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Why people long for the apocalypse

This blog post was more or less a “request” by someone who watched my Jordan Peterson Video on Youtube.

Why are people longing for the apocalypse? Why does everyone want to watch the world burn?

Youtube comment apocalypse

Apocalyptic pop culture

In recent years, we saw a rise in apocalyptic or dystopian movies, TV shows, and books. Hell, I even wrote a novel about a dystopian future. Maybe you noticed it, or it crept in too subtle, but the rise was definitely there. However, the question still remains, why are people so interested in a world going up in flames?

Is it meant as a warning sign? Is it a teacher, so you know how to handle those situations, may they ever arise? Or is it just because we all want to restart this world because we went too far off track?

Maybe it’s a bit of all three.

It’s not just movies. Everywhere you see “we need a change” signs been held upwards like pitchforks. People are resisting. Against what though? The world itself? Society? Other people? The patriarchy? What exactly are we fighting against?

Everyday negativity

I am a lot on Twitter. And while this platform gave me great opportunities to connect with people and make money, it is also a hub of negativity. The comments you see sometimes are so loaded with projection, negative thoughts, and a general hatred towards other humans, and this beautiful blue rock we live on, it is mind-boggling. Why is there so much hate in this world?

A man is what he believes in. Be careful of your thoughts, for they shape your reality.

The conqueror

We all know, those constant negative thoughts are bad. It is a poison that clogs your mind to see the beauty in this life. Considering how hostile some people are on social media, it would be more fitting to call it “Anti-social Media”. Clearly, it is not social what we’re doing there. We literally send death-threads to people we don’t know, other than the 280 characters they wrote somewhere else on this planet. Yet, we think this person has nulled their right to exist in this world.

While we are more connected than ever, we are more divided in our humanity than we ever were in our history. You think you are connected to your 500 followers on Twitter because they like your post? But where were you when you were writing these thoughts? Probably at home, alone? Is this connected?

Lonely crowds

Modern-day life is very lonely, I’ve touched on this topic before. While you see a lot of people each day in the big cities, you never really see them. You never connect with them. You have no clue who they really are. Your best bet is an external judgment by the funny little quote they wear on their shirt. But maybe this was just the only shirt they could afford, and it has nothing to do with their personality.

You go to a club, to party, to connect with people. But in fact, everyone just goes there to escape reality. You get shitfaced drunk to numb your senses. You listen and dance to stupidly loud music to get into a kind of trance-state. Where nothing matters. Where everything outside is irrelevant. You’re just trying to be alone with yourself for a second. Not realizing you are alone most of the time.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being alone. I like meditating alone. Being around my own thoughts. It is healthy and needed. But this society has you thinking that you are around too many people too much. That you are connected too much. You can never rest. Never actually be truly lonely for a few minutes without a notification on your phone, trying to drag you back into the Matrix.

The reason for existence

You actively search for a reason to be here. Why are you here? What is your point in this existence? These questions have been asked a million times. Mostly, when a society was very rich, and people had nothing to do. That is when they ask themselves, why they are on this planet. As long as you work, especially work towards something, there is no need, and no time to question your existence on this blue little fleck in the vast, cold, and hostile universe.

All the pleasures of this world are void if a man has no purpose that moves him.

The conqueror

And this is precisely the reason why people want the apocalypse. Because it would give life meaning. People need a cause. Something to work towards. Something to strive for. Together. Bigger than just “buying that house”, “buying that new Mercedes”. It is all fleeting and irrelevant. A short-term solution for a long-term problem. The problem, that there is no problem.

You have everything you need. At any given moment. There are no threats. Yes, you live from paycheck to paycheck, but you know very well you would still survive. Maybe you would lose your house, and even your wife, but you would be alive. But then the question would come back again. For what?

A cause in death

If you could live forever, what would you live for? Death is what gives life meaning. The fact, that your days on this planet are numbered. That you don’t have infinite time. That you need to put in the work to give your life meaning. To be remembered for something. And that is exactly the reason why people want to see the world burn.

If WWIII breaks out, and we live in a nuclear fallout world, we suddenly have a purpose. Rebuilding the world. Rebuilding society. Making the world great again. We have a reason to work together, instead of fighting each other. You might still think your neighbor is an asshole, but there are more pressing issues at hand, so you ignore it, and work together with him to get this world going again. Because you have a purpose, a calling. A load to bear. Responsibility!

A man with responsibility and burdens has no need to ask about the meaning of life. He already found it.

The conqueror

The reason why the apocalypse is so appealing, is, that it sets the scene for you. Your responsibility will be given to you externally. You have no choice to just sit around and binge Netflix. You have to go out and do things or die. This is the way we lived for millions of years. But we’ve been robbed of that call. That inane motivation to go out and hunt, because you will starve.

Personal apocalypse

I follow a lot of great people on Twitter. And most of the various successful people in this life had once a huge personal apocalypse. A close person died. They went to prison, they lost everything and needed to build themselves up. They hit rock-bottom. Some people even say you will never be successful until you were beaten to the ground once. And there is a truth to it.

It activates that evolutionary motivation within you, that you need to go out, despite not wanting to, to fix your life. To get your shit together and make moves. Against all odds. This is what mankind has done since its dawn. Each day was a fight for survival. But against all odds, we survived. Millions of years on this hostile planet. Remember, purely physical we have a lot of natural predators. Only through our intellect, and by terraforming the world to our needs we were able to climb the food-chain.

But now, we want to burn it all down again. Not out of spite. Not because we hate everyone and everything. Because we have no struggle. No calling. No need to do anything. As it was said in Fight Club,

“We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives.”

Humanity needs that. You need that. Something that moves you. Something that forces you to work together with other people, even if you don’t want to.

Voluntary apocalypse

I am not saying you should burn your life to the ground. And maybe you are already in a personal apocalypse or made some grand mistakes that shot your life out if its rails. And suddenly, you feel that urge to do something. Maybe it feels bad. You’re annoyed by it. Of course, you need to spend energy, you are on the brink of existence. That’s not nice. But it also feels right. You are one with your biology, that inner need to move something. To change your world, and maybe the real world for the better by doing so.

A man is born with the burden to live up the greatness his ancestors bestowed upon him.

The conqueror

But if you’re still stuck in binging Netflix, watching porn, and playing Videogames all day, maybe you should change something. Put yourself into a position of struggle, not only will it make you more of a man, it takes away the need to burn this beautiful blue planet to the ground. If everyone would take responsibility for his own life, there would be no need to set the world on fire. So you don’t need to search for a meaning in this life any longer. You have it within you. Responsibility. Your life already has meaning, you just neglected it.

Make something of yourself. As Jordan Peterson said, “Make the world that put you here, happy that you are put there.”

Stop waiting for the world to go down, so you finally have a calling again. You can change the world already. Fix yourself, get your shit together. Rise from the ashes of your life, climb the food-chain again, and become a world-beater. Not by beating it to the ground, by beating the world’s competition. Get to the top of this planet, and make the world better every day. We only have this one world. You only have this one life. You only have this one You.

Make it count.

–Alexander Graves

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