Women are, men become is bullshit

This is quite a famous statement. Women are, men become. Which means, women are respected and worth something solely through existence. And men have the Burden of Performance to proof they are worth the respect. But it’s not that easy.

As with everything where complex dynamics are tried to be shoehorned into one short sentence so it looks cool on Twitter, it misses crucial parts.

The idea

The basic notion of this is the following: Women have one real goal in their life: family. As in, reproduction and raising kids. Society will tell you that strong independent women are the new shit, but they are very miserable in that.

Every woman is naturally designed to have kids and enjoy family life. If you don’t feel like that, you just haven’t discovered it yet, or, more likely, your comeuppance was pretty shit. And so are your values now.

So for this contract to be achieved you already have everything set up as soon as you get your period. You can now have kids and raise them. Done. Therefore ‘women are’.

Men, however, are nothing but pure potential when they’re young. They need to build an empire, choose a wife, raise proper kids with their values to be someone, etc. They need to earn their respect. And this never stops until the last breath.

Better women

a bride in hot white lingerie

Now, let’s start with the ladies. Where this “women are” falls short is attitude and behavior. Any woman can have kids, but not every woman is a proper wife. Or a mother. And this is where I think that women, as well as men, need to become. They need to work on themselves as well.

This society told them that they are perfect as they are and that being a bitch is fine, because, well, you have a vagina. “That’s just how it is.”

A man doesn’t believe in a deterministic outcome of his life. For he has the power to mold reality.

The conqueror

I am not someone who accepts shit he doesn’t like. I don’t accept this kind of woman in my life, and neither should you.

So what is a better woman?

  • You learn to enjoy pleasing your man (learn to enjoy giving sex for his pleasure), see this post
  • Read books and educate yourself
  • Play with your man
  • Don’t be negative all the time, don’t nag constantly
  • Be submissive! Let him take the lead, and don’t be naggin if it doesn’t work out. He knows!
  • Admire him, respect him, love him!

I’ll get to the last part in a sec.


Most women these days can’t fathom to submit themselves in this way. They are strong and independent. And more than just a breeding machine. Yes, of course, you are. That doesn’t mean you need to give up your biological designed purpose.

See, a truly feminine woman IS very strong. It takes a massive amount of mental strength to fully submit to someone. To be vulnerable and give your life into his hands. That is true feminine strength.

The strength of the feminine lies in submitting itself to the masculine without getting crushed.

The conqueror

Society has it totally backward. These feminists and all of that feel that they’re so strong for “fighting the resistance”. In reality, they are just so weak, they can never let their walls fall for a proper man like most women can.

Sexy wives

There is another notion in this society, mostly due to pop culture and the Alan Harper’s of this world, that as soon as you’re married and/or have kids, you don’t need to put in the work anymore. No need to be sexy, because you got everything.


If you truly want to keep the marriage running, you have a part in that! Feeling undesired by your man? Well, guess what. The dirty sweatpants and unflattering shirts aren’t helping. “He needs to love me for who I am.”

Yeah, yeah. Do you want to suck him when he lays on the couch with a fat belly, beer in hand and chips all over him? Or does your crotch tingle when he is wearing a slick suit?

Reverse it now. He is way more inclined to suddenly move his strong hands around your hip and kissing your neck when you are wearing a cute dress or some tight pants. Even at home.


a hot sexy bride in underwear, nice ass

Let’s get deeper into that. The same goes for sex itself. You both had furiously good sex in the beginning. It suddenly stopped. Because “kids, and I am tired, etc.”

First of all, tired isn’t an excuse. A good quickie is over in like 15-30 minutes. You will sit on social media for 30 minutes anyway. How about you use that 30 minutes to bond with your husband instead?

See, sex is a very, very crucial part of pair-bonding for men. It isn’t just about quantity, it is also about quality. Duty-sex doesn’t cut it. If you’re not into it, it’s like not having sex at all.

The cure? Learn to love to please him. This might sound selfless, but it isn’t. If you learn to enjoy the sole act of giving him his pleasure, he will reciprocate. In ways, you can’t imagine. Doesn’t mean you don’t get taken care of, just realize, you can learn to enjoy giving him what he needs. And then he will never have any reason to look elsewhere.

Here is a great post by a Christian girl on what men truly want from their wives. As a husband, I couldn’t agree more. Check out her blog as well, very helpful.

Better men

Now let’s get to the gents. For guys, the Burden of Performance implies becoming someone. And I mostly agree. For us men, we need to perform. Need to build stuff, so we can provide. This is our task. When you’re 20, and just out partying, nobody cares. But if you’re 30, and you still achieved nothing in your life, it gets kinda weird. You should have accomplished something by now.

But, the problem with this society is another. Feminists, and now common media almost directly tell you, that men are worthless. You don’t need them anyway. They’re all childish, and useless. Women can do all of this on their own.

And here is where I come in and say, that men also “are” and not only need to “become”.

A wise man molds himself first. In this process, he also builds the world around him.

The conqueror

Men’s reality

Men are also worth something by solely existing. Because, even if you have achieved nothing, women still can not further our species without us. That’s the basis. But it gets further than that. We act like the aggressiveness of men is bad. Like they are broken girls, that need to be fixed when growing up.

Wrong. The aggressiveness is what makes a man. Doesn’t mean you should beat up your wife, but that you tackle problems aggressively. And, that if someone or something is threatening, you tackle that with full force.

That’s the nature of men. And it is good as it is.

Of course, you still should strive to get better. But you usually don’t need to tell men to do this, we are goal-oriented. We need a mission. If a man is depressed, he usually is just lacking in purpose. A man fighting for his purpose and going after it is whole.

Manly mindset

But you should also be aware, that it is your responsibility to keep your woman in check. By which I mean, you lead her. And your family. It is your job to keep things running. Don’t be afraid to tell your wife/gf that she is acting off, and isn’t feminine enough for your masculinity. Ditch the goddess image.

A wise man knows, if you make the feminine into a goddess, you make her vanish from reality.

The conqueror

A woman is a complement to your life. You should already be established when you marry, but if you aren’t, doesn’t mean you can’t still do that. Find yourself a woman that is as described above or tease that femininity out of her. If you try your best, and she still is an insufferable cunt. Well, you need to move on.

This might sound degrading to women, but it really isn’t. Being a divorced single mom is degrading. Getting a marriage to work for decades is worthy of respect. That means the man must lead, as he has done for 5 million years. We are wired that way.

If your sex-life dropped to nothing, here’s your 6 step guide on how to get it back. But ONLY by changing yourself, young man.

Beerbellies and dry pussies

Both genders probably read this post so far, thinking something along the lines of, “Yeah, I could do all that, if he/she would be more XYZ”.

Yes. Guys, what I told the girls about being sexier at home is true for you as well. Don’t be fucking lazy. Get your damn act together. Hit the gym. Build a physique. Follow a mission, be a man! You can’t expect a woman to be feminine if you’re not a man!

And this is a key part. If your relationship is lacking right now, you can go off and tell the other all the things they do wrong. And you probably should in a positive environment (or rather, tell them what could be better). But the first thing is to better yourself. Conquer yourself! Man and woman alike. The things I mentioned are things you need to do.

Women and men are both good as they are.

But both also need to become better to make it work.

You both need to embrace your gender. Fully. Deeply. And then, when you put in the work, you can go out and demand from the other to meet your needs.

So you both become a better version of yourself. Each day.

–Alexander Reich

Feel like you aren’t fully in tune with your sex? Your partner not fully embracing theirs? Tell me your experiences in the comments!

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