Why you shouldn’t be perfect

Doesn’t matter if you start an online business or a personal transformation, most people will try to be perfect at what they set out to do. Some more, some less, but you try to get the best thing possible. And that’s a fallacy. Trying to be perfect is actually a drawback.

Perfection is the enemy of progress

The problem with perfection is that it can rarely be achieved. The nature of things makes them have flaws, and I will later get to the point of why this is actually good. But we all have issues, right? Failures, shortcomings. We try to hide them all the time because we’re trying to be perfect. We put so much energy in trying to be perfect instead of trying to be authentic.

Let’s say, you’re writing a book. When you are trying to fix all the mistakes while writing, and making the sentences sound better while you are writing the text, you will never finish the book. You need to write it first. Let it flow out of you, and then, in the end, you will fix a bunch of mistakes.

This is also my exact process for any blog post, book, articles, email.

If you try to be perfect while writing, you are killing your progress. But even then, you need to leave some mistakes, some weird words in.

You won’t be the first one

You won’t be the first one who is absolutely flawless or makes absolutely flawless products. Mercedes produces shit cars or even ugly ones that don’t sell occasionally. The best authors write books nobody likes from time to time. You will not be the first person where everything is perfect.

Perfection cannot be reached. Because everything with flaws is already perfect.

The Conqueror

That just doesn’t exist. Nature made mistakes and corrected them throughout millions of years of evolution. It happens, and it is normal.

Aim for the 90% or even 95% solution. Try to be the best, but don’t try to be perfect. Those last 5-10% will cost you 90% of the time in the end. And they rarely give you that same benefit in outcome. Be fine with flaws and failures. You’re not a machine writing a book, you’re a human. You make mistakes, that makes you human.

Bronze Age Phenomenon

a beautiful hot girl on the beach reading bronze age mindset

You may be familiar with Bronze Age Perverts “Bronze Age Mindset” book? If you aren’t, you definitely need to read it. The book is something special. It has profound knowledge and wisdom. But it’s written in huge blocks of text without paragraphs, and broken English.

You might think this book just wasn’t finished properly, but this is exactly what gives the book its edge over others. It is authentic. It has a soul. You literally feel how the person writing it is different than the mainstream stuff.

And it keeps idiots out, but that’s another topic.

Anyway, this book has produced a sort of cult following. So, by being unfinished, and different, authentic, it was more successful than other books which were fine-tuned for perfection.

Rough edges

It is said, that you need some edges in your personality for other people to latch onto. If you are in a relationship with someone, you might try to eradicate all your shortcomings. But that’s a big mistake. You have edges the other person loves. Why? Because they know who you are. If you are like Teflon, and you can’t really be summarized as a person, they don’t really know what to get from you. And nobody likes that.

A man that has no rough edges, is a man that will die alone.

The Conqueror

Don’t confuse this with the mystery-factor. Especially as a man, it’s important to keep a certain mystery around your personality for your woman. But this in itself, is a sort of edge about you. There is a difference between not knowing who you are, and not knowing what will happen next.

Rough beauty

Women are especially prone to making this error. Particularly these days. Yesterday I saw a woman that had so heavily blown up lips, it literally looked like an inflatable boat on her face. With tons of makeup.

Whenever I talk to guys, most of them like maybe a little bit of makeup on a woman’s face, but no mask that would leave a face on the airbag in the case of an accident. We like natural beauty. And while you can increase your beauty with a bit of makeup, too much of it makes it look stupid.

Granted, if people would eat right, they wouldn’t need to cover their bad skin with powder at all, but that’s a different topic. Try to underline your existing, natural beauty, instead of trying to create something on your face that isn’t you. That is true for both sexes, but as I said, due to Instagram filters, women make this mistake a lot.

Flawed heroes

If you think about Marvel’s superheroes. Most of them have flaws, and the most popular have issues they constantly fight. Hulk always tries to fight his rage, although it gives him superpowers. Tony Stark is constantly afraid of impending doom, hence why he builds all these suits. And he is really only strong in his suit, otherwise, he is just a dude.

And the most successful of all Marvel heroes was Deadpool. A huge box-office hit. Sure, it was because it is basically a huge satire and funny. But Deadpool is the most human of all heroes. He has a ton of flaws, he is sarcastic, and he has vices like most people.

deadpool and colossus in not being perfect

In contrast, you have Superman which my wife keeps saying is “too perfect” and Captain Marvel which nobody really likes, because she has the same issue. They don’t really have any flaws. Yes, Superman has kryptonite, but he has no real earthly flaws. They feel inhuman. They have no edges. You can’t really relate to them.

Watch any TV show, the most likeable Characters always have issues or disabilities. Sometimes literally, sometimes metaphorically. Tyrion Lanister is a dwarf, Walter White had cancer, Stranger things…, well… they all had issues. The point is, nobody likes seemingly perfect people because they cannot relate to them.

What to learn from this?

Don’t try to be perfect, try to be good. Whatever your endeavors are. Writing a book, becoming an actor, conquering yourself. Try to be the best you are, but don’t try to be perfect.

When I released my book OWN YOUR SHIT, it still had a bunch of errors, and reading it now, there are probably some passages I don’t like. The same with this blog. I get better at writing over time, so naturally one of my first blog posts I don’t really like anymore, although they are my most successful ones.

Your pursuit for perfection will kill your success in the long run.

The Conqueror

Robert Glover who wrote the book “No More Mr. Nice Guy” said it took him about six years to write it. But only, because he constantly tried to make it perfect. He basically rewrote the whole book a dozen times. His wife said, if he won’t release the book already, she’s going to divorce him.

He tried to be perfect. And in that process, he killed any progress. Perfection cannot be achieved. Or rather, perfection is, when your soul is in your product. And your soul has flaws. As everything and everyone. As long as you try to fix too many of them, you will become boring and irrelevant.

woman in beautiful red summer dress with straw hat


I know this sounds very meta, and not cut to the chase. Because this really depends on you. If you are addicted to five different drugs, well, being a drug addict isn’t really in interesting “edge” people can latch onto, and you would be well-advised to get rid of those.

However, if you are a brutally honest person, who always speaks his mind, you could be thinking, being not so honest from time to time has benefits. But this IS your edge, your authenticity. Reducing it would be reducing your personality. For what? So some people like you more? Pointless.

Try to find your edges which are really bad. The ones that ruin your progress, yourself, and your authenticity. And keep the edges which make you special. Which define YOU.

If you have a hard time finding them, ask your closest people. Ask them what they think is good about your personality. Why do they like you? Most relationships never ask these questions. Maybe they don’t even know. Let them think about it. It might help you realize who you really are.

And what makes you a great person. Or not.

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