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Why Your Self Improvement Always Fails

You’ve been on the path of self improvement for quite a while.

Maybe you even run subs to help set you up subconsciously.

But, somehow, years later, your self improvement always fails.

Still not rich, still not having your needs met.

I’ve been there myself.

The reason is NOT because “people can’t change for good.”

It’s because of 2 factors you never considered.

You don’t have a vision for life… or yourself.

My former self, as well as many guys skip this step.

You rather want to build a product.

Get sales.

Make money.

I get it.

But without knowing WHO you truly are and WHERE you want to go, you will just be creating products left and right, no clear message for your brand or your content, and so nobody buys.

Outside of business this rings true as well.

You wanna have a better relationship.

But what exactly?

What is better?

More sex? Ok, what kind of sex? Kinky stuff or deeper connection?

This brings up many more problems:

“Is what I want really what I truly want, or do I want it given from societal programming?”

I wondered the same when picking subs to run:

“Does my current programming just choose the next programming? How do I undo it?”

And it happened to me with subs. I started with Khan pretty early. Now, I can’t think of ever running this sub because it’s so far from what I want to be.

The point is.

You cannot make proper decisions on where you want to go, what you want to do, unless you KNOW who you are.

Not what society is telling you who you SHOULD be.

Not what parents are telling you who you SHOULD be.

Not what your woman is telling you who you SHOULD be.

Only who YOU ARE deep down and/or who YOU WANT to be.

You are the architect of your life.

No one else.

So the VERY first step, before you even decide to make money (unless you want to waste years going in the wrong direction like I did) is:

Temet Nosce

Famously mentioned in the Matrix movie.

It’s Latin for: Know Thyself.

How to know yourself?

There are many ways to discover oneself and who you truly are.

One of them IS to just start and fail many times and figure it out along the way as I did.

Takes forever tho.

Not recommended.

Two ways are much faster:

Solo Retreats

Got this idea from the great Leo Gura.

What you do is you go on a vacation alone, but you do nothing. No sightseeing or anything planned.

You just sit in your room for 7-10 days, doing nothing, other than contemplating. Thinking.

Meditating, journalling. All good.

But no phone, no social media, no TV, no friends.

Just you, with yourself.

Can you see how you REALLY get to know yourself that way?

Many are afraid of that.


When in boredom you find peace. And wisdom. And yourself.

Subliminal Messaging to Heal

Yeah I come back to subs a lot.

But they are THIS powerful.

Considering how your subconscious drives 95% of your daily actions, this IS a big part of you.

So why not ASK the subconscious?

And this is where revelation and healing subs come in.

The Revelation of Mind, for example, will TRULY reveal who you are and what you should be doing.

One 3-minute listen of that and it clearly showed me I was OFF path HARD.

Shilling the Red Pill and manipulation, or even recently with positive dating stuff. It’s not my purpose. It’s just a small facet of a much bigger thing I am doing.

I do self improvement. Personal development.

This sub showed me that CLEARLY by a thought just popping up within minutes!

>>> Get it here.

Alternatively, you can go for healing subs to remove societal programming and undo BS that was put in your mind by others.

A good one to start with is Love Bomb for Humanity (which is free btw) that helps you with loving YOURSELF first, and then radiating this outward.

But to love yourself you need to know yourself, truly.


Another good one is Regeneration. Basic, direct healing that covers a lot of things. Read the page to see what it does in detail. I recommend stacking that with Love Bomb for Humanity (running both) and you have a good set up to discover your self.

Just by listening to MP3 files every now and then.

The marvels of technology.

Being pulled off purpose

The second factor why you are still failing.

You are being pulled off your path.

By other gurus that put THEIR vision on yourself.

(A simple example is ANY masculinity guru that teaches you THEIR version of masculinity which might not be YOURS)

Or just shiny object syndrome of following a “cool, new trend” or a cool new idea, and you make it your new topic right away.

When in reality, you just found something interesting, but it is not who you are or want to be, so you discard it.

I fell pray to this with the Red Pill and Andrew Tate.

Initially started out with personal development, mindset, etc.

Ended up talking about how to be a Sex-God.


Can you see how I got pulled off path?

Did this happen to you?

Do you know?

Where did you go astray from who you truly are or want to be?

Journal about it!

Do a solo retreat and figure out where things went wrong.

Or run subs and have it pop into your mind.

Whatever tool you use.

You WILL KEEP FAILING with your personal development, UNTIL you keep it at the front of your mind, constantly, where valhallah lies for you.

The end goal.


Don’t lose track!


What to do now?

Here are 3 ways I can help you:

  1. Get the UNSTUCK Your Autopilot Template here to set up your purpose
  2. Check out my Youtube Channel for more on this topic.
  3. Join the public Telegram Group and ask your questions directly.

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