new Mercedes, and new clothes all the time, she still desires a real man to caveman her in bed. This hasn’t changed at all.

Just like men don’t want masculine women to fuck. They want a proper submissive feminine girl. Why would the girls change their standard?

Lucky for the girls though, this works in their favor. A weak man will never stand up for his needs or leave her if she doesn’t put out, because, well, he is weak.

He fears judgment or being alone or whatever. This has been ingrained into your brain for decades now. If you haven’t, read The Rational Male about this.

Consider this: The women don’t want weak men. They just settle with the providing, because it’s generally a nice life, even without sex.

And some of them do have great sex. Just not with you. And considering how cuckolding is on the rise, this might even be the new future.

The feminine craves sex like the masculine. But the feminine is willing to settle without it, if at least her offspring is taken care of.

The conqueror

A sexless marriage is a failed marriage

Clinically you live in a sexless marriage if you have sex with your wife less than 11 times a year.

Did I just talk about you? Hurts, right? To be at rest, a man needs sex about 2 times a week with his wife. Biologically. I am not kidding. This is how biology ensures paternity, which is your basic driving factor.

Because the sperm can live for up to 5 days inside the woman. This way you ensure paternity. However, you’re not always trying to get her pregnant, so you don’t need to fuck 2x a week.

A contract only works if both parties come out better than without it. A marriage is a contract. You shall receive your share or leave.

The conqueror

Sadly though, you read stories from guys who didn’t get any from their wives for years, even decades!

And they are STILL in that marriage. They rationalize away how it is because of the kids, or she has depression, or body issues or whatever.

Just. Weak. Men.

The woman gets to live her dream. Everything is being paid. Kids are raised, and she doesn’t even need to have sex with that loser.

But what about you? What about your needs? You’re goddamn afraid of your woman and the tantrum she would throw if you were to say something.

Sorry, getting sidetracked.

Pop culture is always wrong

Considering how pop culture constantly tells you that marriage is a sexless bullshit that just costs you money, your freedom, your balls, and your pride, it’s understandable that especially guys aren’t so thrilled about marrying anymore.

But they are wrong as always. Well, I actually agree with them on the fact that such a marriage sucks. Not literally. Sadly.

But as a man, I don’t see a reason to be married to a woman if I never get anything physical. Men want sex, women want attention.

This is the basic contract.

Feminists will then tell you this is shallow and weak. Well, you made vows, didn’t you? To be there for your partner and take care of all his needs.

This is the basis of marriage. So you have a goddamn right to have your needs taken care of. And if your need is to shoot your load on her face, so be it.

Here’s the kicker. A lot of women would gladly suck a proper man’s member for 20 years in their marriage. They like strong, confident men, and they even tell you.

They always search for that provider guy, who is also a dominant seducer in bed. Basically the balanced Alpha. Rollo Tomassi says he doesn’t exist, but I disagree. This book, the Way Of The Superior Man, will make exactly this guy out of you.

The way of the superior man paperback book
This book will fix your sexless marriage. And on top of it, your whole life.

However, pop culture, movies, music, books, all tell you that this is the normal outcome. Even friends. My friends tell me it’s “normal” for sex to go down in marriage, even more so if you have kids.

You know what’s also normal? Divorce rates of over 50%, out of which every second is divorced for sexual reasons. Weird, right?

A man goes his own path. For if he does what everyone else is doing, the outcome is already known.

The conqueror

History isn’t always bad

The marriages we had back in the days weren’t bad. They were good, for society, and everyone involved.

Marriage is a great institution if lived properly. There are many other reasons. However, this post shall not tell you to go out and marry the first girl that does anal. Remember, society is set up against you in this case.

The women rule this field. They have enormous power in custody when it comes to divorce. Which it probably will if you let yourself go or you find a crazy bitch for your wife.

A marriage lived in its original intention is at benefit for both, the man and the woman.

The conqueror

If you are already in a marriage, don’t worry. Not all hope is lost.

You are already on the right track to be on this blog. I highly highly recommend reading this book. The Way of the Superior Man. It gets you the sex you want. Not by fixing the woman. By fixing you.

By making you as close to a balanced Alpha as possible. This will make your wives’ panties wet on their own. And in the end, you won’t even need to ask for sex (which you should never do anyway), she will be on your dick on her own.

And then, you’re finally back in a real marriage and you’ll understand why marriage matters. Even if you’re not a world-beater, a godly looking Alpha, your woman will make you feel like one and then you both can meet the other’s needs.

As it should be.

–Alexander Reich

Are you married? In a dead bedroom? Have you been told lies about marriage your whole life? Let me know in the comments!


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